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Monteith Family Notes, Co. Tyrone 1833-82

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Monteith Family Notes, Co. Tyrone 1833-82

Transcribed, Compiled and Submitted by Len Swindley, Melbourne, Australia


December 3 1833

Married in Belfast, on the 28th instant, by the Rev. Alexander P. Goudy, of Strabane, the REV. JOHN MONTEITH, of Dunnemanna, County Tyrone, to MARY, eldest daughter of the late REV. W. D. H. McEWEN, of Belfast


May 20 1837

Died May 13th at Lisnarrow, county Tyrone, ELIZABETH, wife of the REV. WILLIAM MONTEITH, of Glendermott, in the 55th year of her age

May 12 1848

Died on the 17th inst., at Drumur, near Castlederg, ELEANOR, relict of the late MR. JOSEPH MONTEITH, aged 29 years. She has left four children to deplore her loss

January 26 1849

Married the 19th inst., in the Presbyterian Church, Douglass, by the Rev. James Alexander, MR. ANDREW MONTEITH, Lisnatunny, to ELIZABETH, eldest daughter of MR. ARTHUR WATSON, Knockroe, near Newtownstewart


January 30 1836

Married on the 14th inst., by the Rev. J.P. Dickey, MR. GEORGE RAMSAY, of Carnone, county Donegal, to MISS ELIZABETH, only daughter of MR. ANDREW MONTEITH, of Dreenan, county Tyrone

August 20 1842

Married on the 12th inst., by the Rev. Matthew Clarke, Ardstraw, MR. JOHN MONTEITH, Milltown, to SARAH, eldest daughter of late ROBERT NELSON, ESQ., Carnkenny

March 1 1845

Married on Tuesday the 18th ult., by the Rev. John Armstrong, Castlederg, at the house of the bride's father, MR. JAMES MONTEITH, of Dungorman, to MARY, eldest daughter of MR. ROBERT BUSTARD, of Ahearan

February 6 1847

Died on the 28th ult., at Lisnatunny Glebe, near Newtownstewart, SARAH, the beloved wife of MR. ANDREW MONTEITH, aged 59 years. She has left behind her a large family to mourn the loss of a worthy and exemplary parent

July 27 1856

Married in the First Presbyterian Church, Ardstraw, July 17, by the Rev. Matthew Clarke, MR. THOMAS POLLOCK, Listymore, to REBECCA, daughter of MR. ROBERT MONTEITH, Dreenin

November 7 1856

Died the 3rd inst., at Lisnatunny, near Newtownstewart, after a few days illness, MR. ANDREW MONTEITH, aged 74 years

January 14 1859

Died January 1st, after a painful illness, MR. ROBERT MONTEITH, Tullychar, Castlederg, aged 42 years

December 13 1861

Died December 1, at Newtownstewart, ELIZABETH, wife of MR. ANDREW MONTEITH, merchant, aged 35 years

May 30 1862

Married May 23, in the First Presbyterian Church, Newtownstewart, by the Rev. R.C. Donnell, assisted by the Rev. Victor Fulton, ANDREW MONTEITH, ESQ., wine and grocery merchant, Newtownstewart, to MRS. I. JONES, formerly of Philadelphia, U.S. America

June 23 1863

Married June 18, in the First Presbyterian Church, Newtownstewart, by the Rev. C. Donnell, MR. JOHN HOOD, of Newtownstewart, to MISS MARY ROSS, stepdaughter of MR. RICHARD MONTEITH, woollendraper, Newtownstewart

February 10 1865

Married on the 8th February, in the Parish Church of Termonamongan, with licence, by the Rev. Maiben C. Motherwell, Rector, MR. ROBERT MONTEITH, to MISS MARGARET JANE HICKESON, both of Lisnacloon

May 15 1866

Died May 13, MARY, the wife of REV. J. MONTEITH, Donemana, aged 54 years


December 3 1833

Married on Thursday 28th November in New Queen Street, Belfast, by Rev A. P. Goudy, REV. JOHN MONTEITH, Presbyterian Minister of Donemana to MARY eldest daughter of the late REV. W. D. H. McEWEN for several years Minister of the Second Presbyterian Congregation of Belfast and Lecturer in Elocution in the Academical Institution

February 13 1850

Married on the 31st ult., in the Presbyterian Church, Douglas, by the Rev. Alexander, RICHARD MONTEITH, son of MR. ANDREW MONTEITH, Lisnatunny, to ANNE, relict of the late MR JAMES ROSS, Newtownstewart

March 27 1874

Married March 24th, in the First Presbyterian Church, Newtownstewart, by the Rev. R. C. Donnell, HENRY H. WOOD, ESQ., merchant, Castlederg, to ISABELLA MARGARET, second daughter of ANDREW MONTEITH, ESQ., merchant, Newtownstewart

January 31 1877

Married January 5, at Philadelphia, at the residence of the pastor, Rev. Dr. Nicholson, MR. JOHN JAMES MONTEITH, late of Newtownstewart, and son of RICHARD MONTEITH, ESQ., to MISS MATILDA McDONNELL, formerly of Newtownstewart, county Tyrone, Ireland

August 16 1880

A SAD CASE OF DROWNING occurred on Friday morning at Newtownstewart. A young man named MONTEITH, brother to MR. DAVID MONTEITH, grocer, went into the river to bathe with some other boys, and getting out of his depth, was drowned. The body was recovered a couple of hours afterwards, and an inquest having been since held, a verdict in accordance with the facts was returned.

September 4 1882

Died September 1, at Newtownstewart, the wife of MR. SAMUEL MONTEITH, merchant, of a son

November 27 1882

Married November 21, at Douglas Presbyterian Church, by the Rev. Robert Dick, MR. DAVID ROSS, Glenock, to MISS SARAH MONTEITH, Lisnatunny