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People born in Co. Tyrone Australian Newspaper Announcements
New South Wales, Queensland, Victoria, South Australia & Western Australia

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DETAINED LETTERS.  General Post Office List of Ship Letters detained in the General Post Office, in consequence of Ship Postage required thereon not having been paid

The Sydney Monitor and Commercial Advertiser 14 Sept. 1840 -  ROBINSON  Arthur

The Sydney Herald 14 Oct. 1841 - Mr. Thomas  ARNEILL  care of R.  THOMPSON,  John  BECKET  care John  GREY,  James  HANNA  Lowertown Co Tyr.

Australasian Chronicle Sydney N.S.W 10 Mar. 1842 - Mr. James  CAMPBELL,  Mr. William  McCLEARE,  Charles  McLOUGHLIN  Esq., Captain WADE  Omagh.

Australasian Chronicle Sydney N.S.W 22 Sept. 1842 - Adam  ARMSTRONG  Esq.

The Star Sydney, NSW Friday 1 May 1846 - Daniel  MALLON , Henry  M'HUGH.

The Sydney Morning Herald - DEATHS

19 July 1886  M'GARRITY  May 10, at Parramatta, William M'GARRITY, for many years a resident of Bathurst, and son of the late Andrew M'GARRITY of Penrith, formerly of Ballynaclog, County Tyrone, Ireland, aged 54 years leaving six children and a large circle of friends to mourn their loss

2 Oct 1889  HAMILTON  -Sept. 26 at his homestead, Riverdale Otford, New South Wales, William HAMILTON native of county Tyrone Ireland leaving an affectionate wife and a respectable family to mourn his loss besides a large circle of relatives and friends to regret his demise aged 68 years Thy will be done.

18 Aug 1899  QUIN .---Aug. 17, 1899, at his residence, 18 Septimus- street, Erskineville, Patrick QUIN, native of county Tyrone, Ireland, aged 66 years. R.I.P.

22 May 1903  LOWRY .- May 19, 1903, at No. 12 Wentworth street, Glebe, James LOWRY late of Cullion, County Tyrone, Ireland, in his 76th year.

In Memoriam  14 Oct 1892  ROBINSON  In fond and tearful memory of George, who died in Sydney Hospital, Oct. 14 1891 from injuries accidentally received on the railway line at Homebush railway station native of Glasamullagh, county Tyrone, Ireland.

In flash of youth, in manhood's early prime.

His soul to its eternal home has passed ;

Death's angel at an unexpected time

Arrived, and sealed his hapless fate at last.

E J. Robinson.


28 Oct 1882  SMITH—EWINGS  Oct. 21, at St. Barnabas' Church, Sydney, by the Rev. Joseph Barnier, James the only son of Mr. James SMITH Tyrone, Ireland to Isabelle, the youngest daughter of Mr. Robert EWINGS Tyrone Ireland. Home please copy.

22 Feb 1883  LAWSSON - SLOAN  Feb. 21, at St Luke's Church, Sydney, by the Rev. Thos. W. Unwin, John Alfred LAWSSON to Lizzie Ellen, youngest daughter of Mr. John SLOAN, County Tyrone Ireland.

11 Dec 1884  WICKHAM—MOFFAT  Nov. 25, at Paddington, by the Rev. J. P. Dickson, Edward, youngest son of Thomas WICKHAM , of Balmain, Sydney, to Agnes, second daughter of the late Robert MOFFAT , Cookstown, County Tyrone, Ireland.

4 Apr 1885  GLENN - McCLELLAND  Mar. 11, 1885, at St. Stephen's Church, North Willoughby, by the Rev. D. Murphy, William, eldest son of James GLENN of Gortin, county Tyrone Ireland to Margaret E. second daughter of Thomas McCLELLAND , of North Shore. Home papers please copy

31 Dec 1885  MORRISON — MILLER  Dec. 18, at the Presbyterian Church, Palmer-street, by the Rev. J. F. Henderson, Robert MORRISON Londonderry, Ireland to Emily MILLER Ste lage, County Tyrone Ireland.

