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Osborne Family Notes, Co. Tyrone 1815-58

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Osborne Family Notes, Co. Tyrone 1815-58
Personal notices and advertisements extracted from the STRABANE MORNING POST & LONDONDERRY SENTINEL

Transcribed, compiled and submitted by Len Swindley, Melbourne, Australia


November 21, 1815

Married on Thursday last, SURGEON OSBURNE, of Dromore, to MISS MARY CLARKE, daughter of WILLIAM CLARKE, ESQ., of Lifford [Co. Donegal]

December 31, 1822

Died on Tuesday last, Mr. Thomas Osborne, Innkeeper, of this town [Strabane]

January 21, 1823


And immediate Possession given after the 1st day of March next,

MRS. OSBORNE’s Interest in that Extensive and well-established HOTEL, now in her possession, situated in the Front-street, Strabane. The Premises are in complete Repair, a large Sum having been lately expended upon them.

Proposals (sealed) will be received by Mr. JAMES COOK, until the 1st of March, on which day the Purchaser will be declared, should a fair value be offered.

The Purchaser will be required to take the Furniture, Chaises, Horses, &c. at Valuation.

N. B. All Persons indebted to the late Thomas Osborne, are requested to pay their Accounts immediately; and such Persons claiming, are also requested to send in their Accounts before the first of March.

Strabane, Jan. 20

November 30, 1824

Died on Saturday last, MRS. OSBORNE, relict of the late MR. THOMAS OSBORNE, of this town [Strabane], innkeeper


July 18, 1840

Married on the 14th ult., by the Rev. John Latimer, Ballinahatty, MR. JAMES YOUNG, of Edergold, near Omagh, to FANNY, second daughter of MR. THOMAS OSBORNE, of Millbrook, near Dromore

October 28, 1843

Married on Thursday, the 19th inst., in the Parish Church of Dromore, county Tyrone, by the Rector, the Rev. Henry L. St. George, MR. THOMAS ALEXANDER, son of MR. THOMAS ALEXANDER, merchant, Dromore, to MARY JANE, only daughter of ARCHIBALD OSBORNE, ESQ., of Dernaseer

June 6, 1846

Married on the 20th ult., at Dromore Church, by the Rev. Henry Lucas St. George, CHARLES STEVENSON, ESQ., M.D., Goland Hill, to ELIZA, daughter of the late JAMES OSBORNE, ESQ., Osborne House

January 23, 1852

Died January 13, at the residence of her brother, DR. OSBORNE, Castletown Lodge, Fintona, of spasmodic affection of the heart, ISABELLA OSBORNE, aged 70 years

June 4, 1858

Married on the 26th ult., in the Presbyterian Church, Dromore, by the Rev. James R. Dill, A.M., HENRY HILL OSBORNE, ESQ., Avondale, Illiana, New South Wales [Australia], to CHARLOTTE, second daughter of JOHN SCOTT, ESQ., Dromore, Omagh

June 4, 1858

Married on the 26th ult., in the Presbyterian Church, Dromore, by the Rev. James R. Dill, A.M., HENRY OSBORNE, ESQ., Buckaguinga, New South Wales [Australia], to REBECCA, eldest daughter of JOHN SCOTT, ESQ., Dromore, Omagh

October 21, 1859

Married on the 6th inst., in Dromore Church, by the Rev. H.L. St. George, Rector, MR. WILLIAM SKELTON, Her Majesty's Customs, London, to ISABELLA, youngest daughter of MR. JOHN OSBORNE, of Mossfield House, county Tyrone

April 23 1858

Died in Fintona, on Sunday week, HENRY OSBORNE, ESQ., surgeon, R.N., aged 85 years. DR. OSBORNE, was, we believe the senior surgeon on the Navy List

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