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Slater's Directory, Cookstown & Desertcreat - 1846

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Slater's Directory, Cookstown & Desertcreat - 1846
pages 443-445

Transcribed & Submitted by
Mary Gouger

Cookstown is a flourishing and respectable market town, in the parish of Derryloran, barony of Dungannon, county of Tyrone, 102 miles, n. by w. from Dublin, 43 w. from Belfast, 25 n. from Armagh, 22 e.n.e. from Omagh, 10 n. by w. from Dungannon, 5 n.w. from Stewardstown, and 4 s.w. from Moneymore; very pleasantly seated on the Kildross rivulet, one of the chief head streams of the Ballinderry river, and on the great north road from Armagh, at the point where it communicates with the roads leading respectively toward Londonderry and Coleraine. It lies about a mile and an half from the edge of the county, abutting upon that of Londonderry, and about nine miles west of the nearest point of Lough Neagh. Its main street, or chief thoroughfare, is spacious, and ornamented with fine lofty trees on either side - the continuous line hearing respectively the names of William-street, James-street, and Loy, Gortlowry, &c. This principal street, with its trees, presents the appearance of a mall, and is so, intimately connected with the adjacent finely-wooded demesne of Killymoon, the seat of Lieutenant-Colonel Stewart, the proprietor of the town, as to possess a delightfully rural character. This gentleman resides on his estate, and takes the most praiseworthy interest in the improvement and prosperity of his town. The mansion or castle of Killymoon is a superb edifice, in the Saxon style built from designs by Nash, at a reputed cost of L80,000. The form is that of a hollow parallelogram; over the eastern entrance rises a large circular tower, and the angle between the east and north fronts is surmounted by an octangular tower - the entire pile exhibiting a noble and imposing appearance. The staple of Cookstown may be considered its linen trade, in which many respectable merchants are embarked; and there are several extensive bleach-greens, flax mills, corn and meal mills, and seed merchants. There are two very excellent hotels - the ‘Queen’s Arms’ and the ‘Imperial,’ and the same number of banking establishments, besides one for savings. Petty sessions are held, by the local magistrates, once a fort-night, and a manorial court, by Robert Evans, Esquire, seneschal, monthly.
The parish church of Derryloran is a neat stone structure, with an elegant and lofty spire; the other places of worship are a Roman Catholic chapel, three Presbyterian meeting-houses, and two for Methodists. There are several educational and other charitable institutions: the former comprise national and infant schools (one of the latter supported by the family of R. Hassard, Esq.) a school under the Church Education Society, an academy under the superintendence of a committee, and Sabbath schools connected with the several places of worship. A well supported dispensary, a ladies’ clothing society, and a union workhouse, comprise the benevolent and remedial establishments. The last named is a very handsome building, with beautifully laid out grounds attached. In the union-house, which is under the best regulations, there is now (1845) an inmate named Henry Criggan, who has attained the great age of one hundred and eleven, and was cheerful and healthy when this article was written. The market days are Tuesday and Saturday, the later for farming produce, which is brought in abundance; the former for grain. Fairs on the first Saturday monthly. The population of Derryloran parish in 1841 was 8,480, and Cookstown 3,006 of that number.

DESERTCREAT, of Desertereight, is a parish in the barony of Dungannon, county of Tyrone, situated about midway between Cookstown and Stewartstown. On the summit
of a hill, in Ballymully Glebe, is a remarkable object of peculiar interest with the antiquary, viz. the ‘Fort,’ a circular triple entrenchment, celebrated as the place where the kings of Ulster were inaugurated with the regal title and authority of the O’Neill or the O’Nial. The stone chair employed upon these occasions was destroyed, in 1602, by the Lord Deputy Mountjoy, and not a fragment now exists on this interesting seat of honour.
The parish church, situated contiguous to the fort, is , with the exception of the roof, lately renewed, a very ancient structure. At Rock, in the upper part of the parish, fairs are held on the last Monday, monthly; and at Tullyhouge four fairs are held during the year, all for cattle, sheep, pigs, &c. The parish contained, in 1841, 7,675 inhabitants.

