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Irish Names from the Plantation of Ulster

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Irish Names from the Plantation of Ulster

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History of the Presbyterian Church in Ireland, by James Seaton Reid" speaking of the tyranny visited upon the Irish Presbyterians by the British government, writes : "Fines and punishments were inflicted without mercy on the Presbyterians. Many of them had to go to the west of Scotland." This in 1636.

Again, he tells us that the Presbyterians were obliged to take the "Black oath," namely, to swear never to oppose any of the king's commands. Those refusing to take it were subjected to the severest treatment. On another page, alluding to the union between the Irish and the Highland Scots in foreign service to support Charles I, in 1644, he writes that the native Irish "from the affinity of language, manners and origin were expected to be well qualified to co-operate with the Highlanders." Again, he tells us that fifteen hundred Irish went to serve in 1645 under Montrose in Scotland. But one of the most significant passages in Reid's work is the statement that in 1610 "All acts forbidding inter-marriages between English, Irish and Scotch were repealed this year to the great joy of all parties." This quite effectually disposes of the fiction, so often put forth by advocates of the " Scotch-Irish " cult, that intermarriages between the different elements in Ulster did not take place. We have conclusive proof here that they did.
Mr. Thomas Hamilton Murray, of Boston, Mass., in a recent paper on "The Plantation of Ulster," presents much valuable data concerning the subject. He expresses amusement over the  ridiculous position of the "Scotch-Irish"  advocates and the contradictory attitude the latter assume.

"The fact is," he declares, "the cult bases its structure on four propositions — all false and, therefore, worthless.
These propositions are:
(i) That at the time of the Plantation all of old Irish stock were driven out of Ulster.
(2) That the province was repeopled exclusively by Scots.
(3) That these were all of Lowland stock.
(4) That they never inter-married with other elements in Ireland, but held aloof, wedded only among their kind and thus preserved themselves as 'pure Scots.'

"Now, as a matter of historical truth, none of these conditions obtained. The plantation of Ulster is generally regarded as including the period from 1608 to 1620. At no time before, during or since this period has Ulster been vacated en masse by its Irish population of the older stock. Thousands of this stock, it is true, did emigrate at different times, but other thousands remained and their descendants reside in Ulster to this day.

"At the time of the Plantation, the escheated territory in Ulster, comprising six counties, was practically divided into three parts. The first of these parts was assigned to English undertakers or planters, the second to Scotch and the third to servitors and Irish natives. To the English undertakers were set apart seven precincts or districts ; to the Scotch, 9 ; and to the servitors and Irish natives, 9. Among the Irish natives to whom land was thus set apart at this time in Ulster are found such names as :

O 'Boyle, O'Bradie,  O'Cassidy,O'Cleary,  O'Corcoran,  O'Corr,

O'Devin, O'Develin, O'Deveney, O'Donnell, O'Donnelly, O'Dowgan,
O'Flanegan, O'Gormley, O'Gowan, O'Hagan, O'Hanlon,

O'Mallen, O'Mulchrewe,O'Muldoon,   O'Mulholland,  O'Neill,

O'Quin. O'Reilly, O'Seren, O'Sheridan, O'Skanlan, 

MacAmallan, MacArte, MacAwley, MacBryan,

MacCann, MacCormock, MacCorr, MacCree,
MacDevett, MacDonnell, MacElynan, MacEnabb,

MacGauran, MacGillpatrick, MacGunchenan, MacHugh,
MacKernan, MacMurphy, MacNamee, MacOwen,
MacQuin, MacShane, MacSwyne, MacTulIy, MacWorrin, and many others.

Even were no other proof available, the foregoing list would conclusively show that the people of old Irish stock were not entirely driven out of Ulster, but that a very numerous and important portion remained. Not only did they remain, but they increased and multiplied. Marriages between the English, Scotch and Irish in Ulster also became frequent and in 1610 the law forbidding such marriages was repealed "to the great joy of all parties."
Among the native Irish in Ulster to whom land was allowed at the time of the Plantation, and as part of the Plantation, were the following, the number of acres allowed each being also given :

NAME                                                                                ACRES

Arte O'Neile (son of the Baron, and half brother of                       2000  
the Earl of Tyrone)