5 July 1887  M'CAUSLAND - COSKERY  June 17, at the Congregational Manse. Devonshire street by the Rev. George Picton, Hamilton M'CAUSLAND , youngest son of John M'CAUSLAND Newtownstewart County Tyrone, Ireland, to Mary COSKERY youngest daughter of Samuel COSKERY Cleveland street, Redfern, Sydney. Home papers please copy

31 Aug 1887  BAKIE -REANEY  July 20, at Christ Church, Chippendale, Sydney, by the Rev. C. F. Garnsey, James second son of the late George BAKIE, Wick, Scotland, to Susan, youngest daughter of James REANEY, Fitzroy, Melbourne formerly of Coalisland, County Tyrone, Ireland.

13 October 1887  SHEEN—TERRY  Oct. 11, 1887, at the Sacred Heart Church, Darlinghurst, by the Rev. Dr. Carroll, Henry Alfred, youngest son of W. SHEEN, 262 and 3, Portobello road, London, to Theresa, only daughter of the late W. SHIELDS, of Omagh, County of Tyrone, Ireland, widow of Geo. R. TERRY, M.R.S.L., formerly of Penoxton Court, near Ross, Herefordshire, England.

19 Jan 1888  CLARKE - ARMSTRONG  Jan. 12, at the Presbyterian Church, Ashfield, by the Rev. John Auld, M.A., Frederick William CLARKE son of Robert CLARK late of Macclesfield, England, to Mary Ann (Minnie) oldest daughter of Hamilton ARMSTRONG , of Mahagart Dromore, County Tyrone, Ireland. Home papers please copy.

16 Mar 1888  MARSHALL - SWINSON  Mar. 12, at St. Simon and St. Jude's Bowral, by the Rev. E. A. Colvin, M.A., George Archibald MARSHALL B.A., M.B., Ch. B., Univ. Dublin, of Sydney, fourth son of the late Joseph MARSHALL M R C.S., Eng., of Dromore County Tyrone Ireland, to Mary Ann Newton, fifth daughter of George Newton SWINSON , M.D., M.R.C.S. Eng. of Bowral and granddaughter of the late Captain EDWARDS, R.N., Bath. Home papers please copy.

25 Feb 1889  ELLIS—SPEER  Feb. 21, at All Saints Woollahra, by the Rev. H. Wallace Mort, M.A., assisted by the Rev. Canon Kemmis, Henry A.ELLIS M.B. of Double Bay, fourth son of the late Colonel Francis ELLIS , Omagh Co. Tyrone Ireland, to Fannie M. SPEER, daughter of William.

9 April 1892  SKANKELTON- SMITH  Mar. 16 1892, at the Woollahra Presbyterian Church, by the Rev. John Walker, Joseph, eldest surviving son of Robert SHANKELTON of Raw, County Tyrone, Ireland, to Annie, eldest daughter of James SMITH, deceased, of Annagarvey, County Tyrone, Ireland.

4 Sept 1893  ORR — MOFFETT  Aug. 25 at the Presbyterian Church, Church-hill, Sydney, by the Rev. William Marcus Dill Macky, William John ORR Tullygarley, Ballymina, County Antrim Ireland, late R.I.C. Cookstown County Tyrone, Ireland, now a member of the Sydney Police to Annie MOFFETT, Ballygroogon, Cookstown, County Tyrone, Ireland. Home papers please copy.

22 Nov 1894  WOODS — MORRISON  Nov. 5 1894 at St. Matthew's Church, Botany, by the Rev. F. T. Trivett, Charles WOODS, second son of the late John WOODS, of Dromore, County Tyrone, Ireland, to Maggie MORRISON, eldest daughter of Noble MORRISON , Mantlon. Fermanagh Times please copy.


Morning Chronicle Sydney N.S.W Wed. 9 July 1845 - To JAMES  LAVESTON  AND WIFE from County of Tyrone, parish of Donahedy, Ireland, who arrived in Port Phillip in 1841, per bark Ferguson - Should this meet the eye of the above named parties, they are earnestly requested to communicate with their father, Wm.  DAVIS ; by letter, directed to the care at the Postmaster, Gandagi, on the Murrumbidgee

The Sydney Mail and New South Wales Advertiser 15 Dec. 1883 - IF this should meet the eye of Joseph or William J.  MULLEN , natives of Moy, County Tyrone, Ireland, please communicate with John  MULLEN , Fall River Mills, Shasta County, California.

