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Signatories in Support of the Tenant League Co. Tyrone, 1850

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Signatories in Support of the Tenant League Co. Tyrone, 1850
Extracted from The Tyrone Constitution, 1 November 1850

Transcribed, Compiled and Submitted by Josephine McBride, Belfast, Ireland

The Tenant Right League, established in 1850, was an organization which aimed to secure reforms in the Irish land system. For complete details, please click here:  Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

This is part of an article written by Josephine and published recently in Dúiche Neill, the latest journal of the O’Neill Country Historical Society. To obtain a copy of the journal with the complete article, please click here: O’Neill Country Historical Society


We, the undersigned request an aggregate meeting of the inhabitants of the County of Tyrone, at Omagh on Thursday October 24 at twelve o’clock, noon, to declare their sentiments in support of the Irish Tenant League – the advance of its objects, and prepare petitions to parliament from this county, in favour of Tenant Right:

M. O'Kane PP Omagh; John Hamilton PM Crossroads, Omagh; William Brown PP Strabane; Moses Chambers PM Leckpatrick, Strabane; Peter Gordon PP Dromore; Wm. Ferguson PM Ballygawley; Daniel O'Doherty PP Cappagh; S. M. Ray PM Donaghedy; Michael J. Lennon PP Stewartstown; James Malcolmson PM Clogher; James Fairon PP Woodvill, Ballygawley; John Davidson PM Drumquin; Charles Morris CC Drumquin; John McCullagh PP Termonamongan; Thomas W. Junk PM Sixmilecross; James Conigland PP Upper Badoney; Joseph McAskie PM Clogherney; James Kelly PP Fintona; James Kinnear PM Dungannon; P. McMenamin CC W Ardstraw; James Budd PM Sion, Urney; Michael McGlinchey PP Urney; Andrew Maxwell PM Drumlegagh, Castlederg; Charles McCrossan CC Strabane; John McGilligan CC Urney; William Herbert CC Fintona; William Logue CC Termonamongan; M. Rogers CC Newtownstewart; B. McKenna PP Leckpatrick; John McLaughlin CC Leckpatrick; Francis Kerr CC Clogher; B. Murphy PP Kildress, Cookstown; Thomas O'Heir CC; E. P. Conway CC Lower Badoney; William McConvill PP Cookstown; Patrick Campbell CC Cookstown; John O'Flaherty CC Omagh; William Conigland CC Cappagh; J. Donnelly CC Cappagh; Archibald Herron PM Clonaneese; Paul Bradley PP Lower Badoney; Jas. Bridge PM Aughnacloy; Patrick Vincent PP Termon; William McIlwaine PM Aughnacloy; T. McKenna PP Arboe; J. F. Kelly PP Lissen; Matthew Logan PM Gortin; P. Mooney CC Ballygawley; Jeremiah Quin CC Lower Badoney; Moses Fitzpatrick CC Beragh; R. Slane CC Beragh; Charles O'Brien PP Aughnacloy; N. J. Hughes CC Ballygawley; Francis O'Kane CC Dromore; P. Hughes CC Dromore; J. Harbison CC Dungannon; J. McKenna CC Lissen; Andrew Graham PM Seskinore; James Connolly CC Urney; James Colhoun CC Omagh; James Coyne CC Eglish; G. A. H. Robinson MD Fintona; Thomas Montgomery Aughnacloy; John McConnell Carrigans; John Buchanan PLG Killyclogher; John Cross Ballygawley; Pat. Martin PLG Clogher; James Legate Ballygawley; W. Fitzpatrick Ballygawley; Alexander Mullen Ballygawley; Wm. Sigerson Holyhill, Strabane; James Robinson Ballygawley; Manley Dudden PLG Omagh; Patrick McKerney Lisnarable, Clogher; Thos. Ferguson Seskinore; David Scott PLG Tatnagole; Charles McCrossan Legland; Ephraim Love PLG Anney Omagh; A. McCormick Lisbuoy, Omagh; Charles Robinson, Killinure; Hugh Nugent Deerpark; J. Wright Seskinore; J. McFarland Beragh; J. Clements PLG Clogher.


