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Dungannon - Pigot's Directory, 1824

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Dungannon - Pigot's Directory, 1824
Extracted from Pigot & Co.’s City of Dublin and Hibernian Provincial Directory

Transcribed, compiled and submitted by Len Swindley, Melbourne, Australia


Dungannon is a borough, post and market town, situated on the south and western declivity of a high hill on the summit of which formerly stood an old castle, said to have been built by the O’Neils, who were then the chiefs of Ulster. It is in the county of Tyrone, distant 73 miles north by west of Dublin, 10 from Armagh, 21 from Omagh, and 32 from Belfast. Dungannon appears to have been a very ancient place. In the reign of James I letters patent were issued to the Chichester family, granting them and their heirs forever the manor of Dungannon, with many privileges rarely conceded in those days. Immediately after this, it appears to have increased in trade and population. Inconsequence of the loyalty of the inhabitants, letters patent appointed Dungannon a borough, to be governed by a portreeve or provost, and twelve burgesses, and directed them to elect two honest and sober and discreet men as their representatives in parliament. Dungannon still returns one member to the imperial parliament in the person of the Honbl. Thos Knox, oldest son of Lord Northland. On the site of the old castle, T. K. Hannington, Esq. erected a handsome building in the modern style of architecture, about the year 1790, which being on the highest part of the hill, affords a pleasing aspect of the surrounding country. About the same time the present Lord Northland made great improvements by forming a number of new streets on the western side of the town, commonly called the New Town. The parish church stands nearly in the centre of the place, and is a handsome modern building. The tower and spire were finished a few years ago at the expense of the late Lord Northland, who made the inhabitants a present of a handsome town clock; it has been lately furnished with a fine-toned organ by general subscription. Here are the meeting houses for Presbyterians and Seceders, a Roman Catholic chapel and two Methodist preaching houses. In Northland Row is an academy, or charter school for the education of a number of boys; the Rev. Dr. Dowdell is the present principal. In 1813 a school was built in William Street for the education of poor children, on the foundation of Erasmus Smith; it is a neat stone building, and cost upward of 900. Another school for girls is supported by Lady Northland and there is a Sunday school for children of all denominations. In 1814 a yarn hall was erected at the corner of William Street and George’s Street. At the head of George’s Street stands a baronial gaol and court house; it is in decay, but a site of ground has been laid out for a new one. In 1819 a savings’ bank was instituted under the patronage and expense of Lord Northland, who also erected a fountain in William Street, which affords the inhabitants an abundant supply of good water. In 1816 a dispensary was established under the superintendence of surgeon Sinclair. Adjoining the town is an extensive brewery and distillery which employs a considerable number of inhabitants. A weekly newspaper established in Castle Street on Thursday, was established in the year 1807by the late Mr Canning; it is at present printed and published Mr William Douglas, with considerable taste and talent, and seems to be well supported by the inhabitants of the town and neighbourhood. The principal market day is Thursday, when almost every article in common use is bought and sold, but brown linens, seven-eighths wide, are the principal article. By the report of the Linen Board in 1816, Dungannon appears to be one of the most considerable linen markets in Ireland as it has been ascertained, that upwards of 2,000 are laid out weekly in this article. The market for grain, particularly oats, is held on Monday. There is a fair on the first Thursday of every month, for the sale of cattle, custom free – The population, according to the census of 1821, was 3348.


Market Street:

Post Master; Mr. John HUGHES. The Dublin mail is despatched at four in the afternoon, and arrives at ten in the morning. The Belfast mail arrives at a quarter past seven in the morning, and leaves at half past seven. The Coleraine mail leaves at 20 minutes past ten in the morning, and arrives at ten minutes past three in the afternoon. Letters for England go by the Dublin mail, and letters for Scotland by Belfast and Donaghadee.


