Cookstown War Memorial


In Grateful Memory of the men from Cookstown and district who in the great war gave their lives for freedom.
I could not read these names very well from the photograph as it was wet and the light was fading. And I didn't realise that there was two sides devoted to the 1st World War, and only took a photograph of the first side. (I have adjusted the photographs to make them lighter).
Ashfield H. Falls R.
Baire J. Falls S.
Barton P. Fauldner J.
Beach J.S.? Ferguson E.
Bell T.S. Ferson J.
Black ? Fleming S.A.
Blair R. Freeburn A.
Boyle t or j Gilmour B
Boyle l? Glasgow H.M.
Bradley J? Gorman W.
Bradley P. Gormley J.
Bridgett W.R. Gram??A.?.S.?
Brown W. Greer G.
Campbell H. Hagan H.
Carson P. Hamilton W.T.
Cheevers F. Harvey J.
Cheevers R. Hegan J.
Gheevers T. Henry G.A.
Corbett J. Hill W. G.?
Creighton E. Hogg W.
Crooks W.J. Hogshaw R.
Curran B? Kennedy T.J.?
Curran S. King ?S.
Currie ? Lavery J S.?
Darragh T. Lawless R.
Darragh T Lawn W.R.
Donaghy F. Leslie T.
Dowie F. Long W.
Espey J Lord C.G.?
Espie T. Lyttle A.?
Eyre C.J. Lyttle R.


  1939 - 1945
Barker. J.
Bayne. A.M.C.
Bell. P.
Berkeley. T.C.E.
Brown. E.
Burns. J.
Cardwell R.J.
Crane. T.
Crawford. J.
Crawford. M.
Curran. A.G.
Darragh. W.
Duncan. S.G.
Dunn. J.
Freeburn. A.H.
Gildea. R.
Gildea. T.
Greer. H.
Harkness. W.j.
Henry. A.A.
Henry. I.
Irvine. W.C.
Johnson. G.U.
Loughrin. R.T.C.
Murphy. J.J.
McGeown. F.
McCuckin. E.
Neill. W.
Nelson. T.
Nelson. W.
O'Neill. H.
Pellegrini. E.
Purvis G.V.
Purvis. S.J.
Reid. G.
Rollins. G.
Scott. S.J.J.
Slaine. W.
Stewart. F.
Stirrup. C.
Tyre. P.J.