Henry O'Neale (son of Shane)                                                  1500

Tirlagh O'Boyle, gent                                                               2000

Donough McSwyne (Banagh), gent                                            2000

Hugh McHugh Dufife O'Donnell, gent                                          1000

Sir Mulmory McSwyne-na-Doe, knight                                        2000

Bryan Crossagh O'Neale (son of Sir Cormack), gent                      1000

Bryan Maguyre, gent                                                              2000

Con McShane O'Neale, gent                                                     1500

Mulmorie McHugh Connalagh O'Rely, gent                                    2000

Mulmorie Oge O'Reylie, gent                                                      3000

Mulmorie McPhilip O'Reilie, Esq                                                   1000

Hugh O'Reylie, Esq                                                                  1000

Con Boy O'Neale                                                                     1160

Tirlagh O'Neale, Esq                                                                 3330

Walter McLaughlin McSwyne, gent                                              896

Tirlagh Magwire, gent                                                               500
Bryan McKernan, gent                                                              400

Christopher Nugent, gent                                                          450

Felim McGawran, gent                                                             1000

Shane McHugh O'Reily, gent                                                      475

Shane McPhilip O'Reily, gent                                                      900

Owen McMulmorie O'Reily, gent                                                  500

Gerald Fleming, Esq                                                                  475

Walter, Thomas, and Patrick Bradie                                             800

Bryan O'Coggye O'Reily                                                             400

Morish McTully                                                                        300

Bryan O'Neale, gent                                                                1500

Honora Bourk, or Widow O'Boyle                                                 403

Charles O'Neale, gent                                                               360 

Neal Roe O'Neal                                                                       200

Felim and Brian O'Hanlon, gents                                                  200

Carbery McCan, gent                                                                300

Tirlogh Groome O'Hanlon, gent                                                    140

Shane McShane O'Hanlon, gent                                                  100

Shane McOghie O'Hanlon, gent                                                   100

Rorie McFerdoragh O'Hanlon, gent                                               120

Shane Oge McShane Roe O'Hanlon, gent                                       120

Loughlin O'Hagan, gent                                                             120

Neale O'Neale, Esq                                                                   800

Donough Reogh O'Hagan, gent                                                    100

Donough Oge McMurphie, gent                                                   180

Colla McArte McDonell, gent                                                      120

John and Connor O'Reilly, gents                                                  300

Cahir McOwen (O'Reilly), gent                                                    300

Cahell McOwen O'Reyly, gent                                                     300

Donell McOwen (O'Reyly), gent                                                   150

Owen O'Sheredan (or O'Sheridan), gent                                        200

Cahill AlcBrien O'Reily, gent                                                         100

Mulmore McHugh McFarrall O'Reyly, gent                                       300   

Cormacke McGawran                                                                 175

Hugh McMamis Oge Magauran, gent                                             150

Breene Oge McGauran, gent                                                       200

Mulmorie McTirlagh O'Reily, gent                                                  200

Felim, Brian, and Cahir O'Reyly                                                    200

Tirlagh McHugh McBryan Bane O'Reylie                                         150

Donnell McFarrall Oge McKernan, gent                                          100

Callo O'Gowne (or O'Gowan), gent                                               150

Shane McCabe, gent                                                                 200

Bryan McShane O'Reyly, gent                                                     300

Donill Backagh McShane O'Reyly, gent                                          200

Wony (or Una) McThomas McKernan, gent                                    l00

Hugh McBrien O'Reyly, gent                                                        100 
Terence Braddy (or Brady), gent                                                 150

Rorie McPatrick McCan, gent                                                      120

Cormac McTirlagh Brassilagh, gent                                               120

Neece Quin                                                                             120

Hugh McGilledufTe, gent                                                            120

Felim O'Quin                                                                            100

Hugh O'Neale                                                                          120

Edmond Oge O'Haggan, gent                                                      120

Owen Roe O'Quin, gent                                                             140

Bartholomew Owen, gent                                                          120

Owen O'Corr, gent                                                                   120

Brian O'Develin, gent                                                                120

Laghlen O'Hagan, gent                                                              120

Mary Ny Neal (daughter of Sir Cormack)                                       120

Neale Garrow McRorie O'Donnell, gent                                          128