Evening News Sydney N.S.W Mon. 2 Mar. 1914 -  TAGGART  (Fannie), about 70 years old, born in parish of Kappe, townland of Cullian, Co. Tyrone, Ireland. She left Ireland when a young girl and settled in Melbourne, where she married and went to Sydney. Sister Ellen inquires.

The Sentinel Sydney, N.S.W 17 Feb. 1848

Hoarding of Grain.— In a late number we endeavoured to impress upon our agricultural friends the danger of hoarding up grain in these unsettled days of famine and free-trade. The following fact, which since came to our knowledge, proves the, judiciousness of our advice on this subject. A wealthy farmer in this neighbourhood was offered 2s. per stone for one thousand stones of oats which he had on hand in March last, which be. refused saying he would not take less than 3s. 6d. per stone. — Tyrone Constitution

The Maitland Mercury and Hunter River General Advertiser 10 Jan 1855 IRELAND (From our own Correspondent) THE TRILLICK AMBUSCADE

The second act, as it may be called, of the Northern Railway Tragedy, has been concluded and as the verdict of the coroner's jury implicates six men as conspirators in the hideous plot, there is every reasonable probability of the ends of justice being accomplished by the ultimate conviction and condign punishment of the guilty parties. The Derry Sentinel of yesterday contains an account of the closing proceedings as regards the inquiry into the circumstances connected with the death of  MITCHELL .

"THE VERDICT" Sentinel Office Friday 11 o'clock a.m. The jury in this case agreed to their verdict at eight o'clock yesterday evening. They found 'That the deceased, John  MITCHELL  came to his death about eight o'clock, on the night of the 15th September 1854, in the townland of Gargadis, in the parish of Kilskerry in the county of Tyrone, in consequence of having been crushed between two engines which were drawing an excursion train proceeding from Londonderry to Enniskillen, and which engines were thrown off the line at Gargadis aforesaid, by coming in contact with several large stones, maliciously placed there for the purpose and by which the said John  MITCHELL  was thereby instantaneously killed and murdered.'

And the jurors aforesaid do further say, "that Hugh  HARKIN , John  MORAN , William  FLANAGAN , Rody  MURPHY , William  HARKIN , and Francis  McMAHON  did feloniously, wilfully, and maliciously conspire together to place said stones on the line with intent to upset the said engines and carriages, and thereby to kill and murder those proceeding by the said train and the jurors aforesaid do further say that from certain expressions which were made use of by Patrick  LYNCH, both before and after the overturning of said engines, they are of opinion that said Patrick  LYNCH  had previous knowledge of the intention to overturn said carriages.'

New South Wales Government Gazette 8 June 1877 administration of estate

PURSUANT to the " Trust Property Act of 1862 ": Notice is hereby given that creditors and other persons having any debts or claims upon or against the estate of Andrew  McCREA , late of Sydney in the Colony of New South Wales, licensed victualler, deceased, who died on the 4th day of Nov. 1875, and administration of whose estate was granted by the Supreme Court of New South Wales, in its Ecclesiastical Jurisdiction, on the 24th day of Oct, a.d. 1876, to Michael O'Neill, of Campbell-street, Sydney aforesaid, produce agent, the duly constituted attorney of John  McCREA  of Kirlish, in the county of Tyrone, Ireland, farmer, the father and next of kin of the said deceased, are required to send in particulars of their claims or demands to the undersigned, on or before the 30th day of June next, at the expiration of which time the said administrator will proceed to distribute the assets of the said deceased amongst the persons entitled thereto, having regard to the debts and claims only of which he shall then have notice.—Dated this 23rd day of May, a.d. 1877. Charles Smith JONES, Solicitor for the said Administrator, 128 Elizabeth-street, Sydney

New South Wales Government Gazette 12 Aug. 1884  -  WIll

In the Supreme Court of New South Wales ECCLESIASTICAL JURISDICTION.

