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Baird Family Notes, Co. Tyrone 1815-69

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Baird Family Notes, Co. Tyrone 1815-69

Transcribed, compiled and submitted by Len Swindley, Melbourne, Australia


April 11, 1815

Died at her daughter’s House in this town, on Saturday last, MRS. BAIRD, relict of the late MR. BAIRD

November 21, 1815


On the 19th September last, in the Back-Yard, of MR. JOHN BAIRD, Innkeeper, Strabane, a GILT METAL WATCH, with four Gold Seals, Chain, &c. Any Person returning it to MR. GERRARD Irvine, Strabane, will receive a Reward of Five Pounds, and no questions asked. Strabane, Nov. 20

April 30, 1822

From the 1st of May next, for such Term as may be agreed on, THE House in the Front Street lately occupied by MR. DANIEL BAIRD. It would suit any person wishing to commence the Soap and Chandling business, as Pans, Coolers, and every other material requisite are complete, and ready for immediate use.

Apply to JAMES ORR, Strabane, April 15, 1822

July 30, 1822


The Subscriber is now landing, per the Buccleugh from Glasgow, and has on Sale, 16 Hhds. Fine and Common Scale Sugars, Refined ditto, Fine and Common Teas, Dantzic Weed Ashes - Alicant Barilla, AND A GENERAL ASSORTMENT OF GROCERIES, WITH Best Bleachers’ Soap - Common ditto, Mould and Dipped Candles of his own Manufacture, all of which he will dispose of on reasonable Terms for good Payments,

DANIEL BAIRD, Strabane, July 27, 1822

December 10, 1822

Married on Wednesday last, in Urney Church, MR. RICHARD GRAHAM, to MISS BAIRD, daughter of the late MR. WM. BAIRD, of this town

March 15, 1825


On the evening of Wednesday, the Store of MR. DANIEL BAIRD, at the Basin of the Canal, was broken into, and a quantity of Bacon and Pork carried off. - Notwithstanding a strict search having been made after the depredators, no trace of them has yet been discovered. A reward of One Hundred Pounds has been offered for the apprehension of the offenders, which, we hope, may have the desired effect

March 22, 1825


ANDREW BAIRD Informs his Friends and the Public, that he has commenced the above Business on an extensive scale, at his House in Strabane, and having employed Workmen of known experience, and being determined to use nothing in the manufacture of his Bread, but the purest Materials, he can, with confidence, offer a Loaf free from all adulteration, and of such a size as must ensure satisfaction. His Store will be constantly supplied with Flour of the best Quality; and for the accommodation of Housekeepers, he will sell it in such quantities as may be required.

A. B. takes this opportunity of returning his grateful acknowledgements to his Friends and Customers, for the decided preference he has so long experienced in the SOAP & CANDLE LINE, and can assure them, that no pains nor expense shall be spared by him in the Manufacture of those Articles, that can have a tendency to induce a continuation of their liberal Support.

Castlefin, March 17, 1825

January 24, 1826

CASTLEFIN SOAP AND CANDLE MANUFACTORY: ANDREW BAIRD returns his sincere thanks to his Friends and the public, for the uninterrupted and liberal support and decided preference he has experienced in Business for a long series of years, and takes the liberty of acquainting them, that he has this day resigned the above Concern to his son, SAMUEL, whom he has authorised to settle all Accounts connected with the Establishment.

SAMUEL BAIRD, referring to the above, respectfully solicits a continuation of the favours of his Father’s Friends, and pledges himself that no exertion shall be wanting, on his part, to give permanency to that character of the Goods he manufactures, which has proved so conducive to the prosperity of the Establishment, for upwards of forty years. The Shop in Strabane open as usual.

Castlefin, January 6, 1826

November 24, 1829

In the Matter of SAMUEL BAIRD, late of Strabane, in the County of Tyrone, and of Castlefin in the County of Donegal, Soap and Candle Manufacturer, an Insolvent Debtor, who was lately discharged from the Four Courts Marshalsea, in the City of Dublin, under and by virtue of an Act of Parliament made and passed in the 1st and 2d years of the reign of his present Majesty, for the Relief of Insolvent Debtors in Ireland, and of the Act to amend same passed in the 3d year of said Reign, NOTICE is hereby given, That I will, on Friday the 18th day of December next, at ONE o’Clock in the afternoon precisely, attend at my Office, No 3, Lower Ormond Quay, Dublin, to make a Dividend out of the Balance of Money in my hands, amongst the Creditors of the said Insolvent, whose Debts are expressed in the said Insolvent’s Schedule, when and where the said Creditors of the said Insolvent are to come prepared to prove their debts; and if the said insolvent, or any of his Creditors intend to object to any Debt stated “admitted,” in the Schedule, such objections are at the said time and place to be made.