Strabane - David Mitchell MD, Walter Scott, Chas. McColgan solicitor, James McMonigle, John Jas. Maguire, Wm. Dunlop, Jas. Thompson, Edward Gorman, John Carlin TC, Neal Doherty TC, Philip McLaughlin, George Gordon TC, Andrew Devenny, John Gray, J. McCleery, John Cook, Charles Moody surgeon, Daniel O'Flaherty MD, Edward McKinny, James Torrens, Ballyfatton; John Adams do, Wm. Hayes do, Joseph Forsythe do, Charles Boyle do, Thomas Brown, Drumnabuoy; George D. Porter, Samuel Brown, John Brown, Michael Skay, Lisdoo; Manna Lafferty, Claudy; Denis Boyle, Claudy; Thomas Donaghy, Leckpatrick; Charles McGowan do, Daniel Murphy do, Patrick Lynch do, W. Doherty do, William Divine do, John Donaghy, Glenmorning; Jas. McCay do, Bryan Ferrell, Holyhill; Bryan Diven do, Edward Ferrell sen. do, Daniel McCormick do, John McCormick do, Thomas Christy do, Edward Logue do, John Christy do, Bernard Doherty do, John McCay do, Wm. McCay do, Hugh Divine do, James Divine do, James McCrossin do, John McCay do, James Glacken do, James Casey do, Daniel Deery do, John Divin do, John Cartin do, Bryan Kelly do, Daniel McNamee do, John Reilly do, Patrick McConaghty do, John Kelly do, Philip Logue do, Wm. Reilly do.


Omagh - John Donnelly, Michael McGinn, E.P. Boyle, William Conway, Bernard McGovern, David Gray, Patrick Doherty, Robert McMaster, Nathaniel Carson, R. J. Robb, James Elliott, John M. Moran, John McAleer, Patk. Fox, Terence Smith, James Conroy, Bernard McAleer, John Kirk, James Green, Thomas Crawford, Owen McAleer.


Cappagh - Charles Maynes, Daniel O'Donnell, Patrick O'Donnell, Thomas Gormley, Hugh McElhill, Patrick McElhill, James Maynes, Michael Kelly, Edward McGuigan, Cormick McNamee, Charles O'Donnell, Richard Kelly, Pat. Maynes, Felix O'Donnell, John McDermott, Bernard Harvey, Philemy O'Donnell, Michael Cormolly, Patrick Kelly, John McCullagh, Neal McGuigan.

Dromore - William Stevenson, Thos. Alexander, James Alexander, William Scott, William Stewart, Jas. Monaghan, Daniel McNally, Wm. Woods, Anthony McQuade, Patrick McBrien, Daniel McLaughlin.

Crossroads - Jas. Elliott, James Canning, John McMaster, Andrew Graham, John McFarland, Alexander Porter, James Keiron, John McClelland, James Graham.

Fintona - Peter Kelly, Joseph Campbell, Hugh Campbell, Stewart Law, Rea Robinson, James Hamilton, Wm. Johnston, Michael McMackin, George Cunningham, David Keys, James Buchanan sen.