Cafifer McHugh Duft'e O'Donnell, gent                                          128

Hugh Boy McQuin, gent                                                             128

Donell McQuin, gent                                                                  128

Hugh Boy McSwyne (McSweeney), gent                                       128

Patrick Crone McCree, gent                                                        128

Owen McGillpatrick, gent                                                            128

Grany Ny Donnell                                                                       128

Cormack O'Cassida (O'Cassidy), gent                                            100

Donough Oge Maguire, gent                                                       100

Felim Oge Magwire, gent                                                           190

Redmond Gillpatrick Magwire, gent                                               190

Shane McHugh, gent                                                                 350

Donough Oge McDonaghy Magwire, gent                                       145

Bryan Oge Magwire, gent                                                           145

Rorie Magwire, gent                                                                  100

Tirlogh Moyle Magwire, gent                                                       300

Patrick McDonell, gent                                                              120

Shane McEnabb, gent                                                               130

Patrick McHugh Magwire, gent                                                    140

Bryan O'Corcoran, gent                                                              120

Edmund McBryan McShane, gent                                                 140

Felim Duffe McBrien, gent                                                           100

Bryan McMulrony (McDonell), gent                                                240

John Magwire, gent                                                                  140

Donell Groome McArte, gent                                                       150

Hugh O'Flanegan, gent                                                              192

Cormac Oge McHugh, gent                                                         180  
Cormock McCollo Magwire, gent                                                   144
Connell McWorrin, gent                                                              100

Moriertagh O'Flanegan, gent                                                       100

Thomas Braddy (Brady)                                                             150

Connor McShane Roe O'Bradie, gent                                             150

Henry Betagh (Beatty), gent                                                       262

PhiHp and Shane O'Reily, brothers                                                300

Hugh Roe McShane O'Reily                                                          200

Hugh McGlasney (O'Reily), gent                                                    100

Barnaby Reily, gent                                                                    150

Richard Magwire, gent                                                                120

Shane McDonell Ballagh, and Brian O'Skanlan. . . .                           120
Rorie McDonough Magwire, and Patrick Ballagh

Magwire, gents                                                                         190

Tirlagh Mergagh Magwire, and Felim Dufife Mc-Rorie Magwire, gents   100

Thomas Mcjames McDun Magwire \

Bryan Mcjames McDun Magwire. . /-                                             120

Hugh Mcjames McDun Magwire. . )

Connor McTirlagh (McDonell), gent                                              100

James Sheale (or Shiel)                                                             120

Patrick McManus O'Hanlon, and Ardell Moore O'Mulchrewe                120

Brian Oge O'Hagan, gent                                                            100

Ardill McFelim O'Hanlon. gent                                                       80

Henry O'Neale, gent                                                                   60

Donill McShane (surnamed "Mallatus")                                            60

Hugh McDonnell O'Neale, gent                                                      60

Cormock McNemee, gent                                                             60

Tirlagh Oge McBrian O'Neale, gent                                               60

Rorie O'Gormley, gent                                                                60

Jenkin O'Devin, gent                                                                  60

Henry Oge O'Neale, gent                                                            60

Bryan O'Neale, and Neal Roe                                                       60

Art McRowie O'Neale. gent                                                          60

Hugh Groome O'Hagan, gent                                                        60

Arte McArte O'Neale, gent                                                           60

Felim McAmallan, gent                                                                60

Shane McDonell Groome O'Donnily, gent                                         60

Shane Roe O'Neale, gent                                                             60

Tirlagh Oge O'Gormeley. gent                                                       60

Hugh McCawell, gent                                                                  60

Hugh McHugh Mergagh O'Neale, gent                                            60

Randal McDonnell, gent                                                              60
Felim Oge O'Mulcreve, gent                                                         60

Fardoragh McBrian Carragh O'Neale, gent                                       60

Con McTirlagh O'Neale, gent                                                        60

Shane AIcHugh McAderany O'Donilly. gent                                      60

Owen O'Hagan, gent                                                                   60

Caragh O'Donilly. gent                                                                 60

Fardoragh McCahir O'Mallen, gent                                                  60

Shane McLaughlin O'Donnily, gent                                                  60

Teig McEdmond Oge O'Hagan, gent                                                60

Neale O'Quin, agent                                                                    60

