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Hughes Family Notes, Co. Tyrone 1815-64

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Hughes Family Notes, Co. Tyrone 1815-64

Transcribed, Compiled and Submitted by Len Swindley, Melbourne, Australia


March 28 1815


MICHAEL & JOHN HUGHES beg leave to inform their Friends and the Public, that they have just received, direct from London, by the George, via Belfast, and by the Sally, via Derry, an extensive Supply of


which, with a former Importation of EARLY SEEDS, makes an Assortment complete in every article necessary; among these, are the best New Onion Seed; Red and White Clover, Trefoil, Vetches, Peas, Beans, large New Bass Matts, and a great variety of FLOWER SEEDS.

The Garden Seed Trade, being peculiar to Nurserymen, they take the greatest possible care to have the Seeds new, and of the very best quality

Strabane, March 13, 1815

August 19 1823


THE MISSES HUGHES most respectfully express their gratitude for past favours, and beg to inform their Friends and the Public, that their School has re-opened for the general Instruction of their Pupils, as they have hereforeto felt happy in conducting; and they hope, that their former attention to those committed to their care, will merit a share of favour - to obtain which, they will make every exertion in their power

Strabane, August 18, 1823

November 20 1827

Died in this town, on Thursday the 15th inst. aged 92 years, MRS. HUGHES, relict of the late MR. SAMUEL HUGHES of Milford, near Ramelton [Co. Donegal]. We have reason to say, this pious handmaiden of the Lord, died in the Faith, leaving a testimony of a pious devotedness to God, and her interest in Christ, and is now arrived in that Land of pure delight, where the wicked cease from troubling, and the wearied are at rest

January 15 1828

Died on Friday last, MRS. HUGHES, wife of MR. MICHAEL HUGHES of this town

April 1 1828

Died on the 27th instant, MISS ANNE JANE HUGHES, eldest daughter of MR. HUGHES of this town. As far as the character of a child of her years may be said to be developed, we have seldom witnessed such amiability of disposition. That parents should feel and deplore such a loss is natural; but the deep distress of her youthful acquaintances who followed her remains with tears to the grave, gave ample testimony that she had excited interest in a much wider field

February 17 1829


JOHN HUGHES respectfully informs his friends and customers, that he has received by the GLEANER, from London, his annual extensive assortment of GARDEN and AGRICULTURAL SEEDS, early Peas, Beans, and a great variety of Flower Seeds.

His NURSERY on the Lifford Road is well supplied with Fruit and Forest Trees, Thorn Quicks, Ever Greens, and Flowering Shrubs, the whole of which will be sold on the most moderate terms

Strabane, February 9, 1829

February 8, 1831

Died at his father’s house in this town, on the 1st instant, after a lingering illness, which he bore with christian resignation, ROBERT, eldest son of MR. SAMUEL HUGHES, Merchant, aged 21 years. To sum up his many virtues in a few words, suffice it to say, that he was a most dutiful son, an affectionate brother, a warm hearted and steady friend, and a kind benefactor to the poor ---

His disconsolate parents are much consoled with the hope, that as he lived a life of faith on his Redeemer he is now enjoying that “rest which remaineth for the people of God.’ The very numerous assemblage of persons of all ranks, who accompanied his remains to the grave, plainly evinced the high esteem in which this much lamented youth was held

March 6 1832


THAT House in Bridge-end Street, Strabane, at present occupied by the Subscriber, containing a Parlour, Drawing-room, five Bedchambers, Scullery, Kitchen, Pantry, &c. with a large Store, Stabling for Four Horses, a large Cow-House with good Lofts, and commodious Offices, together with a well enclosed Garden. These Premises are held for 3 lives and 41 years from 1823, at the small Yearly Rent of 13 17s British Currency. Possession can be given on the first of May. Apply on the Premises to


N. B. Half an Acre of Turbary is bound to above the Premises.

Strabane, 3d March, 1832



JOHN HUGHES begs leave to inform his customers and the public, that he has received per the ECLIPSE, from London, his annual general assortment of GARDEN SEEDS, best STRASBURGH, DEPTFORD, and PORTUGUESE Onion Seeds, Peas, Beans, and a variety of Flower Seeds, which he can with confidence, recommend as fresh and genuine. His NURSERY on the Lifford Road is well stocked with Fruit and Forest Trees, Evergreens, and Flowering Shrubs. Three Years Old Thorn Quicks, the whole of which will be Sold on the most moderate Terms.

27th February, 1832

July 3 1832

Died on Saturday evening last, after a lingering illness, THOMAS, son of MR. SAMUEL HUGHES, of this town, aged 17 years

December 24 1833

Died at Derry, on Thursday last, MISS MARGARET HUGHES, formerly of this town

March 4 1834

Died Sunday morning last, after a lingering illness, borne with that resignation and submission to the Divine will, which is ever characteristic of the christian, ELIZABETH, wife of MR. SAMUEL HUGHES, of this town

March 22 1836

Married Friday last, at Spring-hill, near this town, by the Rev. A. P. Goudy, MR. JOHN HUGHES, to MARGARET, youngest daughter of MR. JOHN ARBUCKLE of said place

January 17 1837

Died Saturday evening last, MR. MICHAEL HUGHES, of this town, aged 83


July 2 1839

Died at Strabane, on Wednesday last, MR. ANDREW HUGHES, nursery and seedsman


April 16 1847

Died on the 20th ult., at the residence of his son, Bush Mount, near Dungannon, SAMUEL HUGHES, ESQ., late of Strabane


March 8 1834

Died at Greenfield, near Strabane, on the morning of the 2nd ult., ELIZABETH, wife of SAMUEL HUGHES, ESQ., aged 43 years

April 11 1840

Married on the 4th inst., at Johnston House, county Dublin, BERNARD HUGHES, ESQ., of Dungannon, county Tyrone, to ELIZA ANNE, eldest daughter of ARTHUR ANTHONY, ESQ., of Ringville, county Wexford

February 27 1841

Birth: On the 13th inst., the lady of BERNARD HUGHES, ESQ., Dungannon, of a daughter

August 7 1847

Married in Dungannon, on the 27th ult., by the Rev. Dr. Montague, Vicar General, JOHN DONNELLY, ESQ., of Omagh, to MARY JANE, only daughter of the late JOHN HUGHES, ESQ

May 1 1857

Died at Strabane, MISS HUGHES, daughter of the late MR. PATRICK HUGHES, teacher, of Strabane

January 18 1861

Died at Ballylisk, near Tandragee [Co. Armagh], of consumption, JOSEPH HUGHES, son of the late MR. SAMUEL HUGHES, of Greenfield, Strabane, aged 33 years

May 15 1863

Died on the 29th April, on board the City of Baltimore steamship, on the homeward voyage from New York, WILLIAM HUGHES, ESQ., of Dungannon

May 15 1863

Married May 7, at Strabane Church, by the Rev. Mr. Mussen, MR. HENRY MACDOUGAL, to ELIZABETH LESLIE HUGHES

May 29 1863

Married on the 26th May, in Cookstown, by the Rev. Lawrence A. Byrne, Curate of South Ardtrea, MR. JAMES HUGHES, proprietor of the Northland Arms Hotel, Dungannon, the eldest son of MR. JOHN HUGHES, of Killilea, Armagh, to ELIZABETH, the youngest daughter of MR. WILLIAM HARBISON, of Moneymore [Co. Londonderry]

December 30 1864

Birth: December 26, at Trillick, the wife of WILLIAM HUGHES, ESQ., 24th Regiment, of a son