POST OFFICE, William street, Margaret Patterson, Post Mistress. - Letters from Dublin and all parts of the South of Ireland, also from England and Scotland, arrived every morning at twenty minutes past eight, and are despatched every afternoon at four. - Letters from Coleraine and various places arrive every afternoon at four, and are despatched every morning at twenty minutes past eight.

Akin Mrs. Mary, Cookstown
Allen Mrs. Elizabeth, Cookstown
Atkinson Miss Mary Anne, Gortlowry
Bailie Mrs. Mary, Turneskea
Brady Major Wm. S.R. Oaklands
Campbell Rev. Patrick, Loy
Custen Mrs. Elizabeth, Cookstown
Ferguson Rev. William, Tievenagh
Fleming Rev. Alexander, James st
Fountain William, Esq. Loy House
Geedes Rev. Joseph, Sandholes
Gibson Mrs. Mary, Cookstown
Greer Joseph, Esq. Desertcreat
Greer Mrs. ____, Tullylagan
Greer Thomas, Esq. J.P. Tullylagan
Griffith Henry, Esq. J.P. Killycolpy
Hassard Robert, Esq. J.P. James st
Irvine Rev. William J. Muff
Johnston Rev. Richd. Drumshambo Glebe
Leslie Rev. John Knox, William st
Lind Lieut. Robert, Waterloo Cottage
Lindesay Frederick, Esq. Rock Lodge
Lindesay John, Esq. Deputy-lieutenant and J.P. Loughry
Lowry James, Esq. J.P. Rockdale
M’Conville Rev. William, Loy
M’Cormick Mrs Margt. Cookstown
M’Gowan Rev. John G. Orritor
M’Kenna Rev. James, Gortacar
Magill Miss Mary, William st
Magill Samuel R., Esq. J.P. James st
Magill William, Esq. M.D. James st
Manleverer Bellingham, Esq. William st
Millar Rev. Thomas, James st
Molony Rev. Arthur, Derryloran Glebe
Newton Henry, Esq. Gortlowry
Oulton Rev. Richard, Gortlowry
Oulton Richard, Esq. Gortlowry
Porter Rev. Thomas H. D.D. Ballynully Glebe, Tullyhogue
Powell J.B., Esq. William st
Richardson Miss Elizabeth, Loy
Smyth Mrs. Mary, Cookstown
Stafford Miss Alicia, William st
Staples Sir Thomas, Q.C. Lissan
Stark Robert, Esq. William st
Stewart Rev. Richard, Drumshambo Glebe
Stewart Lieutenant-Col. William, Killymoon
Tener Jno. Kinley, Esq.Moree, Rock
Wilford John, Esq. Grouse Lodge

Academy, James st--John Alex. Smith, master
Church Education School, Gortlowry--James Johnson, master
Gallaher Rose, James st
Halliday Jane, William st
Infants’ School, Loy--Ann Macdonald, mistress
Lynd Jane (day), William st
National School, Gortlowry--Patrick Lappin, master

Miller, Franks & Miller, William st
Newton Andrew J James Street & 56 Rutland square West, Dublin

Aston W.D. William st
Gilchrist Robert, James st
McCollum & Gamble, Gortlowry
Miller Diavid, William st
Porter John, William st
Thomason James P. William st
Wilson Thomas, William st

Belfast Banking Coagh. (Branch of), James st--
(draw on Denison, Heywood & Co. London)--
Saml. R. Magil Esq.J.P. manager
Ulster Banking Co. (Branch of), William st--
(draw on Prescott, Grote & Coagh. London)--
Robert stark, Esq. Manager
Savings’ Bank, James st--William Ballintine, actuary

