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Cameron Genealogical Notes, North Tyrone & East Donegal

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Cameron Genealogical Notes, North Tyrone & East Donegal

Transcribed, Compiled and Submitted by Len Swindley, Melbourne, Australia

Marriages 1845-57

Ardstraw Parish Church

#2: May 12 1845

Peter Cameron 20 bachelor labourer Drumnahoe F=Ezekiel Cameron labourer


Matilda Patterson 29 spinster Lisnafin F=William Paterson labourer

W=James Dunbar & Peter McElroy


Camus Parish Church (Christ Church, Strabane)

#68: February 12 1857

William Mullen full age bachelor labourer Strabane F=Thomas Mullen labourer


Ellen Cameron full age spinster Strabane F= Richard Cameron tradesman

W=Edward Arnold & John Alexander


Crew Church (Ardstraw Parish)

#27: Dec 13 1850

William Scott 25 bachelor farmer Rakelly F=James Scott labourer


Margaret Cameron 21 spinster Rakelly F=Samuel Cameron farmer

W=Peter Cameron & William Cameron


Donagheady Parish Church

#51: February 26 1851

Peter Cameron full age bachelor labourer Drain F=Ezekiel Cameron weaver


Martha Gormely full age spinster Drain F=Charles Gormely weaver

W=William McNamee & William Nixon


Donaghmore Parish Church (Co. Donegal)

#1: April 1 1845

Samuel Catterson minor bachelor shoemaker Ballybun F=John Catterson farmer


Mary Cameron full age spinster Upper Raws F=Andrew Cameron weaver

W=John Gillis & William McGir


#57: August 30 1854

Andrew Cameron full age widower weaver Raas F=Richard Cameron (deceased)


Margaret Irvine full age widow Castlefin F=Francis Irvine (deceased)

W=Joseph Irwine & John Oliphant


Douglas Presbyterian Church (Ardstraw Parish)

#52: January 5 1855

Samuel Cameron minor bachelor weaver Beaghs F=Ezekiel Cameron weaver


Mary Anne Scott full age spinster weaver Beaghs F=William Scott weaver

W=William Fulton & John Donnell


Strabane Registrar’s Office

#37: October 19 1852

Robert Caterson 20 bachelor labourer Ballybun, Parish of Donoughmore F=James Caterson labourer


Rebecca Cameron full age spinster Ballybun, Parish of Donoughmore F=Andrew Cameron weaver

W=James Caterson & Thomas Caterson


Civil Registration Indexes

Marriages: Strabane Registration District 1858-1900

Elizabeth Cameron marriage: 1865 Strabane

James Cameron 1868 Strabane

Elizabeth Cameron 1867 Strabane

Bridget Cameron 1869 Strabane

Samuel Cameron 1873 Strabane

Mary Anne Cameron Oct-Dec 1891 Strabane


Births: Strabane Registration District 1858-1900

Female Cameron 1864 Strabane

Martha Cameron 1865 Strabane

Emma Cameron 1868 Strabane

James Cameron 1868 Strabane

Rebecca Cameron 1868 Strabane

Mary Anne Cameron 1872 Strabane

Ezekiel Cameron Jan-March 1878 Strabane

Margaret Cameron Jan-March 1880 Strabane

Lucy Cameron Apr-June 1882 Strabane

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