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Rabies in Strabane, 1833

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Rabies in Strabane, 1833
Extracted from the Strabane Morning Post, Tuesday, September 10, 1833

Transcribed, compiled and submitted by Len Swindley, Melbourne, Australia


Two dogs belonging to MR. JAMES HUNTER, of Liskinbuoy, about one mile from this town, were shot on Sunday last, in a state of madness; and had it not been for the presence of mind of Mr. Hunter, the consequences might have been serious to him. The first shot having merely wounded the animal, he broke from the chain, and pursued him. Mr. Hunter lost no time in again charging a pistol, and when the dog made a rush at him, he fired the contents of the pistol into his mouth, when the animal fell, and with the assistance of some other persons, killed him. We understand, a great number of dogs have been bitten in the neighbourhood by the same animal; and we would seriously recommend those persons who keep dogs, to chain them instantly, as the consequences of neglect might be dreadful. A man of the name of MARTIN, who lives about three miles from this town, had a cow bitten by a dog four months ago, which was shot last week in a state of hydrophobia.

SIR JOHN JAMES BURGOYNE, the Provost of this town, on hearing of the above, gave orders yesterday that all dogs found in our streets unclogged should be shot, and the owners fined. We understand the Police have got directions to proceed to Liskinbuoy, to destroy all dogs found at large.

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