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O'Neill Roman Catholic Records - Stewartstown

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O'Neill Roman Catholic Records - Stewartstown

Transcribed & Compiled by Andrew

This film was in very poor condition. The handwriting was very scrawny and some of the pages were so faded that they were literally just blank pages.

Roman Catholic records. Tyrone

Parish RC Parish Earliest Dates FHLC #
Donaghenry Clonoe (Coalisland) 1810-1880 0979709


Parochial registers of Donaghmore (Tyrone), 1871-1880

Catholic Church. Parish of Donaghmore (Tyrone)

Date Surname Name Father Mothers Name Town
1871 ONeill Catherine Bernard Ann Grimes Altaglushan
1871 ONeill Philomena Joseph Elizabeth Quinn Augherainey
1871 ONeill Mary William Sarah Sally Mullaraden
1872 ONeill Mary Jane James Margaret Cassidy Mullaeoner
1873 ONeill Patrick Joseph Elizabeth Quinn Augherianey
1874 ONeill John Peter Maryann Armstrong Dernaseer
1874 ONeill Mary John Margaret Gillespie Drumbearn
1875 ONeill Pat Bernard Ellan Keenan Kilmakardle
1875 ONeill Joseph Joseph Elizabeth Quinn Augherainey
1875 ONeill Bernard Bernard Ann Grimley Altaghushin
1876 ONeill Peter John Margaret Gillespie Drumbearn
1876 ONeill Maryann John Cath McCart Coolmaghery
1876 ONeill Mary James Isabella Cahoon Ballybray
1877 ONeill Joe Peter Mary Armstrong Dernaseen
1877 ONeill Brigid John Cath McCart Coolmaghery
1877 ONeill Bernard Bernard Ellan Keenan Killymacardle
1878 ONeill Peter Pat Cath Bradley Annaghmakean
1878 ONeill Patrick Frank Mary Daley C.Caulfield
1878 ONeill Francis James Isabella Caltoun Ballybray
1879 ONeill Peter John Cath McCart Coolmaghery
ONeill Catherine Bernard Ellan Keenan Killymacardle
1879 ONeill Brigid Pat Cath Bradley Annaghmakewn
1880 ONeill Patrick James Isabella Calhoon Ballybray
1880 ONeill John John Margaret Gillespie Drumbearn

Parochial registers of Stewartstown, 1822-1916.
Catholic Church. Parish of Stewartstown (Tyrone)
Donaghenry and Ballyclog

Date Surname Name Father Mothers Name Town
1822 ONeill Alicia Jacob ------ Ferguson Aughamullen
1831 ONeill Honoria? Hugonis Margaritta Listane
1831 ONeill Edward Pat Mary --------  
1831 ONeill Michael Peter Ann Devlin Ballyblag
1832 ONeill Elizabeth Hugh Eliz McAllen Coalisland
1832 ONeill Joseph Hugh Mary Lisbane
1833 ONeill John John Rose Hagan Laogh

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