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Old Occupations List

Compiled by Teena


Able Seaman - A seaman who reached a standard of skill above that of Ordinary Seaman.
Acater- A person who supplied food provisions, e.g. a ships chandler.

Accipitrary  - A falconer.

Accoutre A supplier or maker of military clothing or equipment.
Ackerman -A ploughman or Oxherder

Advowee- A person who possessed an Advowson, normally a nobleman, who had the right to present a clergyman to a benefice. 
Affeeror - An official in the manorial courts who assessed the monetary penalty. They alsocollected taxes and dues and were also called Assessor. 
Agister - An official of the Royal Forest. In the New Forest, it is the title for the person in charge of the ponies. 

Ag Lab- a farm laborer

Alblastere -A crossbow man. 
Almoner - Giver of charity to the needy- The person in charge of an Almshouse-

Amber & Jet Cutter-A person who cut and polished amber and jet for jewellery. A

Ambler- An officer of the Royal Stable who broke in horses.  
Anilepman -A smallholder (tenant of the manor). 

Ankle Beater - person who helped to drive the cattle to market

Annatto Maker - person who worked in the manufacture of dyes for paint or printing. 

Annuitant- A person who received an annual income not from working e.g. pensioner.  

Apotheecary -chemist, druggist, pharmacist. 

Apronman -  mechanic. 

Arkwright -A skilled craftsman who produced "arks" (wooden chests or coffers). 
Armiger -Someone entitled to bear heraldic arms. A squire who carried the armour of a knight. 
Artificer - A soldier mechanic who does repairs

Ashman -A dustman. 

Avenator- (Plantifene)- Hay and Forage Merchant. 

Back Washer -A person employed to clean the wool in the worsted manufacturing industry. 
Badger -Food Peddlar- A corn miller or dealer. -  A licensed pauper who wore a badge with the letter P on it and could only work in adefined area (the term "Badgering" comes from this).

Badgy Fiddler - boy trumpeter in the military. 
Bailie - Bailiff

Ballad Monger -A person who sold printed ballads on the street. 
Band Filer -metal worker in the gun making industry. 
Bandster -person who bound the wheat sheaves after harvest. 

Bang Beggar- officer of the parish who controlled the length of stay of any stranger to the parish.

Barker -person who tanned leather using the bark of trees,

Bard- poet or minstrel.

Bareman -A beggar or pauper. 

Barge Mate -A Naval officer. 

Barrowman -person employed in the coal mines to push the barrow from the pit face to the shaft. 

Basil Worker -person who worked with sheep and goat skins. 
Basketman -person who made baskets, and furniture from wicker, also a person employed to empty the basket of coal being offloaded from the colliers into the barges. 

Battledore Maker- person who made the beaters used on clothes, carpets, etc., to remove the dust.

Baxter - Baker

Blaxter- Bleacher of cloth

Bayweaver- person who wove bay (a fine woollen fabric also known as baize).

Beamer- person employed in the textile trade to wind the warp on the roller before putting it on the loom.  

Bedesman-person employed to pray for his employer. 

Beetler - person who operated a beetling machine, used in the textile trade for embossing fabric. 
Bell Hanger -person who installed bells in churches. 

Bellowfarmer -person who was responsible for the care and maintenance of the church organ.

Bender -person who cut leather. 

Besswarden- person appointed by the parish to look after its animals.
Biddy -female servant usually of Irish stock

Billyman -person who operated a Billy Roller, a machine used in the cotton industry to prepare the cotton for spinning. 
Bladesmith- A swordmaker or knife maker.
Block Printer- printer who used wooden blocks for printing. 

Boatswain-A ship's officer

Bobber- A person who polished metals. --A person who helped to unload fishing boats.
Bobbin Carrier -person who worked in spinning and weaving sections of the mills. 
Bodeys Maker -person who made bodices for women's garments. 

Bodger- craftsman who made wooden chair legs and the spars.

Bone Mould Turner - person who made the moulds for button manufacturers. 
Bonesetter -person who set broken bones. 
Boonmaster- surveyor of roads with the responsibilities of maintaining and repairing the road.

Borler -person who made cheap coarse clothing.

Botcher -A tailor or cobbler. 

Brazier - One who works with brass

Brewster - Beer manufacturer
Brightsmith - Metal Worker

Buckler- maker of buckles
Burgonmaster - Mayor

Burisher- Polisher of medals

Cad- person employed to feed and water horses at coach stops.

Caddy Butcher- butcher that dealt in horsemeat.
Cadger -Peddlar of small wares

Cafender- Carpenter

Caffler -Rag & Bone dealer

Carman- Cart driver

Cashmarie- Fish peddlar
Chaisemaker - Carriage maker

Chambermaster- boot/shoe maker
Chandler Dealer or trader- one who makes or sells candles; retailer of groceries
Chiffonnier - Wig maker
Clergyman - cleric
Collier - Coal Miner
Colporteur - Peddler of books
Cooper - One who makes or repairs vessels made of staves & hoops, such as casks, barrels, tubs, etc.

