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McEntire & McIntire Family Notes, Co. Tyrone 1832-61

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McEntire & McIntire Family Notes, Co. Tyrone 1832-61
Personal announcements and notices extracted from the STRABANE MORNING POST & LONDONDERRY SENTINEL

Transcribed, Compiled and Submitted by Len Swindley, Melbourne, Australia


November 27 1832

Married on the 23rd inst. by the Rev. Mathew Clerke of Ardstraw, the REV. MATHEW NELSON, Wesleyan Preacher to MISS JANE, second daughter of WM. M’INTIRE, ESQ., Stone Falls

October 14 1834

As two respectable farmers (father and son) named M’INTIRE were returning from the market of this town on Tuesday last they were attacked and very severely beaten at Woodend about 4 o’clock in the evening. The police used every exertion to apprehend the parties concerned in this cowardly and brutal outrage; but, we regret to state, that hitherto, they have not discovered any person that either of the M’Intires can identify. We regret that outrages of this description have latterly become so frequent in our neighbourhood. This is one of a very daring nature, as it occurred at the early hour of 4 o’clock, on the Mail coach road from Strabane to Derry. The number of the ruffians concerned in this violent assault amounted to nine or ten


June 9 1832

Died in Belfast, on the 5th inst., MR. CREIGHTON McENTIRE, of Eary, in county Tyrone, aged 31 years

December 22 1838

Married on the 7th inst., by the Rev. Dr. Horner, JAMES McENTIRE, ESQ., of Eary, county of Tyrone, to ELIZA, second daughter of ROBERT McENTIRE, ESQ., of Dublin

October 12 1839

Birth: October 8, at his residence, Eary, county Tyrone, the lady of JAMES McENTIRE, ESQ., of a son

November 4 1853

Married on the 27th ult., LEONARD McINTYRE, ESQ., of Ballinabuoy, to MARGARET, eldest daughter of the late JOSEPH FAULKNER, ESQ., Plantation Cottage, Donagheady, county Tyrone

February 3 1854

Married on Thursday, the 26th ult., in Donemana Church, by the Rev. Henry Colthurst, ANNE JANE, daughter of MR. ANDREW RODEN, Cloughbuoy, to MR. ROBERT McINTYRE, Maghereagh

November 16 1855

Died Friday last, MISS McINTIRE, Front Street, Strabane

January 9 1857

Married on the 5th inst., at Artigarvan Presbyterian Church, by the Rev. Moses Chambers, MR. WILLIAM McINTYRE, shipwright of this City, to JANE, eldest daughter of MR. JOSEPH NICKLE, Wood End, Strabane

January 22 1858

Married on the 18th inst., in the First Presbyterian Church, Donagheady, by the Rev. Samuel Wray, WILLIAM SMYTH, ESQ., Drimgauty, to MARGARET ANNE, youngest daughter of the late JAMES McINTYRE, ESQ., Maghereagh

May 28 1858

Died Monday week, suddenly, at Kinkitt, parish of Urney, MR. CHARLES McINTIRE

July 23 1858

Married on the 15th inst., in the Second Presbyterian Church, Donagheady, MR. WILLIAM RILEY, Whitehill, to ELIZABETH, daughter of MR. WILLIAM McINTIRE, Ballynaboy

October 7 1859

Died September 22, MARTHA, eldest daughter of MR. WILLIAM McINTYRE, Ballinabuoy, county Tyrone

December 2 1859

Died November 30, at Fawney, near Donemana, REBECCA, daughter of MR. THOMAS McINTYRE

April 27 1860

Married April 19, at St. Peter's Church, Dublin, by the Rev. Thomas McNeece, D.D., F.T.C.D., GEORGE WILLIAM BOYD, ESQ., of Dublin, to MARY SARAH, eldest daughter of the late JAMES McENTIRE, ESQ., of Eary, county Tyrone

July 13 1860

Died July 9, at Tamlaght Cottage, near Coagh, ELIZABETH, wife of WILLIAM McENTIRE, ESQ., aged 67 year

January 25 1861

Died January 21, at Kinkitt, Parish of Urney, MRS. McENTIRE

June 14 1861

Birth: June 10, at Coagh, county Tyrone, the wife of MR. SAMUEL McENTIRE, merchant, of a son

August 23 1861

Died August 18, of inflammation, at the residence of his widowed mother, Rathgar, Dublin, in the 21st year of his age, JAMES THOMAS McENTIRE, eldest son of the late JAMES McENTIRE, ESQ., Eary, county Tyrone