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Co. Tyrone Markets 1816

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Co. Tyrone Markets 1816
Minutes of the Trustees, containing Reports of their Secretary,
on a tour of inspection through the Province of Ulster
October, November and December 1816

Extracted, Transcribed & Submitted by Teena

Dungannon Market

This is a weekly market and It is held every Thursday.

The Market commences at 10 o’clock from the 25th of March to the 25th of September and from the 25th of September to the 25th of March at 11 o’clock.

The Market is held in the open street in the centre of the town.

 All Linens that come to this Market are 7 - 8 wide, from 48 to 52 yards long, of the sets of 600 - 1,100.

 The prices of the Linens brought to this Market are as follow

    * Those made of Tow Yarn average about 5 and 1/3 d. per yard

    * Those made of Flax Yarn average from 9d. to 13 and 1/2d. per yard

The Yarn of the Linens brought here goes through a process of one operation of bleaching before it is made into Cloth. The half -bleached Linen has the Seal of a Registered Bleacher affixed on it before it is exposed to sale.

The coarse Linen is for the most part exported to England.

The fine Linen is bleached in this Country and for the most part exported to England.

 All Linens which come to this Market are exposed to sale at the same hour.

 The average numbers of the webs sold in this market may be said to be thus- about 700 course webs manufactured from Tow Yarn and about 1,100 webs from flax yarn. The weekly value of the whole about 4,000l.

 The principal number of Weavers who attend this Market reside in this County.

 About 1,200 Weavers on an average attend this Market weekly.

From 100 to 120 Buyers upon an average attend each weekly Market

Of the Buyers who attend this Market about 40 are Principals the remainder are Commissioners

The following are the names and residences of the principal Buyers of this County who attend this Market themselves or send their Commissioners to purchase for them

JACKSON, EYRE and Co.                                      Tulladoe Moy

Thomas GREER                                                      Rhone Hill Dungannon

Thomas R GERAGHTY                                         Dungannon

Alexander STEWART                                         Drumreagh Dungannon

Jonathan HOGG                                                      Redford Dungannon

Jonathan PIKE                                                         Derryvale Dungannon

William GREER                                                       Milltown Dungannon

Edward SHAW                                                      Castlecaulfield Dungannon

Patrick FERGUSON                                                Springfield Dungannon

William BOARDMAN                                            Dungannon

Samuel McDONNELL                                           Derry Hill Dungannon

James IRWIN                                                           Willbrook Cookstown

William MAGILL                                                   Cookstown

William MORGAN                                                 Cookstown

William BYERS                                                        Moy

James DELWORTH                                               Dungannon

Joseph WILSON                                                     Dungannon

William GARRETT                                                  Dungannon

Jonathan TURNER                                                 Dungannon

Joseph ORR                                                           Dungannon

James MULLUN                                                      Dungannon

James FALLON                                                       Dungannon

John HIDES                                                            Stewartstown

John WEIR                                                             Stewartstown

James HUNTER                                                    Stewartstown

Patrick McCONNELL                                           Stewartstown

Samuel MORROW                                               Dungannon

George WiILCOCKS                                            Dungannon

John MURRAY                                                     Dungannon

Robert McKNIGHT                                             Augher

Hugh OWENS                                                       Strabane

The following are the names and residences of the principal Buyers from other Counties who attend this Market themselves or lend their Commissioners to purchase for them

Francis BENNETT and Son                       Coleraine Londonderry

John WILSON and Son                              Coleraine Londonderry

John KNOX                                                  Coleraine Londonderry

Thomas RICE                                              Coleraine Londonderry

Samuel WILSON                                         Coleraine Londonderry

Monk EAGLESON                                       Coleraine Londonderry

Charles BERNIE                                          Coleraine Londonderry

Charles HEMPHILL,  HUNTER and Co.     Coleraine

Robert CONN                                               Coleraine Londonderry

Thomas BENNETT                                       Coleraine Londonderry

James McFARLAND                                     Coleraine Londonderry

James McAFEE                                             Coleraine Londonderry

Leslie ALEXANDER                                      Newtown Limavady

James ALEXANDER                                      Newtown Limavady

Alexander ALEXANDER                              Newtown Limavady

ACHESON, SMYTH, and Co.                         Londonderry

Carey McCLELLAND and Co.                      Londonderry

Mark ROGERS                                               Dungiven Londonderry

John BOYLE                                                   Dungiven Londonderry

John CHAMBERS                                           Mulaghmore Co Tyrone

Archihald and John BARKLEY                     Larne

William MILLER                                            Ballymena

John CURIE                                                    Ballymena

William RANKIN                                            Coleraine

Alexander CLARK                                         Maghera

Jonathan RICHARDSON                                Lisburn

Robert McBRIDE                                           Armagh

Adam McBRIDE                                            Armagh

John WYNNE                                                  Keady

Hugh KIDD                                                     Keady

James GERON                                                Keady

Joseph JOHNSON                                           Stranorlar

John and James QUIN                                   Newtown Stewart

Owen DONNELLY                                          Omagh

Edward SPROULE                                         Newton Stewart

James GREER                                                 Omagh

John CHARLY                                                 Belfast

William MACKY                                              Coleraine

Hugh HART                                                    Coleraine

Henry ORR                                                     Coleraine

Strabane Market

This is a Weekly market. It is held every Tuesday.

