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Game Certificates Issued at Strabane 1822

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Game Certificates Issued at Strabane 1822

Transcribed & Compiled by Len Swindley

From the Strabane Morning Post, Tuesday October 15 1822

Notice is Hereby given, that, by 55th George III, Chap. 10, if any person in Ireland shall have, keep or use any Greyhound, Hound, Pointer, Setting Dog, Spaniel, Lurcher or any other Dog, or any Gun, Net, or other Engine for the taking or destruction of any Game whatsoever, without having a certificate for same or a Certificate of having registered a Deputation, whereby such person is appointed Gamekeeper according to Law, every such person shall for every such offence, forfeit or pay the sum of Twenty Pounds British. The several Distributors of Stamps throughout Ireland are supplied with Game Certificates, &c, for their respective districts.
Signed by Order

List of Game Certificates taken out at the Stamp Office, Strabane, since the 25th day of March 1822:
Carey, John, Silverbrook
Hamilton, Frederick Drumquin
Jones, Theophilus Urney House
Johnston, James Summer Hill
McCrea, Robert Glenville
O'Connell, Lieutenant, 1st Veteran Batt. Derg-Bridge
Rodgers, John Newtownstewart

GAMEKEEPERS to the Marquis of Abercorn
Johnston, William Baronscourt
McCrossan, John Elagh
Rousse, John Owenreagh
McGuire, Daniel Invagh
James Mullen, Beltrim Castle - Gamekeeper to Hon. Mrs. Cole Hamilton
Chas. McBrine, Kilervagh - Gamekeeper to Sir J. Lighton
William Ervine, Legferdrum - Gamekeeper to Cunningham McAlpine, Esq.

Stamp-Office, Strabane
7th October 1822

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