In the will of Thomas  ATCHISON , late of Glenglush, County Tyrone, in that part of the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Ireland called Ireland, farmer, deceased.

NOTICE is hereby given, that after the expiration of fourteen days from the publication hereof, application will be made to this Honorable Court, in its Ecclesiastical Jurisdiction, for probate of the last will and testament and codicil thereto of the above named deceased, who died on or about the 27th day of November now last past, to be granted to Isabella  ATCHISON  of St. Leonards, near Sydney, in the Colony of New South Wales, widow, the sole executrix in the said codicil named.—Dated the 7th day of August, a.d. 1884 ABBOTT & DODDS, Proctors for Executrix, 48, Castlereaeh-street, Sydney.

National Advocate Bathurst, NSW 14 Aug 1912  -  Old Pioneer Gone leaves 231 Descendants

The death is reported of Mrs.  LAKE , a very old and respected resident of Kerr's Creek. Deceased was a native of County Tyrone, Ireland, and was 87 years and 7 months of age. She came to Australia 72 years ago, and married on the Hawkesbury. Her maiden name was MANAGAN . She had seven sons and four daughters, two of whom have passed away. Her husband predeceased her some two years and nine months ago. A son (James) and one daughter (Mrs. Lindsay) also predeceased their mother. The following members of the family are left to deplore the loss of a loving parent : W. and J. Lake (Trangie), Thomas Lake (Brisbane), M. Lake (Cobar), H. Lake (Wellington), S. Lake (Clairmont, Queensland), Mrs. Hall (Newcastle), Mrs. Marks (Mudgee), and Mrs. Mueller (Sydney). Mrs. Lake leaves 125 grandchildren, 67 great- grandchildren, and 30 great-great-grandchildren.

The Scone Advocate NSW 18 Oct 1929 - Wedding.

Love-Pinkerton  The marriage of Phyllis, eldest daughter of Mrs. C. Pinkerton, of Rouchel, to Mr. James Love, son of Mr. and Mrs. J. Love, of 'Castleding' county Tyrone, North Ireland, was celebrated at the Presbyterian Church, Merewether, on 28th August; Rev T G. Gibson officiating. Looking charming in her bridal -gown of white satin-de-chene and handsome lace, forming the new coat effect, the bride entered the church on the arm of her brother, Mr. G. Pinkerton, .who subsequently gave her away. As the party entered the church, Mrs. Harold Blair played 'The Voice that Breathed o'er Eden,' and later, as they left, played the 'Wedding March.' The bridal gown was worn with a white tulle billowy veil, which was arranged with orange blossoms, and fell so as to form a train. Miss A. Pinkerton (sister of the bride) attended as bridesmaid, and wore a graceful frock of apricot 'crepe-de-chene' and Chantille lace, and a large picture hat of silk crin. and tulle. She also carried a bouquet of matching coloured flowers. Mr. N. Jones acted as best man. While the register was being signed, Mrs. Vera Moodie sang 'My Crown.' The reception was held at the home of Mr. and Mrs. H. Blair, who, together with the bride's mother, received the guests. The bride's mother was frocked in black georgette and radium lace, with hat to match; Mrs. Blair's frock was of apple green satin, with hat to tone. The bride's travelling dress was of blue, with which she wore a matching hat. Mr. and Mrs. Love 's future home will be at Merewether.

The Sydney Morning Herald 24 Sept. 1873   The Newtown Stewart Murder

It may be remembered that William  GLASS , the manager of a bank,was murdered at Newtown-Stewart so far back as 1871, that shortly after the occurrence suspicion was attached to Sub-inspector  MONTGOMERY  as the perpetrator of the crime and who, after a lengthened examination, was committed to the Assizes for trial. Twice has the prisoner been arraigned on the capital charge and, on each occasion the jury have been discharged without giving a verdict, but at the County Tyrone Assizes now sitting, he was again brought up and after a very patient trial, extending over some days, he has been found guilty. When the verdict was recorded,  MONTGOMERY  made a long speech and confessed himself as guilty of the crime, saying that he had been a drunken man for twelve months before the murder. He went on a visit to Milecross, the residence of Mr.  BRADSHAW . There he said he was drugged and poisoned until he became weak-minded and insane , he became ill, and he would not have injured any man if he had not been mad. The judge who was greatly moved, sentenced him to be executed on August 26th. The prisoner was cool and spoke pleasantly afterwards to his attorney.

