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White Family Notes, Co. Tyrone 1831-69

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White Family Notes, Co. Tyrone 1831-69
Personal announcements and public notices extracted from the STRABANE MORNING POST. LONDONDERRY STANDARD & LONDONDERRY SENTINEL

Transcribed, Compiled and Submitted by Len Swindley, Melbourne, Australia


March 17 1835

MR. DAVID WHITE, of Omagh, and MR. JAMES COOK, of Strabane, have been appointed Inspectors of Weights and Measure

April 21 1835


RETURNS his grateful Thanks to his Friends and the Public in general, for the decided preference which he has for many years experienced in the above Business, and takes leave to inform them, that his present Stock comprises

Best Cut and Plain Flint Glass;



In Bed-Room, Table, and Tea Sets,

All of which have been purchased at a lower Price than they can at present be obtained at the Manufactories, and will be disposed of,


until 1st June next - being then determined (as usual) to renew his Entire Stock. Persons purchasing in the interim will experience a great advantage, as such an opportunity may not again occur for some time.

A few TABLE SERVICES, of the Newest Patterns, daily expected.

Strabane, April 1, 1835

June 14 1836

Married May 27, at Grange Church, Armagh, by the Rev. Collin Ivers, DAVID WHITE, ESQ., of Omagh, county Tyrone, to MARGARET, daughter of ALEXANDER McKENZIE, ESQ., of Donaghmore House, county Tyrone


June 16 1841

Married at Strabane, on Thursday week, by the Rev. A.P. Goudy, MR. ALEXANDER WHITE, woollen draper, to MISS CATHERINE SCOTT, of same Place


November 5 1831

Married on the 24th ult., at Tatrabanagh, county Tyrone, MR. JAMES WHITE, a son of Crispin, to MISS WILSON, the joint ages of the happy pair are 136 years

October 6 1838

Married on Wednesday, the 3rd inst., in the Church of Strabane, by the Rev. John Smith, Rector of Camus, MR. FRANCIS WHITE, of Newry, to Susanna, youngest daughter of the late MR. SAMUEL MORTON, of Strabane

September 19 1840

Birth: September 9, at Lisanally, near Omagh, the lady of DAVID WHITE, ESQ., of a son

November 13 1841

Birth: November 8th, at Lisanally, Omagh, the lady of DAVID WHITE, ESQ., of a son

May 6 1843

Birth: on the 24th ult., at Lisanally, near Omagh, county Tyrone, the lady of DAVID WHITE, ESQ., of a son

March 22 1845

Married on the 6th inst., by the Rev. John Porter, Ballynahatty, MR. ROBERT McCONKEY, of Rylands, to MARY ANNE, eldest daughter of the late MR. JOSEPH WHITE, Loughmuck, near Omagh

April 5 1845

Birth; on the 19th ult., at Lisanally, Omagh, the lady of DAVID WHITE, ESQ., of a son

January 24 1846

Died on Thursday, the 1st inst., at his residence at Rylands, near Omagh, MR. GEORGE WHITE, at the advanced age of 77 years

March 6 1847

Birth: on the 19th ult., at Lisanally, the lady of DAVID WHITE, ESQ., of a daughter

May 10 1850

Birth; on the 1st inst., the wife of DAVID WHITE, ESQ., of Lisanally, J.P., of a son

September 17 1852

Birth; at Mountjoy, on Monday, the 6th inst., the lady of D. WHITE, ESQ., J.P., of a son

December 9 1853

Died on the 22nd November, aged two years and eight months, GEORGINA, third daughter of DAVID WHITE, ESQ. of Mountjoy Forest, Her death was caused by her falling into the fire, through the gross neglect of a careless nurse.--Tyrone Constitution

May 19 1854

Birth; on Saturday, the 6th inst., at Mountjoy Forest, MRS. D. WHITE, of a daughter

October 26 1855

Birth; on the 17th inst., at Mountjoy, the wife of CAPTAIN D. WHITE, Royal Tyrone Fusiliers, of a daughter

August 8 1856

Married on the 31st ult., in the First Presbyterian Church, Ardstraw, by the Rev. Andrew Clarke, MR. JAMES WHITE, Clochcor, to ANN, daughter of MR. SAMUEL DEVENNY, Milltown, Ardstraw

October 23 1857

Married on the 8th inst., in the Second Presbyterian Church of Ardstraw, by the Rev. Andrew Maxwell, A.M., MR. JOHN JAMES FYFFE, of Archill, to ELIZA JANE, daughter of MR. MATTHEW WHITE, of Magheralough

January 8 1858

Died on the 29th ult., at Ranfurly Terrace, Dungannon, of inflammation of the lungs, JOHN MACKENZIE, son of DAVID WHITE, ESQ., aged five years

February 12 1858

Married on the 12th ult., by the Rev. William Hamilton, of Edenderry, MR. JOSEPH WHITE, of Brookhill, to MISS MARGARET MENAUL, of Edenderry

May 7 1858

Died on the 26th ult., at Ranfurly Terrace, Dungannon, county Tyrone, CAPTAIN DAVID WHITE, of Mountjoy Forest, Omagh, in the 49th year of his age

February 4 1859

Married January 27, in the Presbyterian Church, Leckpatrick, by the Rev. Mr. Chambers, MR. MANSFIELD WHITE, Ballymagorry, to MARY ANNE, second daughter of MR. JOSEPH NICKLE, Woodend, both in the Parish of Leckpatrick

March 1 1861

Married February 21, in Newtownstewart Church, by the Rev. Charles Hamilton, MR. JOHN JAMES MOORE, to ANNE, daughter of MR. MATHEW WHITE, Magheralough

July 5 1861

Died June 28, at Omagh, MISS ISABELLA WHITE, third daughter of the late DR. WHITE, aged 21 years

July 5 1861

Died June 18, MR. JOHN WHITE, of Lime Park, Tullyhogue, late Sub Sheriff for the county of Tyrone, and land agent to FREDERICK LINDESAY, ESQ., of Loughry, in said county, D.L.