The Market commences at the hour of 10 o’clock from the 25th Mar. to the 25th of Sept., and from 25th Sept. to the 25th of Mar.  at 11 o’clock, for seven-eighth wide Webs.

 The 3/4 wide Webs are permitted to be sold, summer and winter, 1 hour earlier than the  7/8 wide Webs.  The Market is over in less than an hour.

The Market is held in the open street in the centre of the town.

The Fabrics sold here are as follow:

     * 3/4 wide Webs measuring from 52 yards to 100 yards, 28 inches in  breadth,     manufactured from Tow-yarn; quality - middling.

     * 7/8 wide Webs, 52 yards in length, and 32 inches in breadth; quality- pretty good.

 The average prices of Linen sold in this Market are as follow:

      * 3/4 wide Webs sell from 6d. to 8d. per yard, average 7d.

       * 7/8 wide Webs sell from 14d, to 20d. per yard, average, 17d.

 All Linen comes to this Market in a brown state. The Yarn they are made of is tolerably well bleached.

 The 3/4 wide Webs are mostly exported to Manchester, and other parts of England.

 The 7/8 wide Webs are sent to the different Bleach-yards, and from thence to the Dublin or London Markets. A small portion exported to London in a brown state.

 From 25th Mar. - 25th Sept., the 3/4 wide Linens are exposed to sale at 9 o’clock in the forenoon, and from the 25th Sept. - 25th Mar. at 10 o'clock.

 7/8 wides are exposed to sale at 10 o’clock in the forenoon the summer half-year, and at 11 o’clock in the winter season.

 The average number of Webs sold in this Market may be said to be thus: 120 3/4 wide, and 600 , 7/8 wide; the average value of both amounts to 2,380 weekly.

 About three-fourths of the Weavers who attend this Market reside in this County, the other fourth lives in the County of Donegal.

 Upon an average, 660 Weavers attend this Market weekly.

  Upon an average, 55 Buyers attend each weekly Market.

  Of the 55 Buyers who attend this Market, 27 are principals and 28 commissioners.


  The following are the names and residences of the principal Buyers of this County, who attend this Market themselves, or send their Commissioners to purchase for them:

Owen DONNELLY                                                                   Omagh.

Thomas COOK                                                                          Lisdivin

James GREER                                                                            Omagh

Edward MOSS                                                                           Omagh

John MATHEWSON                                                                 Gortin

John M‘CREA                                                                             Mulllagheragh

Robert M‘CREA                                                                         Glenrush

Robert M‘CREA                                                                         Leckpatrick

Hugh OWENS                                                                             Mallison bridge

James M‘DOUGAL                                                                     Mallison Bridge

Thomas BROWN                                                                       Strabane

Edward SPROUL                                                                       Spa Mount

James SPROUL                                                                           Spa Mount

Robert COCHRAN Jr.                                                                Strabane

John and James QUIN                                                              Douglas

Frederick M‘CORMICK                                                           Burndennet

The following are the names and residences of the principal Buyers from other Counties, who attend this Market themselves, or send their Commissioners to purchase for them:

John and William DYSART                                                       Derry Co. LondonDerry

John and William CAMPBELL                                                 Derry                 “

Adam SCHOALS,  Wm. M‘CLINTOCK  and Co.                       Derry                  “

William MACKY                                                                            Derry                 “

John Acheson SMITH                                                                  Derry                  “

Carey M'CLELLAND and Co.                                                    Derry                  “

William RAMSAY                                                                          Derry                  “

John M‘CLEERY                                                                             Coleraine          “

Mark EAGLESON                                                                          Coleraine          “

Hugh and Thomas  HANDCOCK                                              Comber Claudy “

John ALEXANDER                                                                           Newtown Limavady

James ALEXANDER                                                                        Newtown Limavady

Alexander ALEXANDER                                                               Newtown Limavady

Henry ORR                                                                                         Coleraine

John HART                                                                                          Coleraine

John WILSON                                                                                    Coleraine

James GILMORE                                                                               Coleraine

Francis BENNET                                                                              Coleraine

Robert CONN                                                                                     Newtown Limavady

John KNOX                                                                                           Coleraine

William MOODY Jr.                                                                          Newtown Limavady

Wm. MOODY Sr.                                                                                Newtown Limavady

Michael KING                                                                                    Dungiven

Samuel WILSON                                                                               Coleraine

Robert STEVENSON                                                                        Co. Derry

Joseph JOHNSTON                                                                            Co. Donegal

William CHAMBERS                                                                        Co. Donegal

Thomas WILSON                                                                              Co. Donegal

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