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Hunter Family Notes, Co. Tyrone 1815-69

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Hunter Family Notes, Co. Tyrone 1815-69
Personal announcements and notices extracted from the STRABANE MORNING POST, LONDONDERRY STANDARD & LONDONDERRY SENTINEL

Transcribed, Compiled and Submitted by Len Swindley, Melbourne, Australia


October 24 1815



Has received, per the Hope, from London,

30 CHESTS Best Black TEA, and a

Quantity of Black PEPPER, via Derry


Scale Sugar, Common Lump, Single & Double Refined ditto,

Sugar Candy, Alicant Ashes.

A few Half-Chests of Congou Tea,

92 Barrels New Dantzig Weed Ashes, Best Brands,

Deals and Plank,

Dyewoods, Allum,

Swedish, British, and Hoop Iron,

Roll Tobacco, of his own manufacture,

A General Assortment of GROCERIES

All of which will be sold on reasonable Terms, for good payments. He shortly expects, a Cargo of BRITISH IRON, of different dimensions

Strabane, Sept. 11

August 5 1823

Died on the morning of Thursday last, the 31st of July, in the sixteenth year of his age, JAMES HUNTER, youngest son of MR. JAMES HUNTER of this town

January 9 1827

Died Friday last, MR. SAMUEL HUNTER, of this town, Merchant

March 6 1827

Married at Sion, on Thursday last, MR. J. PATTON, to MISS A. HUNTER of same place

October 23 1827

Married Thursday last, by Rev. James Purss, MR. DAVID KNOX of Ballaught, to ELIZA, eldest daughter of GEORGE HUNTER of Sion

December 4 1827

Married at Drummay, near Newtowncunningham [Co. Donegal], on Wednesday last, by the Rev. Francis Dill, MR WILLIAM HUNTER, of this town, to MISS CROCKETT, eldest daughter of MR. WILLIAM CROCKETT, of Drummay

August 12 1828

Died yesterday morning, very suddenly, MR. WILLIAM HUNTER, of Breen, near this town

August 31 1830

Died at Sion, on Thursday last, after a lingering illness, MR. GEORGE HUNTER

February 26 1833

Died Thursday last, of consumption, MR. HUGH HUNTER, son of the late MR. GEORGE HUNTER, Sion

June 11 1833

At Sion, near this town, on Monday the 10th inst. of a rapid decline, MISS ANNE JANE HUNTER, daughter of the late GEORGE HUNTER, of said place

September 10 1833


Two dogs belonging to MR. JAMES HUNTER, of Liskinbuoy, about one mile from this town, were shot on Sunday last, in a state of madness; and had it not been for the presence of mind of Mr. Hunter, the consequences might have been serious to him. The first shot having merely wounded the animal, he broke from the chain, and pursued him. Mr. Hunter lost no time in again charging a pistol, and when the dog made a rush at him, he fired the contents of the pistol into his mouth, when the animal fell, and with the assistance of some other persons, killed him. We understand, a great number of dogs have been bitten in the neighbourhood by the same animal; and we would seriously recommend those persons who keep dogs, to chain them instantly, as the consequences of neglect might be dreadful. A man of the name of MARTIN, who lives about three miles from this town, had a cow bitten by a dog four months ago, which was shot last week in a state of hydrophobia.

SIR JOHN JAMES BURGOYNE, the Provost of this town, on hearing of the above, gave orders yesterday that all dogs found in our streets unclogged should be shot, and the owners fined. We understand, the Police have got directions to proceed to Liskinbuoy, to destroy all dogs found at large

October 29 1833


About three weeks ago, two Bee Hives were stolen from the garden of MRS. HOOD, of Carrygullon, and a few days ago two were also taken from the garden of MR. WILLIAM HUNTER, of Cavanalee. We would recommend all persons to whom honey may be offered for sale, to be particular in their enquiries after the persons who may offer it as such plunder, if not closely watched, may discourage the practice of rearing Bees altogether. We understand, a Reward, respectably signed, will be offered for the apprehension of the thieves

September 22 1835

Died at Ramelton [Co. Donegal], on Thursday last, by the Rev. Mr. Reid, WALTER SCOTT, ESQ., of this town, to FANNY, eldest daughter of DR. HUNTER, of Ramelton

July 26 1836

Died on Thursday evening, the 21st instant, at Ballykeel, near Nn. Stewart, in the 46th year of his age, MR. CHARLES HUNTER. He was a consistent and zealous member of the Methodist Society from his youth, and a steady but humble follower of his Divine Master in his life and death: and in him the language of inspiration, “mark the perfect man, and behold the upright, for the end of that man is peace.” was fully verified. His premature decease is deeply regretted by a large circle of friends and relatives


May 1 1844

Died Saturday week, at Cavanalee, at the house of MR. JAMES HUNTER, her grandfather, HELEN, daughter of MR. JOHN GRAY, printer and stationer, Strabane, aged 17 years

March 27 1846

Birth: Wednesday morning, the 8th inst., at Ballymagorry House, MRS. HUGH HUNTER, of a son

January 8 1847

Died at Drummay, on the 6th inst., JAMES, son of MR. WILLIAM HUNTER, of Cavanalee, aged18 years

July 2 1847

Died in Bell's Park, in the parish of Urney, on Friday last, MR. ANDREW HUNTER

April 28 1848

Died the 10th inst., aged 29 years, MR. JOSEPH HUNTER, of Hunterstown, parish of Urney, much and deservedly regretted

September 15 1848

Died at Liskinbuoy, near Strabane, on Thursday, the 31st ult., in the 80th year of her age, ANN, relict of MR. JAMES HUNTER, formerly of Strabane, deservedly lamented


July 23 1831

Died 30th June last, at Mountjoy, near Stewartstown, in the 95th year of his age, JOHN HUNTER, SEN., ESQ.

