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Entrican Family Notes, Co. Tyrone 1839-1946

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Entrican Family Notes, Co. Tyrone 1839-1946
Personal announcements and notices extracted from the LONDONDERRY STANDARD, LONDONDERRY SENTINEL & MARYBOROUGH CHRONICLE

Transcribed, Compiled and Submitted by Len Swindley, Melbourne, Australia


August 2 1852

Married at Urney Meeting-house, by the Rev. Mr. McConaghy, on Wednesday week, MR JOHN CULBERSON ENTRICAN, of Stonefalls, to MISS REBECCA ENTRICAN, of Gortlougher

June 24 1865

Married June 15 in First Ardstraw Presbyterian Church by the Rev. Mr. Lyle, JOSEPH WAUCHOB, ESQ., of Kinkitt, to ISABELLA, daughter of the late JAMES ENTRICAN, ESQ., of Stonyfalls

July 22 1868


EXCELLENT FARM of LAND and CROP, by AUCTION, in the Townland of TIVINEY (One short Mile from Ardstraw Bridge Post-Office), on THURSDAY JULY 30, at ONE o’clock, p.m., the property of MR. ROBERT ENTRICAN, of Stonefalls(sic).

The Farm contains 26 Acres Cunningham Measure.....good state of cultivation......suitable dwelling house, well accommodated with good Water and Turbary......said farm is held under the Most Noble the Marquis of ABERCORN, renewable for Ever.....in a most peaceable and thriving part of the country, situated within 3 Miles of Castlederg and 5 of Strabane.......

July 6 1870

Birth: July 2, at Craigmonaghan, the wife of MR. ROBERT ENTRICAN, of a daughter


August 31 1839

Died at Gortlougher, near Strabane, on Tuesday last, MRS. ENTRICAN, relict of the late JAMES ENTRICAN, of Strabane, aged 81

October 7 1853

Died on the 4th inst., at Stoneyfalls, Parish of Ardstraw, after a lingering illness, SARAH, wife of MR. JAMES ENTRICAN

February 15 1856

Married in the First Presbyterian Church, Ardstraw, on the 7th inst., by the Rev. Andrew Clark, MR. ROBERT ENTRICAN, Stoneyfalls, to Jane, youngest daughter of the late MR. ANDREW JACK, Magheracolton

March 13 1857

Died on Sabbath last, at Stoneyfalls, parish of Ardstraw, JAMES ENTRICAN, ESQ., aged 63 years

November 5 1858

Birth: On the 31st ult., the wife of MR. ROBERT ENTRICAN, of Stonyfalls, of a son

January 2 1863

Died December 20, at Stonyfalls, of whooping cough, the infant daughter of MR. ROBERT ENTRICAN, aged one month

June 3 1864

Birth: May 25, at Stonyfalls, the wife of MR. ROBERT ENTRICAN, of a son


October 26 1946


We send you hearty greetings James

From Queensland’s sunny clime

We’re hoping that you are fit and well

Defying Father Time

Oh! Cousin how the years have flown

Since we last gripped your hand

And many things have happened since

That we can’t understand

Craigmonaghan is far away

In Erin’s lovely Isle

And Castlederg in old Tyrone

Is distant many a mile

Your thoughts at times many wander back

To days and scenes long gone

To Newtownstewart’s pleasant town

Or good Uncle John

To Reverend Baird from Christchurch way

His wife - your daughter Jean

To Miriam, Jim and stalwart Frank

And Helen smart and keen

Please give best wishes to them all

The members of the Clan

And say the man who penned these lines was born near old Strabane

BANNERMAN”, Maryborough, Queensland 23.10.46

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