Felim Boy O'Haggan, gent                                                             60

Hugh Groome O'Mulchallane (or O'Mulholland), gent                           60

Fardoragh O'Haggaii, gent                                                             60

James McGunchenan, gent                                                            60

Manus McNeale McSwyne (McSweeney)                                          64

Farroll McHngh O'Galchor (O'Gallagher), gent. . .                              64

Donnell Groome McArte                                                               64

Donell McCormock, gent                                                              50

Coconaght McHugh, gent                                                            50

Donough Oge McHugh, gent                                                         50

Felim McAwly, gent                                                                    50

Donough McRorie (Alagwire), gent                                               50

Shane McDevitt, gent                                                               60

Shane Evarr Magwire, gent                                                         96

Brian McFehm Roe McDonnell )

Shane McTirlogh O'Nealc .-                                                        240

Hugh McCarbery O'Neale . . . . )

Mulmory McDonell, gent ]

Arte McTirlagh O'Neale, gent -                                                    240

Neale McTirlagh O'Neale, gent J
Eugene Valley (Owen Ballagh) O'Neyle
Felim McTirlagh Brasselagh O'Neill...

Donnell McHenry O'Neile ' ^^^

Edmond Oge O'Donnelly

Hugh McTirlagh O'Neale. \

Art McTirlagh O'Neale ...                                                            240

Henry McTirlagh O'Neale )

Murtagh O'Dowgan

Owen Modder McSwine

Owen McMorphy

Donell O'Devene}- V                                                                1000

Donough O'Seren

Calvagh McBryan Roe McSwine Neal McSwine

Donnell Ballach O'Galchor (O'Gallagher)

Dowltagh McDonnell Ballach

Edmond Boy O'Boyle

Tirlagh Oge O'Boyle, Irrel O'Boyle. . . .

Cahir McMalcavow (O'Boyle)                                                      960

Shane McTirlagh (O'Boyle)

Dowlatagh McGillduffe, Farrell

McTirlagh Oge (O'Boyle), Loy O'Cleary

and Shane O'Cleary

Owen Oge McOwen, and Owen McOwen Edeganny                        128
Owen McCoconaght Magiiire )

Rorie McAdegany Magwire. .                                                     150

Donnell Oge O'Muldoon )

Donel McCan, gent                                                                  80

Redmond McFerdoragh O'Hanlon                                                 60

Edmond Groome McDonell                                                          80

Alexander Oge McDonell                                                            83

Brian, son of Melaghlin, son of Arte O'Neale, gent. .                       60

Tirlagh Oge McTirlagh Brasselagh, gent                                        60

Hugh McBrian McCan                                                                80

Cormock McBryan Magwire, gent                                                96

Meloghlin Oge McCorr, gent                                                       50

Hugh Boy Magwire, gent                                                           96

Patrick McHugh, gent                                                               50

Garrett and John Magwire, gents                                                60

Donough Magauran, gent                                                          75

Richard Fitzsimons                                                                   50

Thomas Mc James Bane (O'Reily), gent                                        50

Shane Bane O'Moeltully (or Flood), gent                                        50

Many others were granted smaller tracts. The law provided that "The above grantees [were] to hold for ever, as of the Castle of Dublin, in common socage, and subject to the Conditions of the Plantation of Ulster."

"An important fact not known to advocates of the 'Scotch-Irish' cult or, if known, seldom or never remembered by them, is this :
....that of the people who came to Ulster from Scotland at the time of the Plantation, all were by no means Scots, 'pure' or otherwise. Especially is this true of the colonists who were from the Lowlands. The composite and shifting character of the population of that part of Scotland at the period mentioned is well known. Reid in his history of the Irish Presbyterian church says of the people who settled in Ulster at the period of the Plantation, including those from Scotland, that they were of different names, nations, dialects, tempers, breeding.
This is a very important point and should be remembered, especially by those who talk so incessently of their alleged 'pure Scotch' origin. Some of them, we fear, would find it as difficult to prove that they have any Scotch blood in their veins as to disprove that they have in their makeup a large amount of old Irish blood."

Transcribed from The Irish Scots and the "Scotch-Irish": and historical and ethnological monograph" by John Cornelius Linehan 1840-1905

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