December 6 1834

Married the 10th ult., by the Rev. John Brown, MR. WILLIAM HUNTER, of Dungannon, to MARY, second daughter of CAPTAIN GODFREY, Leitrim, near Castledawson, county Derry

June 6 1835

Married the 7th ult., by the Rev. Thomas Kernaghan, MR. JOHN HUNTER, Lisleen, to CATHERINE HUSTON, third daughter of the late MR. EZEKIEL HUSTON, Bolought

December 7 1839

Married the 19th ult., in Magherally Church [Co. Down], GEORGE HUNTER, ESQ., Orange Cottage, county Tyrone, to MISS MARY RUDDELL, only daughter of JOSEPH RUDDELL, Bogview, county Down

August 6 1842

Died at Strabane, on Wednesday, the 27th ult., in the 58th year of his age, DOCTOR HUNTER, of Ramelton [Co. Donegal]

October 11 1850

Died on the 8th inst., after a protracted illness, at his residence, Beragh, Omagh, ROBERT HUNTER, in the 60th year of his age

June 16 1854

Married in the First Presbyterian Church, Ardstraw, on the 13th inst., by the Rev. Matthew Clarke, MR. GEORGE HUNTER, Sion, to ISABELLA, daughter of MR. JAMES CUMMINS, Clady Johnston

April 4 1856

Married the 25th ult., at Fintona Presbyterian Church, by the Rev. R. Chambers, brother in law to the bride, MR. C. HUNTER, Newtownstewart, to CATHERINE JANE, second daughter of MR. R. ROBINSON, Fintona

October 30 1857

Birth: At Newtownstewart, on the 26th inst., the wife of MR. CHARLES HUNTER, merchant, of a son

July 2 1858

Died Sunday last, at Cavanalee, near Strabane, MISS MARY HUNTER

May 27 1859

Died Thursday last, at Cavanalee, Strabane, MR. WILLIAM HUNTER

November 11 1859

Died the 5th inst., REBECCA, wife of MR. JAMES HUNTER, of Mountjoy, aged 77 years

February 17 1860

Married February 9, in the Presbyterian Church, St. Johnston [Co. Donegal], by the Rev. William Scott, assisted by the Rev. J. McConaghy, MR. JAMES SMYTH, Colehill, near Newtowncunningham, to ANNIE, eldest daughter of the late MR. WILLIAM HUNTER, Cavanalee, near Strabane

February 22 1861

Birth: On the 18th February, the wife of MR. CHARLES HUNTER, Newtownstewart, of a son

September 19 1862

Died September 11, at Tartnakelly, JOHN, second son of MR. WILLIAM HUNTER, aged 25 years

April 21 1863

Birth on the 14th April, at Newtownstewart, the wife of MR. CHARLES HUNTER, of a son

June 21 1864

Married June 17, in the Fourth Presbyterian Church, Derry, by the Rev. Robert Ross, MR. JAMES MOORE of Portrush, to ELIZA JANE, second daughter of the late MR. WILLIAM HUNTER, Cavanalee, county Tyrone

November 22 1864

Married November 18, at the Presbyterian Church, Ballygawley, by the Rev. W. Ross Hamilton, CHARLES HUNTER, ESQ., Mullins, Clogher, to SARAH ANN, third daughter of JOSEPH HADDEN, ESQ., Golan, Ballygawley

March 21 1865

Birth: March 13, at Fivemiletown, the wife of MR. JOHN HUNTER, of a son

August 15 1865

Died July 27, in New York, MARY HUNTER, aged 25 years, a native of Omagh, county Tyrone

February 6 1866

Died December 25, at New York, CHARLES, third son of the late MR. ROBERT HUNTER, Beagh, county Tyrone, aged 45 years

February 20 1866

Married February 14, in the First Presbyterian Church, Omagh, by the Rev. John Arnold, MR. JOHN HUNTER, Drumragh, to LIZZIE, daughter of MR. JOHN CALDWELL, Drumragh, Omagh

July 17 1866

Married July 10, in the First Presbyterian Church, Ardstraw, by the Rev. L.A. Lyle, ROBERT, son of MR. ALEXANDER HILL, Ballyrennon, county Tyrone, to MARGARET, eldest daughter of MR. JAMES HUNTER, Baronscourt, same county

May 7 1867

Birth: On the 30th April, at Drumragh, Omagh, the wife of MR. JOHN HUNTER, of a son

March 17 1868

Married March 12, at Maghernageeragh Presbyterian Church, by the Rev. Joseph Love, MR. SAMUEL HUNTER, Lisnacloon, to LETITIA, third daughter of MR. WILLIAM HAMILTON, Laught, Castlederg

March 20 1868

Married March 17, at St. Anne's Parish Church, Dublin, by the Rev. H.H. Dickinson, D.D., JOHN JAMES, son of MR. JOHN HUNTER, of Droit, Newtownstewart, county Tyrone, to HENRIETTA, daughter of MR. JAMES NICHOLS, Dublin

March 19 1869

Died March 14, at his residence, Mountjoy, Stewartstown, JAMES HUNTER, ESQ., son of the late JOHN HUNTER, ESQ., Green Hill, Aghadoey, Coleraine [Co. Londonderry]

September 3 1869

Died Sept. 1, at Hunterstown, Urney, of inflammation, ANDREW HUNTER, aged 30 years

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