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Land Auction - Estate of Nathaniel MAYNE by Elizabeth Anne Hurst 1882

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Land Auction - Estate of Nathaniel MAYNE by Elizabeth Anne Hurst 1882
Extract from The Irish Law Times and Solicitors' Journal, Volume 16 1882

Transcribed, Compiled & Submitted by Teena

In the High Court of Justice in Ireland Chancery Division.—Land Judges Co. Of Tyrone Sale

On Tues, the 7th day of Nov., 1882. In the Matter of the Estate of Nathaniel MAYNE, Owner;
Ex parte—Elizabeth Anne HURST, Petitioner.

To Be Sold at Auction,

In Two Lots, Before the Right Honourable Judge ORMSBY, At his Court. Inns-quay, in the City of Dublin, On TUESDAY, the 7th day of NOVEMBER, 1882, At the hour of Twelve o'clock noon, Lot 1.- Consisting of the Lands of the Ballylwes of Terlugan and Teerhagan, otherwise Sessiaghmore, now known as Terlugan only, containing 254 or 17p statute measure, held in fee-farm, and producing a yearly profit rent of 109 14s 11d; and

Lot 2. -Consisting of part of the Lands of Tullybeety, containing 109a 2r 7p statute measure, also held in fee-farm, and producing a yearly profit rent of 86 4s 4, all situate in the barony of Lower Dungannon and county of Tyrone. Dated this 19th day of August, 1882.

Ignatius O'KEEFFE, for Examiner.

Descriptive Particulars -The Lands of Terlugan, exclusive of 86a or 6p in the owner's possession, of which the purchaser will get immediate possession, are let to yearly tenants, whose aggregate rents amount to 125 14s, which are, with one exception, judicial rents, and are only subject to 15 19s 1d head rent and rent charge. The Lands of Tullybleety are all let to yearly tenants, the gross rent amounting to 97 10s, and subject to 11 5s 71/2d for head rent and rentcharge The Lands of Tullybleety and Terlugan, although they lie nearly two miles apart, are about an equal distance from the town of Aughnacloy, in county of Tyrone, both of them lying within 2 miles of that town. Aughnacloy is a capital market town town, and the lands are situate in a most orderly and peaceful neighbourhood.

The Lands of Tullybleety are not a mile distant from the main line of road from Caledon to Aughnacloy. and lie within about eight miles of the Caledon Station on the Great Northern Railway. The Lands of Terlugan lie close to the main line of road from Aughnacloy to Dungannon.

For rentals and further particulars apply at the Office of the Registrar of the Land Judges, Inns-quay, Dublin; to

William CAREY and Son, Solicitors, No. 1 Wellington- quay, Dublin: and 11
Alexander  McCOMBE, Solicitor having carriage of Sale, 1 Wellington-quay, Dublin, and Armagh. 105

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