Allen Thomas, Gortlowry
Allen William, Orritor st
Atcheson Robert, Loy
Hill John, Orritor st
Kenne John, Gortlowry
M’Gahan Bernard, Gortlowry
M’Gorrery Thomas, Gortlowry
Milligan Patrick, Gortlowry
Mooney Michael, Gortlowry
Mulgrew David, Orritor st

Adair Thomas and Co. (and dyers) Greenvale
Gunning & Moore, Wellbrook
Gunning James, Wellbrook
Moore James, Wellbrook

Richardson Leander (& bookbinder), William st
Weir Silas E. James street

Atcheson James, Orritor st
Black James, Loy
Black Robert, Gortlowry
Burns Thomas, Cookstown
Carlton James, Loy
Charles John, Loy
Devlin John, Coagh st
Ferguson Joseph, William st
Gillespie William, William st
Hughes William, Coagh st
Kane Richard, Gortlowry
Kennedy David, Loy
Langford Bernard, Loy
M’Cord William, Gortlowry
M’Nally Hugh, Loy
Millar Robert, Loy
Molloy James, Loy
Owens George, Loy
Rankin Robert, Orritor st

Johnston Joseph, James street
M’Dowell Samuel, William st

Bagan Hugh, William st
Bowden Denis, Loy
Molloy Hugh, James st

Cluff Jas. (&undertaker), James st

CARPENTERS & CART MAKRS. (See also Blacksmiths.)

Allen Thomas, Gortlowry
Johnston Joseph (& builder), James st
Keene John, Gortlowry
M’Dowell Samuel, William st
M’Gorrery Thomas, Gortlowry
Mayne Terence, Coagh st
Mitchell James, Coagh st
Ramsay John, Loy
Rutherford William, Loy
Skimmins Thomas, Cookstown

Campbell & Porter, William st
Crooks Robert, William st
Donnelly John, William st
Kyle James, William st
M’Guigan Michael, William st
Mellon Bernard, Orritor st
O’Farrell Joseph, James st
Quinn Edward, James st
Simpson John, William st
Tener William (and pawnbroker), William street

Campbell Andrew, James st
Duncan Thomason, William st

Devlin Mark, James st
M’Loughlin Bernard (and turner), Cookstown
M’Loughlin Hugh, Gortlowry
Mayne John, Orritor st

Conlon John, William st
Johnson William, Orritor st
Mackenzie Henry, William st
Rush Michael, Orritor st

West of England, Robert Stark, Williams st

Adair & Gunning, Greenvale
Beatty John, Flax Mills, Tullywiggan
Glasgow & Wool, Draper’s field

Burns James, James st
M’Elhatton Cornelius, Loy
M’Geagh John, William st
Wilson John, William st

Allen William (and foreign fruit merchant), James st
Anderson James, James st
Aston William, William st
Atcheson Robert, Cookstown
Bell David, Cookstown
Bell John, William st
Black John, William st
Bole James, William st
Connolly Patrick, Orritor st
Dawson James, William st
Donley Hugh, William st
Ferguson Joseph, Coagh st
Gourley John, James st
Graham Charles, Cookstown
Harbison John, William st
Johnston Benjamin, William st
Keightly John, Coagh st
M’Allister Thomas, James st
M’Bryde John, Cookstown
McCollum & Gamble, Gortlowry
M’Cord, William, William st
M’Cormick John, James st
M’Geagh John, William st
Mackenzie Henry, William st
M’Laughlin John, Cookstown
Molloy John, James st
Mooney Charles (& flour merchant), James st
Mulligan James, Cookstown
Owen Daniel, Cookstown
Patterson Robert, William st
Quin Terence, William st
Rodgers George, William st
Shepard John, William st
Story Jane, James st
Thompson James P., William st
Walker Robert, Cookstown

See Linen Drapers & Haberdashers.