January 24 1862

Married January 16, in Newtownstewart Church, by the Rev. Charles Hamilton, MR. ROBERT WHITE, Magheralough, to ISABELLA, third daughter of MR. ROBERT BUCHANAN, Cavandoragh

August 8 1862

Married August 2, at St. Anne's Church, Belfast, by the Rev. T.F. Miller, D.D., Vicar of Belfast, RICHARD WHITE, ESQ., Omagh, Lieutenant Royal Tyrone Fusiliers, to MARY, only daughter of STEWART WILSON, ESQ., M.D., Omagh

October 31 1862

Married October 21, in the Presbyterian Church, Glenelly, by the Rev. John Moore, father of the bride, MATTHEW WHITE, ESQ., Fireagh, Omagh, to ISABELLA, second daughter of the REV. JOHN MOORE, Glenelly

February 27 1863

Died February 5, at Gortmore, Omagh, MARY, relict of the late DAVID WHITE, SEN., ESQ., aged 77 years

September 29 1863

Married September 24, at the Second Presbyterian Church, Cookstown, by the Rev. William Gordon, of Gilford, county Down, uncle of the bride, assisted by the Rev. J.P. Wilson, of Cookstown, MR. ROBERT WHITE, of Mulariffey, Castlecaulfield, to ANNA MARIA, eldest daughter of MR. WILLIAM MATTHEWS, Grange, Cookstown

February 2 1864

Married January 29, in the Presbyterian Church, Drumquin, by the Rev. John Davidson, JOHN J. WHITE, ESQ., Beagh House, to ELIZA, second daughter of JOHN GRAHAM, ESQ., Coolkeeragh

March 4 1864

Birth: February 26, at Tullyhogue, Cookstown, the wife of MR. JOHN WHITE, of a daughter

March 8 1864

Died March 6, at the residence of her son in law, THOMAS ADAIR, Greenvale, Cookstown, MARY, relict of JOHN WHITE, late of Ballymoney, aged 82 years

March 31 1865

Died February 22, at Fereagh, near Omagh, after giving birth to a daughter, ISABELLA, wife of MR. MATTHEW WHITE, and daughter of the REV. JOHN MOORE, Glenelly

August 1 1865

Married July 25, in Ardboe Church, by the Rev. Dr. De Burg, Rector, MR. JAMES LESLIE, of Scregga, Fintona, to MATILDA, youngest daughter of HUGH WHITE, ESQ., Brookend, Coagh

January 30 1866

Died January 15, at London, very suddenly, ELIZA, youngest daughter of the late DAVID WHITE, ESQ., Omagh, county Tyron

September 14 1866

Married September 11, in the Second Presbyterian Church, Dungannon, by the Rev. Andrew Wilson, MR. HENRY WILLIAM WHITE, railway officer, to SARAH ANN, only daughter of MR. DAVID ACHESON, Dungannon

December 7 1866

Married December 4, at Trinity Church, Rathmines, Dublin, by the Rev. Henry William Lett, Incumbent of Neigh, county Armagh, cousin of the bride, assisted by the Rev. Frederick Tymons, JAMES HENRY WHITE, ESQ., H.M's Bengal Medical Service, eldest son of JAMES WHITE, ESQ., M.D., Omagh, county Tyrone, to NANNIE ADELAIDE, third daughter of the late RICHARD LETT, ESQ., M.D., of Silverstone, Northamptonshire

August 25 1868

Married August 18, in Kildallon Church, by the Rev. William Creek, JAMES DAVIES, ESQ., County Inspector, R.I.C., Castlebar, county Mayo, to EDITH, eldest daughter of the late DAVID WHITE, ESQ., J.P., of Lisanelly House, and Mountjoy Forest, county Tyrone

November 10 1868

Died on the 1st October, at Barrackpore, India, of heart disease, JAMES HENRY WHITE, ESQ., Assistant Surgeon H.M. Bengal Medical Service, attached to the 9th Regiment Native Infantry, the eldest son of the late JAMES WHITE, ESQ., M.D., Omagh, county Tyrone, aged 34 years

February 9 1869

Died February 3, at Dysart, near Strabane, MR. JAMES WHITE, aged 63 years

April 27 1869

Married April 14, in the Parish Church, Lifford [Co. Donegal], by the Rev. J. McClintock, MR. WILLIAM McDOUGAL, Strabane, to ANNE, fourth daughter of MR. JAMES WHITE, Dysartown, county Tyrone

June 1 1869

Died May 25, at Fereagh, Omagh, WILLIAM JOHN, only child of MR. MATTHEW WHITE, aged 5 years and 9 months

November 19 1869

Birth: November 16, at Cloughfin, Claudy, the wife of MR. JAMES WHITE, of a son

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