Copeman- on who deals in stolen goods
Cordwainer - shoemaker
Costermonger - Peddler of fruits and vegetables
Crocker - Potter
Crowner - Coroner
Currier - One who dresses the coat of a horse with a currycomb; one who tanned leather by incorporating oil or grease

Docker - Stevedore, dock worker who loads and unloads cargo
Dowser - One who finds water using a rod or witching stick
Draper - A dealer in dry goods
Drayman - One who drives a long strong cart without fixed sides for carrying heavy loads
Dresser - A surgeon's assistant in a hospital
Drover - One who drives cattle, sheep, etc. to market; a dealer in cattle
Duffer - Peddler
Factor -Agent, commission merchant; one who acts or transacts business for another; Scottish steward or bailiff of an estate
Farrier - A blacksmith, one who shoes horses
Faulkner, Falconer, Fell Monger - One who removes hair or wool from hides in preparation for leather making

Fellmonger- Dealer in Sheepskins and other animal skins
Fletcher - One who makes bows and arrows
Fuller - One who fulls cloth; one who shrinks and thickens woolen cloth by moistening, heating and pressing; one who cleans and finishes cloth
Gaoler - A keep of the goal, a jailer

Gent- Gentleman
Glazier - Window glassman

 Haberdasher - Or Milliners - Specializing in hats, ribbons, etc
Hacker - Maker of hoes
Hatcheler - One who combed out or carded flax
Haymonger - Dealer in hay
Hayward - Keeper of fences
Hillier - Roof tiler

Hind A farm laborer
Holster - Reaper
Hooper - One who made hoops for casks and barrels
Husbandman - A farmer who cultivated the land
Jagger - Fish peddler
Journeyman - One who had served his apprenticeship and mastered his craft, not bound to serve a master, but hired by the day
Joyner/Joiner - A skilled carpenter
Keeler - Bargeman
Kempster - Wool comber
Lardner - Keeper of the cupboard
Lavender - Washer woman
Lederer - Leather maker
Leech - Physician

Limner-Draughtsman or Artist

Lormer - Maker of horsegear 

Maltster - Brewer
Manciple - a steward

Mason - Bricklayer
Mintmaster - One who issued local currency
Monger Sellerof good- ale fish

Muleskinner - Teamster

Mustarder-Grower and grinder of mustard
Neatherder - Herd cows

Pattern Maker - A maker of a clog shod with an iron ring. A clog with a wooden pole with a pattern cut into the end
Plumber - One who applied sheet lead for roofing and set lead frames for plain or stained glass windows
Pigman -Crockery dealer
Puddler - Wrought iron worker
Quarrier - Quarry worker
Rigger - Hoist tackle worker
Roper - Maker of rope or nets
Saddler - One who makes, repairs or sells saddles or other furnishings for horses

Sawyer - One who saws; carpenter
Scribler - a minor or worthless author
Scrivener - Professional or public copyist or writer; notary public
Scrutiner - Election judge


Sheather -Scabbard maker
Slater - Roofer
Slopseller - Seller of ready - made clothes in a slop shop
Sorter - Tailor
Spinster - A woman who spins or an unmarried woman
Spurrer - Maker of spurs
Squire - Country gentleman; farm owner; justice of peace


Spittleman- Hospital Attendant
Tanner - One who tans (cures) animal hides into leather
Tapley - One who puts the tap in an ale cask
Tasker - Reaper

Teamster - One who drives a team for hauling

Thatcher - Roofer
Tide Waiter - Customs inspector
Tinker - An itinerant tin pot and pan seller and repairman
Travers - Toll bridge collection
Tucker - Cleaner of cloth goods
Turner - a person who turns wood on a lathe into spindles

Upholder- Upholsterer; a cheapjack; seller of secondhand goods
Victualer - A tavern keeper, or one who provides an army, navy, or ship with food

Vintner-Wine Merchant
Vulcan - Blacksmith
Wainwright - Wagon maker
Waiter - Customs officer or tide waiter; one who waited on the tide to collect duty on goods brought in
Waterman - Boatman who plies for hire

Webster-Operator of looms; weaver

Wharfinger-Owner of a wharf

Whitesmith-Tinsmith; worker of iron who finishes or polishes the work after the Smith's work is done

Wheelwright - One who made or repaired wheels; wheeled carriages, etc.
Whitesmith - Tinsmith; worker of iron who finishes or polishes the work
Whitewing - Street sweeper
Whitster - Bleach of cloth

Yeoman - Farmer who owns his own land

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