Queen’s Arms Hotel (and livery stabels and posting house),
Mary Neeson, William st
Imperial and Commercial Hotel (and livery stables and posting house),
Henry M’fall, William st

Black John, William st
Gourley John, James st
McCollum & Gamble, Gortlowry
Patterson Robert, William st
Shepard John, William st

Black John, William st
M’Cord William, William st
Mooney Charles (& hide merchant), James st
Shepard John (and glass), William st

Glasgow William, William st
Hagan Margaret, William st
Hunter John & James, William st
Lynd Mary, William st
McCollum & Gamble, Gortlowry
M’Cook Elizabeth, William st
M’Cormick John H. (& fancy warehouse), William st
M’Geagh Robert, William st
Millar Margaret, William st
Monahan Eliza, William st
O’Farrell Henry, James st
Quin Terence, William st
Rodgers E. & S., William st
Sterling Eliz. & Mary Anne, William st
Weir Silas E. (and sild mercer), James st

Adair George & Co., Greenvale
Henderson Matthew & Son (and tape), Sherrygroom
M’Geagh John, William st
Milligan Kennedy, Glencon
Shaw George & Co., Greenvale
Sloan John (and finisher of brown and black
Hollands), Tuyllyweary
Wallace Hugh, Cookstown
Wilson John, William street

Adair Thomas & Co., Greenvale
Ferguson Joseph, Coagh st
Gunning & Moore, Wellbrook
Gunning James, Wellbrook
Moore James, Wellbrook
Paul William, William st
Wilson John (commission), William st

Anderson George (flax), Tullywiggan
Anderson James (corn), Tullywiggan
Dickson Andrew, Orritor st
Eddles John (flax), Kilgress
Kenney William, Desertcreat
Lindesay Frederick, Rock Lodge
M’Carter Patrick, Kildress
Magil William (corn), Dunmore
Vance John, Gortlowry

Atcheson Margaret, Orritor st
Bold Eliza, Cookstown
Chambers Jane, Gortlowry
Devlin Mary, Coagh st
Duncan Alicia, William st
Ferguson Eliza, William st
Hagan Margaret, William st
Hughes Margaret, Coagh st
Irwin Ellen, Cookstown
Kyle Jemima, William st
Lynd Mary & Anne, William st
Miller Margaret, William st
Nelson Isabella, James st
O’Brien Mary, Coagh st
Smith Eliza, Coagh st
Walsh Briget, James st
Williams Celia Anne (& stay), Cookstown
Wilson Amelia, William st

Gibson Wallace, Gortlowry
Glasgow Robert, William st
Morgan William, William st

Mayne Elizabeth, William st
Patterson Edward, Loy
Roberts William, William st
Smith Joseph, William st

Charles Henry R. and David H., William st
M’Niece William, William st
Magill William, James st
Murray John, James st
Potter Samuel L., Gortlowry

Branigan John, Gortlowry
Dillon John, Orritor st
M’Cudden James, Coagh st

Anderson James, James st
Harbison Francis, William st
M’Guoan Bernard, James st
Potter Peter, Coagh st

Conlon John, William st
Harbison John, William st
M’Alister Thomas, James st
M’Geagh John (and shipping agent), William st
Patterson Robert (and oil & colour), William st

Aston George, William st
Ballantyne James, James st
Bell Thomas, William st
Brawley Mary, William st
Charles James, William st
Connor Patrick, William st
Eccles John, William st
Harbison John, William st
M’Canna Denis, James st
McCollum & Gamble, Gortlowry
M’Entire James, William st
M’Guckian John, Coagh st
Mackenzie Andrew, William st
Molloy John, James st
Montgomery Anne, Coagh st
Moore Jane, Gortlowry
Morris James, William st
Murray John, Cookstown
O’Farrell John, James st
Porter John, William st
Roberts William, William st
Rutherford George, Gortlowry

Bold Eliza, Cookstown
Brawley Mary, William st
Dawson Anne, William st
Johnston Sarah Jane, James st
Lafferty Mary Anne, James st
Millar Margaret, William st
Nelson Isabella, James st
White William, William st

