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Passengers aboard Prudence, 1838

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Passengers aboard Prudence

from Londonderry to St. John, New Brunswick 1838

Transcribed by Teena

A list of the crew and such person as have contracted to take their passage on board the ship 'Prudence' of Londonderry. Burthen per register 281 tons. Robert Phillips, Master, for Saint John, New Brunswick. Port of Londonderry, 1838.

Transcribed from film of original documents held in the collection of the Archives of New Brunswick: film F9799
All listed their residence as Co. Tyrone

Baxter William Farmer  1838
Boyle Peggy  1838 widow
Boyle Sally Spinster  1838
Boyle Patrick  1838
Cochran James Labourer  1838
Eagan Mary  1838
Gourley Jane Spinster  1838
Hamilton Eliza Spinster 1838
Laughlin Henry Labourer 1838
Laughlin Elizabeth Spinster 1838
Laughlin Jane Spinster 1838
Lecky Isaac Labourer 1838
Lecky Catharine.  1838] wife
Lecky Eliza  1838
Lecky Ann  1838
Lecky Robert  1838
McCutcheon John Labourer 1838
McElroy Ann Spinster 1838
McFarland Jane Spinster 1838
McGuigan James Labourer 1838
McHugh Charles Labourer 1838
McPheling John Labourer 1838
McPheling Sarah  1838 wife
Meechan Eliza  1838
Parkett Jane  1838 wife
Parkett John Labourer 1838
Parkett Maria  1838
Parkett Elizabeth  1838
Patton Robert Labourer 1838
Rogers Mary Spinster 1838
Turner James Farmer 1838
Turner Jane  1838 wife
Turner Eliza Spinster 1838
Turner Margaret Spinster 1838
Turner Jane Spinster 1838
Turner Sally  1838
Turner Eliza  1838
Turner Christy Farmer  1838

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