The Sydney Mail and New South Wales Advertiser Wed. 12 Jan.1910

Mr. Thomas  Kelly , of Tulnavern, Dunmoyle Co. Tyrone, who was born on Jan. 1, 1800, and is believed to be the oldest subject of the King, has received a letter of congratulation from his Majesty

The Arrow Sydney NSW Sat. 7 Oct. 1911  -  MAD SON'S CRIME


John  M'ADAM  and his wife, both of whom were old age pensioners, were murdered at their small farm at Dungannon, County Tyrone, Ireland last month.

A few days before, they were visited by their son named Robert John  M'ADAM , a laborer, who had just arrived from Scotland. At 2 o'clock a.m. another son who lives near by, was awakened by his brother, who invited him to come into his father's house to see what he had done. He hurried to the house, and there found his parents lying on the floor with the mattress pulled over them. Evidently they had been attacked in their sleep. A sheepdog and five pups had also been killed. When the police arrived Robert  M'ADAM , who was at once arrested, had dug a hole in the floor and dragged over his father's body, with the evident intention of burying it. He said to his brother-


"This had to be done, and I had to do it."

Old  M'ADAM  had apparently been dead for some hours. There were wounds on his temple and on various parts of his body, probably caused by a hatchet, the doctor said. Mrs. M' ADAM's skull was fractured in several places, and she succumbed about noon. The police found a hatchet and also a shovel handle, which showed a number of cuts, and it is believed that one or other of the old couple had used it to ward off the blows inflicted on them. James  M'ADAM  stated that his brother, the accused, was very religions, and a total abstainer. He had been in an asylum about nine years ago.


The Brisbane Courier 14 Mar 1871  Marriage

McELWAINE - FOX  On 10th Mar. by Rev James Love , Mr James M'Elwaine, late of Cookstown County Tyrone Ireland, to Mary eldest daughter of the late Mr John Fox, Commercial Traveller, Edinburgh

Warwick Examiner and Times   2 Nov 1872  Marriage

FREE—FAIR  On the 3rd Oct. at St. Mark's Church, Warwick, by the Rev. James Love, Rector, Mr. George FREE, Swan Creek to Jane, eldest daughter of Mr. James FAIR Beragh County Tyrone, Ireland.

Warwick Examiner and Times 30 Jan 1875  marriage

GILLESPIE—CUNNINGHAM  On the 28th inst., At the Church of England, Swan Creek, by the Rev. James Love, William, second son of Leonard Gillespie farmer of Edenbank, Swan Creek, to Mary Jane, daughter of James Cunningham Dromore, County Tyrone, Ireland.

The Queenslander Brisbane 9 Feb. 1889 - Maggie  HUGHES , born Co. Tyrone, Ireland, arrived from Philadelphia, U.S., about two years ago last heard of in Brisbane. Any person knowing her address, or giving any information respecting her, will confer a favour by writing to J. MURPHY, New Zealand Hotel, One-Mile, Gyrmpie.

Australian Town and Country Journal 6 Oct.1888 -  CUNNINGHAM . - William CUNNINGHAM, late of Clogher, County Tyrone, Ireland. Your Nephew, Thomas  KERR , would be glad to hear from you. Address, Goondiwindi Post-office, Queensland Border

The Queenslander Brisbane 4 Oct. 1890 - INFORMATION Wanted of Mary Jane  ELKIN  who emigrated from County Tyrone, Ireland, to Queensland twenty-seven years ago. Address ARCHIBALD DUNCAN, J.P. Eden Plumbridge County Tyrone, Ireland; or to JOHN CELLAHAN, P. 0., Georgetown, North Queensland.