Charles Henry R. and David H., William st
Dickson Thomas, Loy
Hamilton David J., James st
Hutchinson Hicks, Muff
M’Niece William (surgeon), William st
Murray John (apothecary), James st

Tener Isaax (and civil engineer), Tattykeel

Bell John, Orritor st
Dunsheith Robert, William st
Graham Peter, Cookstown
Leslie John, James st
Lynd Robert, James st
M’Entee Edward, Gortlowry
M’Entee Patrick, Gortlowry

Morgan William, James st

Browne Samuel, James st
Caskey Joseph Warden (& dentist), William st
Charles William, William st
Ferguson Alexander, Artrea

M’Loughlin Bernard, Gortlowry
Mooney Daniel, Orritor st
Mooney John, Loy

Black John, James st
Buchanan Andrew, Gortlowry
Ferguson Peter, Loy

Allen William, James st
Harbison John, William st
M’Alister Thomas, James st
Rodgers George (wine), William st

WOOLLEN DRAPERS. See Linen and Woollen Drapers

Charles James, commissioner for taking affidavits, William st
Clossen James, hatter, Coagh st
Cluff Eliza, bible depository of the Church Education Society
Connor Patrick, tallow chandler, William st
Dunlop James, hatter, William st
Fitxgerald Patk. Excise officer, Gortlowry
Gourney John, commissioner for taking affidavits, James st
Hagan Hugh, provision dealer, Coagh st
Hamilton Robert, marine store dealer, Gortlowry
Lavert James, slater, Cookstown
M’Coy Daniel, tin-plate worker, Cookstown
Mason William, auctioneer, William st
Miller David, mail car, coach and Ulster canal agent, William st
Morgan William, clerk to petty sessions, James st
Owens Daniel, feather dealer, Gortlowry
Paul James, accountant in the Ulster bank, William st
Shaw Thomas, dyer of linen, Coagh st
Sterling Eliza. Bible depository, William st
Tener Isaac W. land surveyor, civil engineer, collecor of cess
for the upper barony of Dungannon, and registrar of marriages, Tattykeel
Tobias Matthew, accountant in the Belfast bank, William st
White William, sewed muslin and bonnet manufacturer, William st
Wilson Leander, letter-press printer, William st

PLACES OF WORSHIP, And their Ministers.
Parish Church, Gortlowry --Reverend Arthur Moloney, rector;
Rev. Richard Oulton, curate.
Roman Catholic Chapel, Gortlowry--Rev. William M’Conville,
parish priest; Rev. Patrick Campbell and Rev. James M’Kenna,curates.
Presbyterian Meeting-House (1st)--Rev. Alexander Fleming, minister.
Presbyterian Meeting-House (2nd)--Rev. Thomas Millar, minister.
Presbyterian Meeting-House (3rd)--Rev. John Knox Leslie, minister
Wesleyan Methodist Chapel, James street--ministers various
Primitive Methodist Chapel, James street--ministers various.

Public Institutions, &c.
Constabulary Station, James st --John H. Ridge, sub-inspector;
Andrew Cochrane, head constable.
Loan Fund Office, James st --Silas E. Weir, treasurer;
Robert Hassard, secretary; James Johnson, clerk
News Room, William st --Robert M’Geagh, treasurer.
Stamp Office, William st Joseph Rodgers, sub-distributer.
Union Workhouse--Francis Murphy, master; Martha Murphy, mistress;
William Ballantyne, clerk.

To Coleraine, the Royal Mail Caravan (from Dungannon), every morning at twenty minutes past eight; goes thro’ Moneymore, Magherafelt, Tubbermore, Maghera and Garvagh.
To Dungannon, a Mail Caravan (from Coleraine), every afternoon at four; goes through Stewartstown, in time for the Coach
To Portadown, a Coach, from David Millar’s every morning at six; goes through Stewartstown and Coalisland, to meet the Trains to Belfast.
To Belfast, Charles Mooney & James Mooney, once a week; go through
Moneymore, Magherafelt, and Antrim.

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