Aughnacloy - James Montgomery, James Bridge, N. G. Hughes, Thomas M. Bridge, James Morrison, Andrew Morrison, Samuel Cairns, Roger Hackett, Fras. A. W. B. Little, John S. B. Todd, Denis O'Brien, Charles Coote, John Caulfield, John Wright, James McCarron, John Campbell, Tim. Loughead, John McElwee, Owen McKenna, John Busby, John Baird, John Burns, John Burns jun., Joseph Burns, Richard Burns, James Murphy, Peter McKenna, E. F. Sherard, Peter Lorighan, Richard Herbert, Thomas Shiels, Fras. Little, Henry Law, Thomas Mitchell*, Wm. Corbit, No Surrender Hotel; Patrick McGonnell, Wm. Donaghy, Thomas Nogher, John McCoy, Thomas Mulhearn, Francis Magee, Pat. Flanagan, James Conly, Thomas McCusker, Peter McSorley, James Dunn, Bernard Devlin, Fras. Heagney, John Quin, Joseph McCarron, John McCusker, John O'Neill, Jno. Fox, Denis McDonald, Francis McDonald, Roger Hackett, Peter McKenna, John Devlin, John Quain, Daniel O'Connell, James Quain, Con Murry, Patrick Monaghan, Maurice O'Connell, O. Daley, T. Hackett, B. McGarvey, O. Cunningham, Jas. Muldoon, J. Marley, Joseph Gormly, Arthur McGee, James McGowan, James Burnett, John Muldoon, Michael Donnelly, Hugh Donnelly, Pat. Quin, John Russell, Patrick Quin, Hugh Lubon, Thomas Murray, Owen Hackett, Robert Henderson, John Kerr, Thomas McElharon, William Wilson, Robert Saunderson, Thomas Cassidy, Patk. Caulfield, William McKenna, Charles Boyle, Bernard McKenna, James McKenna, Hugh McKenna, John Bell, Thos. Watson, Hugh Bell, Michael Callan, George Hunter, Arthur Gahan, William Hurst, Samuel Graham, John Swan, Samuel Barns, John Hopper, John Donnelly, Hugh Thompson, Benjamin Sheppard, James Montgomery, Robert Montgomery, Robert Davidson, James Wiley, Andrew McGee, John Carroll, James Caldwell, Michael McMahon, James O'Neill, John McGhee, James Donnelly, Patrick Quin, Samuel McCaffery, James Smallon, Thomas Henderson, Edward Russell, Patrick Russell, Michael McRory, Francis Farrell, Francis Rafferty, John Coyle, Patrick McKenna, Bernard Neal, Patrick Sheridan, John Murray, John Murray, Patrick McCaffery, John Boyle, James McKenna, Pat. Hamill, Patk. Quin, Francis Quin, John McMahon, Pat. Gartland, John Woods, James Kerr, James Keens, John McKenna, James McKenna, Peter McElimall, James McKenna, James McGinnis, William McKenna, John McKenna, Charles McCusker, Owen McAleer, William McKenna, John Donnelly, Hugh Donnelly, Pat. Donnelly, John Dunn, Pat. McKelvey, Patrick Mulgrew, Hugh Grimes, James McKenna, William Thomas, Henry Thomas, Peter Monaghan, James Murphy, Andrew Davidson, Cormick McKenna, John Johnston, Peter Hackit, William Davidson, John Henderson, James Shields, Robert Kelly, Edward McKenna, William McKimon, Cormick Monaghan, James Larkin, Terence Reylands, Edward McDermott, Patt. McDermott.

Lissen - Patk. Henry, Michael Kerigan, Patt. Donnelly, Michael Bradley.

Cookstown - John Harbison, Wm. Glasgow, Joseph Gibson, J. Murray MD, Felix Eskier, Wm. Charles, William Berkeley, John Richard, Daniel Donnell, Thomas Duff, Thomas Muldoon, Edward McCrea.

Beragh - Henry O'Neill, John O'Neill MD, Matthew Rodgers, John Rogers, Oliver O'Neill, John Kilpatrick, Pat. Ovens, Henry Rivensworth, Francis Rogers, Terence Campbell, Edward Mullin, Joseph Donnelly, James Barr, Bernard Kelly, Chas. Kelly, Hugh Campbell, John McSorly, Francis Kerr, Hugh Donnelly, Terence Gormley, Patrick Donnelly, James McCann.

Ballygawley - Saml. Jardin, David Beatty, John Stinson, Alex. Condy, John Dickson, Robert Duff, John Armstrong, John Simpson, Thomas Wright, Adam Armstrong, Robert Beatty, John Mitchell, John Beatty, John Jardin, John Lee, Joseph Hadden, Alex. Anderson, Stewart Simpson, William Campbell, Anthony Sloan, Alex. Haddon, Wm. Cairns, John Camse, William Beatty, John Reany, John Jarden, John Walker, Robert Stinson, David Beatty, Robert Reid, Richard Sloan, Wm. Reid, J. Hetherington, John Kyle, Theophilus Boyd, David Somerville, John Davidson, Thomas Carson, Wm. Jardin, James Irwin, John Dickson, Robert Beatty, James Duff, James Mason, George Reany, James McDonnell, James M. Parker, John Parker, Wm. Whittington, Robert Beatty, Adam Reid, James Kyle, James Agnew, John Condy, Robert Little, Matthew Marshall, James Kelly, Pat. J. Woods, Thomas Woods, Patrick Donnelly, E. Coab, John McLear, James Cavanagh.