BARCLAY Robert, Esq., Market Street

BENNETT Rev. David O., Scotch Street

BLACKER Rev. James, Bearnagh

BOARDMAN Thomas, Esq., Laurel Hill

BROWN James, Esq., Beech Valley

BROWN Robert, Esq., Northland Row

BURGESS John Y., Esq., Parkinore

CARPENDALE Rev. Thomas, Killyman

CRUMP Joshua, Esq., magistrate, Northland Row

DICKSON John, Esq., Union Place

DOWDALL Rev. Dr Launcelot, College

EVANS Edward, Esq., magistrate, Northland Row

EVANS Rev. Robert, Perry Street

GALBRAITH Misses, Market Street

GRAHAM Rev. James, Thornhill

GRAVES Misses, Northland Row

GREEN Rev. Henry, George’s Street

HORNER Rev. Richard N., rector, Glebe Hill

HUMPHREYS Despert, Esq., Coal Island

JACKSON Captain Loyd, Esq., Cohannon

JOHNSON Thomas, Esq., Coal Island

KINGSMORE Rev. Robert, Tullynisken Glebe

KNOX Honbl. Thomas, M. P. for Dungannon, Northland House

KNOX Honbl. Vesey, Bearnagh

LOWRY Robert, Esq., Pomeroy

LOWRY William, Esq., Mullnagore

LOYD Richard, Esq., Tamnamore

McCORT Rev. Francis, George’s Street

McGUCKIAN Rev. Nicholas, George’s Street

MOORE James J., Esq., Tullycullen

MULDOON Rev. Bernard, Market Street

MURRAY John, Esq., Coal Island

MURRAY William, Esq., provost & seneschal, Killymeal

NORTHLAND Rt. Honbl. Lord Viscount, Northland House

RAMSAY Nathaniel, Esq., Market Street

RICHARDSON Captain John, magistrate, Coal Island

RODGERS Moses, Esq., Scotch Street

STAPLES Rev. Alexander, Mullaghmoor

STEWART George, Esq., Northland Row

STUART Sir Andrew, Lisdooe

VERNER James, Esq., Churchill

VERNER Col. William, Churchill

WILLCOCKS Joshua Esq., Beech Valley

WILSON John Esq., Perry Street


Market Street

Postmaster: Mr John HUGHES



DICKSON John, M. D., L.M.S., Northland Row


DAWSON William, Market Street

DOWSE Richard, Church Street

HAMILTON Thomas, Market Street

LOWRY Theophilus, Irish Street

McCLEAN William, Irish Street

OAKMAN Thomas, Castle Street

SINCLAIR John, Perry Street


DAVIDSON Samuel, Union Place

HOLMES William, Union Place

NEWTON Andrew, Northland Row

PEEBLES William, Scotch Street


DOBSON Peter, Esq., Miltown


PATTESON Benjamin, inspector, Cookstown

JOHN Hughes, sealmaster, Dungannon

TURNER Jonathan, sealmaster, Dungannon


Market Street:

TALLON James, Distributor for the district of Dungannon


D’ACOSTA Francois, (professor of languages), Northland Row

DOWDALL Rev. Dr. Launcelot, (principal of the charter school), Northland Row

HARTNESS & McCLELLAND, (classical and English)