Australian Town and Country Journal 13 Aug. 1892 -  KELLY .-Notice, if the children of Hugh John KELLY, whose parents came from county Tyrone, Ireland, will apply to WILLIAM HYDE, Stratford, Ont., Canada} or J. LITTLE, 1 Wynyard-street, Sydney, they will hear of something to advantage.

The Queenslander Brisbane Sat. 3 May 1913

A correspondent writes:—Those engaged in the breeding of mutton sheep and are desirous of assured success and who are not ? had better go to Ireland for fresh blood to renovate their flocks. A ewe the property of Mr. John  BERKLEY , Duffless, Co. Tyrone, has given birth to four lambs, and another ewe belonging to- a Mr. H. W.  HILL  has had 23 lambs in 6 years.

extract from Human longevity: recording the name, age, place of residence, and year, of the decease of 1712 persons, who attained a century, & upwards, from A.D. 66 to 1799- authored, printed and sold by James Easton, High Street; sold also by John White, Horace's Head Fleet-Street, London 1799

1755 Peter  BRYAN  age 117 of Tynan County of Tyrone in Ireland could read the smallest print without the assistance of a glass

1758 George  VANCE  age 119 of Confecle County of Tyrone in Ireland


Bendigo Advertiser  14 Aug 1858  Inquest

On the 7th an inquest was held at Kangaroo Flat on the body of John  BARTON , a drayman, native of County Tyrone, Ireland, where the jury returned a verdict that he died in consequence of severe injuries received on his head and chest, caused by a dray which he was driving having accidentally upset and fallen upon him.

Various News Articles

Port Phillip Patriot and Melbourne Advertiser 18 Mar. 1841 Suicide

On Tuesday morning the body of a man named William  MacFARLAND  an emigrant by the 'Arglye,' was found in the Yarra Yarra, about a mile below the basin, and was carried to the Melbourne Hotel to await the inquest which was held yesterday morning.  MacFARLAND arrived in the colony about a fornight since, and was engaged as a labourer on the estate of W. F. Rucker Esq., about two miles from town. He had, it seems, been in low spirits ever since his arrival, having been robbed of all the money he had in his possession by a fellow emigrant before leaving the vessel, and when last seen alive, about one o'clock on the previous Friday, he appeared to be in a very desponding condition.  MacFARLAND  was a native of the County Tyrone, Ireland, and his father is, we believe, a respectable farmer there. The body was in a very advanced stage of decomposition when found, notwithstanding which, the inquest was not held until eleven o'clock yesterday, much to the inconvenience of the landlord of the Melbourne Hotel. We are unwilling to find fault with the Coroner at this early period of his administraton, but we cannot help thinking more expedition might have been used.

The Australian 13 Mar. 1847 Discovery of another Sailor Girl in Liverpool

A very beautiful female about seventeen years of age, was lately detected in the act of passing herself off as a sailor on board one of our merchant vessels. It appears that she came here from the neighbourhood of Omagh in Ireland and that, having habited herself in sailor's attire, she went upon the George's Pier. There she met with a captain of a vessel who said that he was willing to engage her upon the instant. With the captain she slept two nights without his ever discovering her sex ; but a few evenings afterwards, herself and the captain walked into the Police Office, High Street to inquire after the name of a person residing in Bolten street and then the pretended sailor was immediately recognized by Mr Leicester, the head-clerk in the office. He instantly said that she was a female, and it turned out that he was right for upon being questioned she acknowledged that she was a farmer's daughter from the county of Tyrone, and that she came here in sailor's attire with the intention of going to sea. She is at present in a lodging house in Hackins-hey, and will be sent back to her parents without delay. Her name is Catherine  FIELDING . She states that she always had a strong desire for seafaring life and that about a month ago she purchased some second-hand sailor's clothes, and dressing herself in a field near home, set off on her strange and foolish errand. She is well educated, but although she has written to her father to acquaint him of the sudden termination of her adventure, no answer from him has been as yet received .


