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Land Lease - Daniel Moore Ecklin, Alexander Boyle and James Boyle, 1813

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Land Lease - Daniel Moore Ecklin, Alexander Boyle and James Boyle, 1813
PRONI D 1096/52/Box 91

Transcribed, Compiled & Submitted by Ray, in Oz

THIS INDENTURE made the 11 day of February in the year of our Lord 1813

[ 11th February 1813 ] between

Daniel Moore ECKLIN of the City of DUBLIN, Gentleman, one of the Attorneys of the said first part,

Alexander BOYLE, Lieutenant in the Royal Tyrone Militia of the second part, and

James BOYLE of DRUMQUIN in the County of Tyrone, Esquire, of the 3rd part.

WHEREAS by a certain memorandum or instrument in writing bearing date the 14 day of 1758 [sic] Henry LECKY Esquire and James BOYLE therein named agree to demise the customs and pounds of Drumnaforbe and 4 acres of Land and the tenement then lately held by Colonel O’NEILL together with 4 other acres of Land then in the [“occupation” deleted] possession of one John O’NEILL and also 6 other acres of rough land under the road in Mulmachois [?] as in said Instrument particularly described situate in the Manor of Hastings and County of Tyrone unto one George GIVEN of DOORISH [?] in the said County;

TO HOLD unto the said George GIVEN his heirs and assigns for 3 lives renewable for ever yielding & paying unto the said Henry LECKY and James BOYLE the yearly rent of 18 pounds sterling payable yearly for the first 14 years commencing the first day of May next ensuing the date of said Instrument and 20 pounds a year for ever after the expiration of said 14 years, payable in like manner half yearly every first May and first November and likewise paying on the fall of each life 11 shillings and 4 pence as a fine for inserting a new life in place of the life so dropped as aforesaid,

AND WHEREAS the right title and interest of the said George GIVEN as such tenant as aforesaid in and to the said memorandum and agreement hath come to and is legally vested in the said Alexander BOYLE party hereto subject to the Rents …..

(rest not photocopied)


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