WELSH David, (musical and church organist), Union Place


BRENNAN Jane & Ann (to Kinahan and Son’s tea warehouse, Dublin) Scotch Street

PEEBLES AND KINLEY (to the national assurance company of Ireland),

Market Street

PEEBLES, KINLEY & DALE (to the East India tea company, London),

Market Street


BROWN John, Irish Street

DAWSON Thomas, Scotch Street

HUGHES Patrick, Market Street

KING Samuel, Market Street

McANALLY Francis, Irish Street

MOORE Robert, Church Street

PRESTON Patrick, Irish Street


RICHARDSON Lewis, Perry Street

TIPPING Henry, Perry Street


COOTE Robert (& stationer), Market Street

OGLE James, Market Street


CLARKE George, Perry Street

DOUGLAS Alexander, Perry Street

DOUGLAS John, Perry Street

McCARTHEY Benjamin, Perry Street

TURKINGTON John, Church Street

WHITE George, Miltown


KING James & Co., Miltown


LILBURN Thomas Jun. & Sen., Scotch Street

ROBINSON Joseph, Miltown


FRIZELL Alexander, Scotch Street

HALLIDAY Reuben, William Street

McCORMICK & Thompson, Church Street

SMYTH Thomas, Scotch Street


FULLAN Arthur, Market Street

SHUTER John, Northland Row


MORAN Elizabeth, Perry Street

ROBERTS Elizabeth, Perry Street


FALLS John, Miltown


AGNEW Joseph, Church Street

BRANIGAN Terence, Irish Street

BRENNAN Ann & Jane (& earthenware dealers), Scotch Street

BROWN Samuel (& spirit dealer), Irish Street

CLARKE Eliza, Scotch Street

DILWORTH Francis, Church Street

FRIZELL Alexander, Scotch Street

GLASS Robert, Scotch Street

HANSLEY Patrick, Perry Street

IRWIN Joseph, Irish Street

McCLELLAND John, Irish Street

MORROWS James (& spirit dealer), Market Street

MULLAN John, Scotch Street

OGLE James (& hardware dealer), Market Street

RODGERS William, Church Street

SIMMONS Charles & Richard (& hardware dealer and seed merchant), Market Street

TROTTER Wesley (& spirit dealer), Scotch Street


HANNA Ann & Jane, Market Street

MALLON Arthur, Church Street

SMALL Catherine, Church Street

SMITH Elizabeth (& glass & earthenware dealer), Church Street


TALLON James, Northland Arms, Market Street

WALLACE Sarah, King’s Arms, Market Street


GERIGHTY Thomas, Perry Street


ADDY John, Irish Street

BURROWS John, Market Street

GORDON James, Irish Street

HUGHES Edward, Irish Street


BROWN & BOYD, Castle Caulfield

FERGUSON James, Milbrook

FERGUSON Patrick, Lisdernot

GARRETT William, Farlough

GREER Thomas, Rhonehill

GREER William, Milton

PIKE Jonathan, Beech Grove

PIKE William, Derryvale

TENNER Robert (merchant only), Perry Street


GREEVES Thomas, Perry Street

McDONNELL Joseph, Church Street


BELL William, Scotch Street

DOAK William, Perry Street

DORAN John, Church Street

GAINN George, Scotch Street

LOFTUS Charles, Irish Street


DOUGLAS William (printer & publisher of the Ulster Chronicle, every Thursday) Market Street


ANDERSON Alexander, Scotch Street

BEAVER John, Irish Street

BUNTING John, Shamble Street

BURNS John, Market Street

CARDWELL William, Church Street

CLARKE James, Irish Street

DEVLIN Patrick, Church Street

DONAGHEY Hugh, Church Street

FEENEY Patrick, Market Street

FERNON James, Scotch Street

FOX Bernard, Irish Street

FOX Patrick, Irish Street,

HALIDAY Reuben, William Street

HANCOCK Mary, Scotch Street

HUGHES Edward, Irish Street

JOHNSON Charles, Market Street

KELLY Matthew, Irish Street

KELLY Michael, Irish Street

LARKIN Thomas, Irish Street

McAVOY William, Perry Street

McCANN Thomas, Church Street

McELVOGUE Hugh, Irish Street

McMINN Alexander, Irish Street

MALLON Arthur, Church Street

MOON Robert, Church Street

MULLAN James, Scotch Street

MULLAN Thomas, Scotch Street

PRUNTON Thomas, Irish Street

QUIN Charles, Church Street

SIMONTON Henry, Church Street

SWAN Andrew, Irish Street

TENNANT Mary, Market Street


DICKSON David, Scotch Street

IRWIN Joseph, Irish Street

McCANA George, Perry Street

MOORHEAD William, Market Street


KING Samuel, Market Street

McCLELLAND Letford, Market Street


McSHEAN Owen, Scotch Street

PEARCE John, Perry Street

RODGERS Hugh, Market Street


FRIZELL Lewis, Irish Street

GRAY Joseph, Church Street

MULLAN Thomas, Scotch Street


BRANIGAN Terence, Irish Street

PEEBLES, KINLEY & DALE (& tobacco manufacturers), Market Street


ADAMS William, Church Street

COOTE Robert, Market Street

DICKSON David, Market Street

DOWSE William H., Church Street

HEATHER James, Market Street

HEATHER William, Church Street

McILROY John, Church Street

PEEBLES & KINLEY (wholesale and retail), Market Street

VANCE Jane & Son, Market Street


BURROWS John, tanner, Market Street

FRIZELL Richard, blue dyer, Scotch Street

GRAY James, brazier & tinplate worker, Perry Street

HURST Henry, carpenter, Scotch Street

McCARTNEY William, carpenter, Market Street

McCRUM Robert, pawn broker, Scotch Street

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