South Australian Register 25 Mar. 1848

At Pomeroy County of Tyrone, on the 16th Nov, a bailiff named James  HEAZLETON , went out to execute a session decree on the person of Felix  LINN  at the suit of Peter  McGONE , of Pomeroy. The debt was for two guns, which  McGONE  had sold to  LINN  last winter.  LINN  had secreted himself in the house of a man of the name of  MOONEY , who keeps an apothecaryr's shop in this town. Out of this house he sallied at the above hour, accompanied by four of his brothers, all armed with bayonets, pitch forks, and pistols. The party had not proceeded more than thirty perches out of the village when the bailiff arrested  LINN . A dreadful affray now took place, in which the unfortunate HEAZLETON  was stabbed in the side with a bayonet by  LINN , of which wound he died in the course of the day. One of the brothers fired a pistol at  McGONE , which did little injury. An inquest was held on  HEAZLETON , when a verdict of wilful murder was returned against  LINN , and against the other brothers as accessories to the murder. Two of the brothers have been apprehended, but the other three have absconded and it is thought will endeavour to make their escape to America.

The Express and Telegraph Adelaide, S.A. 16 Apr 1909 - DEATH CONCEALED   Story of an Old Woman's Pension

Startling revelations were made recently at an inquest at Dromore County Tyrone, Ireland, on Mary  DORAN , an old age pensioner, whose body showed indications of having been attacked by rats. The body when viewed by the jury was in a bed in the corner of a small, badly-ventilated room, the window of which, "had been boarded up, and lights had to be brought to enable the jurymen to see it. The dead woman's two brothers and sister all swore that death occurred on the day before the inquest, and (by way of explaining the condition of the body) that strange cats had come to the house while they were away.

Dr.  LOVE  medical officer, repudiated this, and said that death had occurred between 14 and 20 days before. He believed the cause of death was senile decay. It was further stated in evidence that the old woman got an old-age pension on Friday of last week, and that Michael DORAN, her brother, drew it that day. Michael  DORAN  at this stage produced the pension "cheque-book", showing when the last payment had been made. The police took charge of the book.

Dr. A.  DUNCAN , of Omagh, in the course of his evidence, said the woman had been dead from 12 to 21 days. The house where the body was found was sufficient to cause a pestilence in the district. The Coroner said he considered it would be an insult to the natives of India or of China to bare such a tragedy enacted in their country.

The jury, in returning a verdict of death from natural causes, said that those responsible should be censured for hiding the death for a period of about 16 days.

The Narracoorte Herald SA 26 Oct 1909  -  IN MEMORIAM SERVICE

Mount Gambier Oct. 24. The Late Rev. R A  CALDWELL

The Rev. Geo.  Love , of Strathalbyn, conducted a memorial service for the Rev. R. A.  CALDWELL  this forenoon in the Presbyterian Church. There was a very large congregation. The service was a most impressive one.The Rev. Mr. Love preached from John xiv, 2.After the sermon he gave a very interesting sketch of the early life of the late Rev. Mr. Caldwell. Mr. Love, though 27 years younger than Mr. Caldwell, knew him well. He was the son of the Presbyterian minister of Killeter, in County Tyrone, Ireland, where Mr. Caldwell was born and brought up. The choir sang the anthem " What are These?" and Mrs. Newbould sang " Crossing the Bar." This evening, before a still larger congregation, Mr. Love preached an admirable sermon from 1st Corinthians ix, 24—" So run that ye may obtain."

The Express and Telegraph Adelaide, SA 12 Oct.. 1907  -  GAMEKEEPER'S CRIME.

Man Shot After a Brief Altercation.

A sensation has been created in County Tyrone by a shooting affair which took place near Omagh on Wednesday evening (says a Belfast telegram dated September 4). It appears that Oliver  HAMILTON , a game keeper, was returning from Gortin, a picturesque little town situate in the parish of Lower Badoney, about eight miles north of Omagh, when he was overtaken by Patrick  MAGUIRE , aged 30, the son of a local blacksmith.  HAMILTON  seems to have been under the impression that  MAGUIRE  and others had some feeling against him and sharp words passed between the two as soon as they were brought face to face.  HAMILTON , it is said, had left Gortin earlier than usual, knowing that MAGUIRE  was also in the town and being apparently anxious to get out of the way before any trouble occurred on the road. However, he was overtaken by  MAGUIRE  and several others; a quarrel ensued, and  MAGUIRE  , it is alleged, made towards  HAMILTON  as though to strike him. Hamilton pushed  MAGUIRE  away, but the latter returned to the attack.

