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Stuarts of Stuart Hall & Lisdhu, Co. Tyrone

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Stuarts of Stuart Hall & Lisdhu, Co. Tyrone
Personal notices extracted from the LONDONDERRY SENTINEL
Births, Marriages, Deaths 1835-67

Transcribed, Compiled and Submitted by Len Swindley, Melbourne, Australia


June 10 1837

At Lisdhu, the Hon. MRS. STUART, Lady of the HON. A.G. STUART, Treasurer of the county Tyrone, of a daughter

September 29 1838

On the 19th inst at Stuart Hall, county Tyrone, the HON. MRS. A.G. STUART, of a daughter

July 20 1839

July 11th at Ballymully Glebe, near Cookstown, the HON. MRS. ALEXANDER GEORGE STUART, of a daughter


December 26 1835

On Monday 21st inst. at Powerscourt [Co. Wicklow] Church, by the Rev. Robert Daly, the HON. ANDREW STEWART, son of the EARL OF CASTLESTUART to the HON. CATHERINE WINGFIELD, only sister to VISCOUNT POWERSCOURT. The bride was given away by her Uncle, the EARL OF RODEN

September 27 1845

On the 17th inst at Newmills Church by the Rev. James Mauleverer, Incumbent of Middletown, Diocese of Armagh, JOHN GRAVES THOMPSON, ESQ., of Armagh to SARAH HENRIETTA CAROLINE SOPHIA second daughter of the HON. ANDREW GODFREY STUART of Lisdhu, county Tyrone, and niece to the EARL OF CASTLESTUART

March 13 1847

On the 4th inst at Newmills Church by the Rev. James Mauleverer, the REV. GEORGE ROBINSON, only son of GEORGE ROBINSON, ESQ., of Armagh to CHARLOTTE AUGUSTA, eldest dau of the HONOURABLE ANDREW G. STUART of Lisdhu, county Tyrone and niece to the EARL OF CASTLESTUART

June 18 1858

On the 10th inst. at Cappagh Church, by the Rev. James Byrne, CAPTAIN WILLIAM COLE HAMILTON, Beltrim, county Tyrone, to CAROLINE ELIZABETH JOSEPHINE, youngest daughter of the HON. ANDREW GODFREY STUART, Crevenagh House, county Tyrone

June 20 1862

June 5 at St George’s, Hanover Square, London, by the HON. and REV. GODFREY A. STUART, Rector of Cottesmore, Rutlandshire and cousin to the bride, CHARLES EDWARD GEE BARNARD, ESQ., of South Cave, Yorkshire to SOPHIA LETITIA fifth daughter of the HON. ANDREW GODFREY STUART, D.L, for Tyrone, brother to ROBERT, late EARL OF CASTLESTUART

October 20 1863

October 12 at Fecarry House, county Tyrone by special licence, BURLEIGH STUART, ESQ., Major, Royal Tyrone Fusiliers, third son of the HON. A.G. STUART, D.L., to SUSAN MARY, only child of the late HENRY BRISCOE, ESQ., HEICS

January 2 1866

December 28 in Arboe Church by Rev. Francis H. Hall, incumbent of Hollymount, co. Down, brother of the bridegroom, assisted by the Rev. William De Burgh, D.D., Rector of Arboe, CAPTAIN T. ERSKINE HALL, 49th Regiment, youngest son of the late JAMES TRAILL HALL, ESQ., Mountjoy Square, Dublin, to LADY M. LOUISA STUART, sixth daughter of the EARL and COUNTESS OF CASTLESTUART, Stuart Hall, county Tyrone

November 6 1866

November 1 by special licence at Oaklands, county Tyrone, by Rev. Blackwood Price, cousin of the bride, assisted by the Rev. Richard Stewart, Rector of Kildress and the Rev. John Massy, VISCOUNT STUART, only son of the EARL and COUNTESS CASTLESTUART, of Stuart Hall, county Tyrone to AUGUSTA LE COMTE MASSY RICHARDSON, widow of HUGH MASSY RICHARDSON, late major in her Majesty’s 85th foot

January 22 1867

January 16 at Stuart Hall by special licence by Rev. Mr Flint, uncle of the bride, H.H. HOOPER, ESQ., Tunbridge Wells, Kent, to the LADY ALICE MAUD, 3rd daughter of the EARL OF CASTLESTUART, Stuart Hall, county Tyrone


January 7 1843

December22 after a lingering illness, ANNA FLORENCE ELEANOR, sixth daughter of the HON. A.G. STUART, Lisdhu, county Tyrone

November 25 1843

On the 11th inst. at her residence, Hannover Terrace, Regent’s Park, in the 90th year of her age, SARAH, DOWAGER COUNTESS OF CASTLESTUART

June 30 1854

June 24 at Crevenagh near Omagh, after a few days illness, the HON. MRS. STUART, wife of the HON. A.G. STUART, only brother of the late EARL OF CASTLESTUART, and Uncle of the present Earl

June 12 1857

On the 30th ult at Bournemouth, ROBERT E. STUART, ESQ., eldest son of the HON. and REV. ANDREW GODFREY STUART, aged 30 years

May 14 1859

On the 4th of May at Killiney [Co. Dublin], the DOWAGER COUNTESS OF CASTLESTUART, aged 73 years

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