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Bartley Family Cluster, Armagh, Co. Tyrone

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Bartley Family Cluster, Armagh, Co. Tyrone

Transcribed & Compiled by
David Bartley

BARTLEY/BARTLY - Family cluster near the Blackwater River

Early available data indicate that the Bartley/Bartly families in N. Ireland were rare during the 1700s to 1800s; perhaps amounting to only about one in a thousand families.  Most parishes in N. Ireland have none.  Furthermore, the families were extremely localized into two clusters (containing maybe half of the families)—one in County Antrim and the other detailed here on the River Blackwater, which forms the border between Counties Tyrone and Armagh.  This distribution seems distinct from that of families known to be present in N. Ireland as late as the time of Oliver Cromwell or the King James Plantations.

The Belfast NewsLetter, 1778:

15-19 May 1778:  Doc ID 119496, an the article on Thomas Bartly, Killyman Parish,  and James Bartly, Drumglass Parish, and the linen trade.  These parishes are adjacent to Clonfeacle Parish in County Tyrone.

Dungannon Estates: Earl of Ranfurly Documents (FHL Film 0258634):

No. 450     Wm. Barcley     12.3 .. ~ 24 L      16.. 4.. 9      1792       3 lives   
William Barcley lessee           Thomas and William Barcley sons of lessee
    [note variant spelling and therefore possible family member]

Spinning Wheel Premium Entitlement List, 1796 (FHL British Film 01419442):

Clonfeacle Parish [County Tyrone]:

                                           Number of Wheels       Land        
Bartley, 2 Williams    1 each             > 1 Rood                               
Bartly, Daniel            1    > 1 Rood
Bartly, John    1    > 1 Rood    
Bartly, Thomas    2    > 2 Roods
Bartly, William    1    > 1 Rood
Bartly, William    2    > 2 Roods

Freeholders lists, 1796 (PRONI):

Clonfeacle Parish [County Tyrone]:

Family            Townland

Bartley    , Thomas    Mullaboy    Land and Houses    40 shillings
Bartly, William    Mullaboy    Land and Houses    40 shillings
Bartly, Robert        Mullaboy    Land and Houses    40 shillings
Bartly, John        Mullaboy    Land            40 shillings
Barclay, Willm.    Mullaboy    Land            40 shillings
    [possible family member]

Drumglass Parish [adjacent to Clonfeacle]:

Bartly,William, Dungannon, Townland: Drumcoo    Mullybranor Lands    40 shillings

Tithe Applotment:

1828, Alexander Bartley, Lislosley, County Armagh, Loughgall Parish [adjacent to C.P.]

1833, Joseph Bartley, Derrygoonan, Parish of Clonfeacle, County Tyrone

1833, Widow or perhaps William Bartley, Shanmoy, Clonfeacle

1834, James Bartly, Derryoghill, Clonfeacle

Griffiths Property Valuation, 1851:

Clonfeacle Parish [County Tyrone]:

    Family            Townland

    Bartley, James        Derryoghill
    Bartley, James Jr.        Mullaghboy
    Bartley, John        Drumlee
    Bartley, Joseph        Derrygoonan
    Bartley, Sarah        Broaghadowey
    Bartley, Thomas        Mullaghboy

Loughgall Parish [across the Blackwater River, in County Armagh]:

    Bartley, William        Kishaboy
    Bartly, James        Keenaghan

Blackwater River near Moy.  County Tyrone on left, Armagh on right.
            Photograph donated by Bill Cardwell

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