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Fleming Graves - Drumragh Graveyard, Omagh

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Fleming Graves - Drumragh Graveyard, Omagh

Transcribed by Len Swindley

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The first of the grave photos are of the Fleming graves, in particular that of Hans Fleming, his son and grandson. The plaque for Violet Muriel Bassett is on the base of the Fleming stone as she was one of Hans Beresford's daughters. The white monuments are what they looked like when viewed by my father Edward Greer Fleming in 1942.

The coloured ones are how they appeared in 2010, sadly deteriorated to a point of being unreadable.

Fortunately their inscriptions were recorded by William J. McGrew of the Omagh Family History Society and published in his book "Tombstones Of The Omey" in 1998. The wording may not be exactly as it appeared on the stones but the information would be otherwise correct.
The inscriptions  recorded in the book are as follows and occupy the front and side of the main Fleming stone on the left. (To the right is that of Alice Catherine O'Loughlin nee Fleming):

Hans Fleming MD died 7 Oct 1887 aged 73 years

Hans Beresford Fleming MD, son of above, died 4 Aug 1916 age 64 years

Hans Fleming MD, son of last, died 16 Sep 1931 age 46 yrs
Emily Beatrice, wife of Hans Beresford Fleming, died 2 Dec 1941 age 84 yrs
Arthur Beresford Fleming B. 29 Mar 1889 died 9 Aug 1889
Lt Col Percy Beresford Fleming, DSO, 1892 - 1972
Winifred, wife of last died 1972
Violet Muriel Bassett, nee Fleming died 17 Aug 1980 age 92 yrs



Headstone Photo 1942

Fleming Graves Omagh 1942

Headstone Photo 2010

 Fleming Graves Omagh

Hans Fleming, MD

Hans Fleming Headstone\


Hans Beresford Fleming and his son

 Hans Beredford Fleming and son


Headstone Violet Muriel Bassett nee Fleming

Violet Bassett Fleming

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