JOHN MITCHELL. Provisional Assignee of the Estate and Effects of Insolvent Debtors in Ireland

Insolvent Debtor’s Court Office,

13th November, 1829

December 7, 1830

Died at Inchany, on Sunday last, after a long and severe illness, MRS. BAIRD, relict of the late MR. WILLIAM BAIRD, at the advanced age of 67 years

April 10, 1832

Married on Friday the 6th instant, by the Rev. Mr. Mulligan, MR. HUGH PINKERTON, of Londonderry, to MISS BAIRD, only daughter of MR. JAMES BAIRD, of Strabane

May 19, 1835

Died on Friday last, MR. JOHN BAIRD of this town, hairdresser

October 27, 1835

Died suddenly, on the 10th instant, at the residence of his son-in-law, the REV. MR. MAXWELL of Castlederg, ANDREW BAIRD of Castlefin, sincerely regretted by a numerous circle of friends and acquaintances

March 15, 1836

Died on Wednesday last, MRS. BAIRD, wife of MR. DANIEL BAIRD of Londonderry, formerly of this town

November 15, 1836

Died in this town [Strabane], on Thursday last, by the Rev. A. P. Goudy, MR. JOHN BAIRD, to MRS. MAGINNIS

January 10, 1837

Died at Inchany, near this town, after a lingering illness, ELIZABETH, daughter of MR. JOHN BAIRD


November 30 1836

Married November 10, at Strabane, by the Rev. P. Gowday, JOHN BAIRD, ESQ., of that Town, to JANE, second daughter of the late REV. JOHN HOLMES, of Brosney, Parish of Leck, and relict of the late HAMILTON MAGINNESS, of Dorset Street, Dublin

August 16 1837

Married on Thursday the 10th inst., by the Rev. S.T. Wray, WILLIAM BAIRD, surgeon, Donemana, to MARY JANE, second daughter of JAMES McCREA, ESQ., Glencush

October 31 1838

Married on Monday se'nnight, in Strabane Church, by the Rev. Mr. Smith, Rector of Strabane, WILLIAM BAIRD, ESQ., to MISS McNEILANCE, of Strabane

April 5 1849

Died on27th ult at the residence of her son in law REV. ANDREW MAXWELL, Castlederg, Isabella, relict of the late MR. ANDREW BAIRD, Castlefin, aged 81 years


November 20 1830

Married on the 15th inst., by the Rev. Mr. McClure, MR. JOHN BAIRD, to MISS MARY DONAGH, both of Strabane

October 26 1839

Married at Springhill, near Strabane, on Thursday week, by the Rev. Alexander Porter Goudy, MR. WILLIAM BAIRD, of Strabane, saddler, to REBECCA, eldest daughter of the late MR. JOHN REID, of Strabane, gardener and farmer

January 6 1844

Died at Altest, on the 20th inst., MARY JANE, the beloved wife of DR. BAIRD, Donemana Dispensary

November 20 1847

Married on the 16th inst., in the Presbyterian Church, Burt [Co. Donegal], by the Rev. Robert Gray, WILLIAM BAIRD, ESQ., surgeon, Donemana Dispensary, to MARGARET, youngest daughter of the late LIEUTENANT WILLIAM PORTER, of Carrowan

April 7 1849

Married on the 2nd inst., in the Presbyterian Church of Ardstraw, by the Rev. Matthew Clark, ANDREW JACK, ESQ., of Magheracolton, to ELLEN, only daughter of JOSEPH BAIRD, Killen

August 10 1849

Died at Aughtermoy, near Dunnemanna, on the morning of the 6th inst., WILLIAM BAIRD, ESQ., in the 80th year of his age

December 13 1850

Married on the 6th inst., in the First Presbyterian Church, Ardstraw, by the Rev. Matthew Clarke, MR. JAMES KNOX, to JANE, daughter of MOSES BAIRD, ESQ., both of Killen

March 10 1854

Married on the 23rd ult., in the Presbyterian Church of Urney, by the Rev. Matthew Clarke, MR. ROBERT PORTER, Listymore, to MARY, daughter of MR. THOMAS BAIRD, Inchany

October 31 1856

Married in Strabane Church, on the 23rd inst., by the Rev. H.B. Gough, JOHN BAIRD, ESQ., of Cloghfin, St. Johnston [Co. Donegal], to FANNY, seventh daughter of MR. NICHOLAS SIMS, of Strabane

October 23 1857

Died suddenly, of disease of the heart, at Strabane, on the 20th inst., DR. BAIRD, Cloughfin, Carrigans, county Donegal

July 1 1859

Died June 28, at Inchany, near Strabane, after a lingering and painful illness, MR. JOHN BAIRD

