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NYC, Brooklyn and other Searchable Research Sites

Submitted by Sue in NY

Helpful sites, especially if you are looking in the New York City area. Oh, and they are FREE sites. Many immigrants came thru NYC. Some traveled on to other states, some stayed a few years then moved on, and some continued to live there and raise their families. I guess I tend to forget just how important NYC, and searching there is to many of you. My direct relatives came and stayed....eventually migrating to Brooklyn, and then further out on to Long Island. So in my searching I have found some incredibly helpful sites. And since so many of you have shared so much with me I can only hope this can be a small "pay back" for some. Here are some sites I have found very useful......

First, a very good site is the newspaper site for the "Brooklyn Eagle", 1841-1902. Brooklyn was over the river from Manhattan, and many immigrants lived there. Whether you are looking for news, marraige, deaths,etc ......it is a very good site.

In ref to Brooklyn here are sites for enumeration districts, maps, directories, cemeteries, etc. There are also NYC refs on some of these sites.

If you are looking for a vital record in NYC, it isn't a search site but if you want to send for a record, here is the site:

A great cemetery site is the "Greenwood Cemetery" site. The cemetery was established in 1838, and it is located in Brooklyn. Many NYers from NYCity were buried there and it is a very large cemetery. Luckily it has a search engine. This is how I found my g grandfather. He lived in Manhattan and was buried there, which was very common. Also search for "mis-spellings".

This is the search site for "Family History Archives" on the 'Bringham Young University' site. It is the Harold B. Lee library site. This site searches collections of books, articles, and many collections of works written about different family names. By searching your name every "book" written that they have, with your surname in it, will come up. And you can read page by page...or just 1 page of the actual book.
(For instance the "Armstrong Chronicles" are on it and the "Montgomery Manuscripts", just to name 2 books I have researched)

The "Godfrey Memorial Library" I have been told is a great and extensive site. I intended to subscribe but never got to it lol. It is not expensive in comparison to other sites and I hear they have records dating very far back. For 1 year it costs $35.00 (US).

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