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Haydock Richhill Meeting

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Haydock Ballyhagan Meeting

Transcribed & submitted by
Tommy Bryant of Birmingham, Alabama, USA

Ulster Quarterly Meeting Archives
Richhill Meeting Minutes - Haydock
2.2 Henry compliant Freemason
2.7 William to Dublin and children
2.8 James from Waterford COR
2.9 James to Belfast COR
2.9 Sarah from Grange COR
3.1 John disunity?
1.1 James to Lisburn COR
Transcriber's note:  these entries verbatim
1.1 7201843
James Haddock   (08241843 Haydock)  to Lisburn  COR
11231849 Isaac Haddock     (01201843 Haydock)  from Grange  COR

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