September 23 1859

Married September 1, in the Second Presbyterian Church, Ardstraw, by the Rev. Andrew Maxwell, A.M., MR. MATTHEW McFARLAND, Aughnacloy, to MISS MARY BAIRD, of Derrygoon

January 20 1860

Married on the 10th January, in the Second Presbyterian Church, Donagheady, by the Rev. F.J. Porter, MR. ROBERT SCOTT WOODS, Ballinabuoy, to ANNE, the daughter of SURGEON BAIRD, Donemana Dispensary

June 8 1860

Married May 31, in First Castlederg, by the Rev. J. Crockett, assisted by the Rev. J. Armstrong, MR. DAVID BAIRD, Sion, to REBECCA, daughter of MR. WILLIAM ADAMS, Goland

June 29 1860

Married June 21, in the Presbyterian Church, Ardstraw, by the Rev. Matthew Clarke, MR. JOSEPH BAIRD, Killen, to SARAH, daughter of the late MR. WILLIAM PATRICK, Lislafferty

March 22 1861

Married March 7, in the Second Presbyterian Church, Ardstraw, by the Rev. Andrew Maxwell, A.M., MR. JOSEPH BAIRD, Derrygoon, to ELIZA, daughter of MR. DAVID SCOTT, of Cavandorough

February 28 1862

Died February 18, at Sion, near Strabane, SUSAN, wife of the late MR. JAMES BAIRD, of Crew, Ardstraw, aged 65 years

April 4 1862

Died March 27, at Drean, near Dunnemana, CATHERINE, wife of MR. MARCUS BAIRD, aged 78 years

January 23 1863

Married October 2, at Captain Rathtray's, Auckland [New Zealand], by the Rev. Robert McKinney, Mahurangi, BENJAMIN GILMER, ESQ., Auckland, New Zealand, late of Belfast, Ireland, to SARAH JANE, daughter of JOHN BAIRD, ESQ., Bowling Green, Strabane

October 16 1863

Married September 30, in the Parish Church, Urney, by the Rev. Charles Seymour, Rector of the Parish, assisted by the Rev. Mr. Crookshanks, FRANCIS JENNINGS, ESQ., Rosnola, Ballyshannon, to ANNIE JANE, youngest daughter of the late JOHN BAIRD, ESQ., Inchany

March 8 1864

Died March 7, at Creaghcor, VIOLET BAIRD

April 1 1864

Died March 11, at New York, MR. JAMES BAIRD, eldest son of W. BAIRD, ESQ., M.D., Donemana

October 7 1864

Married September 15, by the Rev. Mr. Rollands, Urney, JAMES BAIRD, ESQ., to CATHERINE, eldest daughter of MR. THOMAS BAIRD, both of Inchaney

March 14 1865

Married on the 9th February, in the Second Presbyterian Church, Raphoe [Co, Donegal], by the Rev. Andrew Long, A.M., Monreagh, MR. THOMAS BAIRD, Inchany, Urney, to MISS ANNE DONAGHEY, Derrymore, Taughboyne, daughter of MR. DAVID DONAGHEY, Leitrim

July 27 1866

Died July 24, at Creaghan, MR. MARCUS BAIRD, aged 22 years

August 6 1867

Married April 30, at Hyde Park, Victoria, Australia, by the Rev. R.R. Collins, B.A., W.T. Molloy, Esq., J.P., L.K., and Q.C.P.I., Range View, Balmoral, to LIZZIE, daughter of JOHN BAIRD, ESQ., Strabane, county Tyrone

February 21 1868

Married February 13, in St. John's Church, Dunnalong, by the Rev. Frederick J. Clark. A.M., Incumbent, MR. BABINGTON HAMILTON, of Glenfad, Parish of Clonleigh, to HARRIETT, second daughter of MR. ARCHIBALD BAIRD, of Creghan, Parish of Dunnalong

December 4 1868

Died on the 1st December, at her residence, Tyboe, MARTHA BAIRD, aged 62 years

December 15 1868

Died December 13, at Inchany, after a lingering illness, REBECCA, wife of MR. THOMAS BAIRD, aged 63 years

June 22 1869

Died June 17, at Inchaney, the wife of MR. JAMES BAIRD, of a daughter

August 3 1869

Married July 28, in the First Presbyterian Church, Strabane, by the Rev. L.A. Lyle, assisted by the Rev. Samuel Cochrane, Clogherney, MR. JOHN THOMPSON, Eskemore, near Beragh, to ELLEN, only daughter of the late MR. JOSEPH BAIRD, of Killen, Ardstraw

September 21 1869

Died Sept. 15, at Aughtermoy, near Donemana, MARTHA, daughter of WILLIAM BAIRD, ESQ., M.D.

December 3 1869

Married Nov. 25, at the Presbyterian Church, Donemana, by the Rev. J. Monteith, MR. JOHN KEE, to MISS HARRIETTE S. BAIRD

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