Whipped Out a Revolver.

Like a flash  HAMILTON  then whipped a revolver out of his pocket, and before any one could realise his intention a bullet went through MAGUIRE  's heart, killing him. Without a word to  MAGUIRE  's friends, who for the moment were unable to appreciate the terrible nature of the tragedy which they had witnessed.  HAMILTON  went away and proceeding to Mountfield, calmly related to the constable there what had taken place and said he wished to surrender him self.

Charge of Wilful Murder.

The constable took  HAMILTON  into custody. Subsequently the prisoner was conveyed on a car to Gortin where he was lodged in the police barracks on a charge of wilful murder. News of the tragedy had preceded him to Gortin and the town was in a great state of excitement when the car on which he was seated arrive'd opposite the police barracks. The attitude of the people was very threatening, and the police had great difficulty in preventing them from seizing the prisoner.  HAMILTON  is employed on the  McMAHON  estate and it is suggested that his calling as gamekeeper has tended to make him unpopular amongst the country folk. In  MAGUIRE's  pockets three sporting cartridges were found and it is possible that the bad feeling which is supposed to have existed between him and  HAMILTON  had its origin in some poaching exploit.

The Inquest.

The inquest was held at Gortin last evening. John  HAWKES , jun., Fecarry, deposed that when he was returning from Gortin Fair on the previous day  HAMILTON  came up on a bicycle and dismounted beside witness, and immediately afterwards Patrick Maguire came up, sprang from his machine, and ran at  HAMILTON  . He caught  HAMILTON  by the throat and beat his head

Witness told  MAGUIRE  he would give him a kick if he interfered with anyone there. The two men continued to jostle on the road, but eventually  HAMILTON  got clear and tried to get on his bicycle.  MAGUIRE  caught the bicycle and shook it. knocking  HAMILTON  backwards into the hedge.

"You Have Done for Me."

Witness ran towards  MAGUIRE , and when he was approaching him he saw Hamilton raise his arm and he felt smoke and sparks in his face. MAGUIRE  moved a step or two forward and fell on his knees. He said, "Oliver  HAMILTON ," I'm done," or "You have done for me." HAMILTON  then got on his bicycle and cycled towards Mountfield, and witness went to  MAGUIRE  , who had fallen on his face, and afterwards went into Gortin for a doctor. . When he returned he saw  MAGUIRE  lying on the road, apparently dead. Dr. Joseph  BRADLEY and Dr. Andrew  LEITCH  described the injuries on deceased, and produced the small bullet which they had found. The cause of death was hemorrhage from the wound to the heart and liver caused by the bullet. The jury returned a verdict that deceased died from a bullet wound inflicted by  HAMILTON  . The prisoner was afterwards charged at a special court and was remanded for a week.



To the Editor;

Sir. — During the year 1914 an exceptionally large number of advertisements for next of kin, heirs at law, missing beneficiaries, and persons enquired for, for something to their advantage, appeared in the British, Australian, and New Zealand Newspapers, and a selection from the principal of these may be of more than passing interest to your readers and of substantial benefit to some of them. In every case the persons whose names appear below, or their legal personal representative, are known to have emigrated to, or were last heard of in Australia or New Zealand:

-James  McALEER  born co. Tyrone, a son of Felix McAleer

-Bernard  McNAMEE  born co. Tyrone and who emigrated to Australia in 1820 or his representatives Should any of your readers feel themselves interested I will be pleased to give them any further information I possess on application. Yours etc.. Thos. W. Lloyd Lloyds' Next of Kin and Unclaimed Money Offices 80 Swanston street Melbourne.

Southern Cross Friday 30 Aug. 1907  - Thos.  KELLY  of Lurganboy Co. Tyrone. celebrated his 106th birthday on July 12. During last winter he thatched several houses and in the spring was to be seen ploughing. He says he feels as young as ever. The centenarian enjoys a smoke, and can read and write without the aid of glasses.

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