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Fleming Family Notes, Co. Tyrone 1785-1869

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Fleming Family Notes, Co. Tyrone 1785-1869
Personal announcements and advertisements extracted from the STRABANE JOURNAL, STRABANE MORNING POST & LONDONDERRY SENTINEL

Transcribed, Compiled and Submitted by Len Swindley, Melbourne, Australia


25 July 1785

Married MR. JAMES STEVENSON to the agreeable MISS FLEMING, both of this place


December 27 1814


25 Tons English, Swedish, and Siberia IRON,

20 Mats Barilla ASHES,

6 Cwt. Lbs. Double Glo’ster, & Cheshire CHEESE,

50 Barrels HERRINGS,

24 Boxes PIPES,

2 Tons Patent SHOT

and is well supplied with Dantzig Ashes, Logwood, Lump Sugar, Liquorice Ball, &c. &c. which he will sell on most reasonable terms

Strabane, Oct. 6, 1814

January 2 1816

Married yesterday morning, in the Church of this town, by the Rev. Stewart Hamilton, THOMAS BLACK, ESQ. of Londonderry, to MISS FLEMING, daughter of WILLIAM FLEMING, ESQ. of this town

March 23 1824

Died on Friday last, PATRICK FLEMING, ESQ. of this town, in the 85th year of his age. During his protracted life, he maintained a character of unimpeachable integrity, and his benevolence and charity were even more conspicuous than his uprightness. Few have lived more respected, and few have died more regretted

April 13 1824


By the Executors of the late MR. PATRICK FLEMMING,

The interest in the Lease of the Houses in the Main-street of Strabane, opposite the Bridge, now occupied by MR. H. HAMILTON and MR. JAMES KERR. The Lease is for 91 years, 71 of which are yet unexpired, yielding a Profit Rent of 40 Pounds 9 shillings per annum. - For further particulars, enquire of Mr. DAVID SMYTH

Strabane, April 12 1824

November 30 1824

On Tuesday morning the 23d inst. in the 68th year of his age, WM. FLEMING SEN., ESQ. one of the Burgesses of this Corporation - Newspaper panegyric has so long been prostituted to the dressing out of ambiguous merit in the tinsel phrase of rhetoric, that it no longer gives any assurance of the worth of the deceased object of its praise. If the reader be desirous to know what Mr. Fleming was, let him ask among his surviving intimates who have experienced his hospitalities, or the numerous poor who daily acknowledged his charities; of the domestics who witnessed his devotions, or the friends who shared his kindness; and if he does not receive an answer capable of exciting a spirit of emulation in every one of the above named virtues, the fault will be in the narrator, and not in him of whom the narration is told

April 18 1826

Died on Friday last, WM. FLEMING, ESQ. of this town

March 6 1832

Died yesterday, very suddenly, MRS. FLEMMING, wife of MR. JOHN FLEMMING, of this town

April 30 1833

Married by the Rev. Mr. Smithwick, in the Church of Strabane, on Thursday the 20th inst. MR. JOHN FLEMING, Painter and Glazier, to MRS SCULLY, relict of the late MR. JAMES SCULLY, Architect

May 27 1834

Died this morning at Gallony, the seat of JOHN SMYTH, ESQ., after a tedious illness, MATILDA, daughter of the late PATRICK FLEMING, ESQ., of Strabane


May 18 1839

Birth: May, 7, at Cookstown, county of Tyrone, the lady of the REV. ALEXANDER FLEMING, of a son

January 18 1845

Married on Thursday, the 9th inst., by the Rev. Alexander Fleming, HANS FLEMING, ESQ., M.D., Ballieborough, county Cavan, to SARAH, eldest daughter of JAMES GREER, ESQ., Omagh

May 17 1845

Married the 12th inst., in the Parish Church of Fintona, by the Rev. Thomas Mansell, MR. WILLIAM GLASS, of Tullyrush, to ALLEY FLEMING. The happy bridegroom is 85 years of age

September 17 1858

Married the 10th inst., in Glendermott Church [Co. Londonderry], by the Rev. D. Babington, MR. WILLIAM FLEMING, of Fintona, to MATILDA, second daughter of MR. WILLIAM CRAWFORD, Lismacarroll

May 22 1863

Died n the 15th May, at Omagh, SARAH, the beloved wife of HANS FLEMING, ESQ., M.D.

July 28 1863

Died July 20, at Colcrunagh, near Cookstown, ANNE JANE, youngest daughter of JAMES FLEMING, ESQ

July 19 1864

Died July 14, at Minterburn, near Caledon, county Tyrone, MR. JOHN FLEMING, aged 67 years

May 8 1866

Died April 28, at Strabane, MISS ISABELLA FLEMING, aged 84 years

October 26 1866

On Wednesday, the 24th inst., an inquest under peculiar circumstances was held on the body of JOHN NORRIS by ROBERT BUCHANAN, ESQ., coroner, Fintona, who died at Carnowen, near Omagh on the 13th inst. The body was exhumed for the purpose, after having been interred for nine days. CHARLES SCOTT, ESQ., J.P., and WILLIAM ORR, ESQ., coroner, Omagh, cousin of the deceased, were present at the inquest. MR. T.C. DICKIE and MR. A. ELLIOTT, solicitors, Omagh and MR. W. CALDWELL, solicitor, Clogher, attended to watch the proceedings on the part of the relatives. After hearing the evidence of DRS. THOMPSON, FLEMING and LOVE the jury returned the verdict that the deceased had died on the 13th inst., from an anthrax of the back of the left side of the chest, and as he was of eccentric habits his death was accelerated from want of proper medical advice and care

September 20 1867

Married September 14, at St. Anne's Church, Belfast, MR. ROBERT DUFF, Belfast, to MARGARET JANE, daughter of MR. GEORGE FLEMING, Ballygonny, near Coagh, county Tyrone

January 5 1869

Married Dec. 29, in the Presbyterian Church, Fintona, by the Rev. Robert Chambers, assisted by the REV. D. FLEMING, M.A., Rathfriland [Co. Down], brother of the bride, THOMAS KEYS, ESQ., to LIZZIE, youngest daughter of the late MR. D. FLEMING, both of Fintona

May 4 1869

Married April 29, in the Presbyterian Church, Fintona, by the Rev. Robert Chambers, assisted by the REV. DAVID FLEMING, M.A., B.D., Rathfriland, brother of the bride, JOHN MOFFET, ESQ., Aughnacloy, to MAGGIE, daughter of the late MR. D. FLEMING, Fintona

November 9 1869

Married Nov. 3, in the Presbyterian Church, Dromore, by the Rev. J.R. Dill, assisted by the REV. D. FLEMING, brother of the bridegroom, HAMILTON FLEMING, ESQ., Fintona, to JANE, eldest daughter of SAMUEL SMYTH, ESQ., Dromore