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Waterside Poem

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Waterside Poem

Transcribed & Compiled by Colin McCallum

Glencull is about two and a half miles from Ballygawley on the Omagh Rd.


Tis pleasant for to take a stroll by Glencull waterside.
On a lovely evening in the Spring in nature's early pride.
You'll pass by many a flowery bank and many a fertile dell:
Like walking through enchanted land where fairies used to dwell.

The trout is rising to the fly, the lambs in sport and play,
And the pretty feathered warblers are singing by the way.
While the blackbird's and the thrush's notes by the ??achoes multiply.
They fill the vale with melody by Glencull's waterside.

Show me not the headlands that mock the ocean's waves,
Nor the moutainous waves careering among the ocean's waves;
But show to me the fertile vales, the farmer's joy and pride.
Where blossomed orchards weetly bloom by Glencull's waterside.

Here verdant fields and gentle slopes enrich besparkling rills,
When clothed in summer's flowery garb the heart with pleasure fills.
If Avoca's vale does not prevail that is the poet's pride
With the homestead and the orchard fine by Glencull waterside.

Tis sad to think of lives off-spent in many a foreign land.
In search of fable rivers that run on golden sand:
Some lose their wealth in search of weath, by fortune oft denied
Who might have lived in sweet content by Glencull waterside.

The sparkling diamonds of the Rand or Klondyke's shining ore
But ill repays the withered heart that worships but its store;
Many blessings grave this beauteous place- 'Tis here I could reside.
Where peace and health the only wealth by Glencull waterside!

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