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Edymore & Cavanalee Townlands Misc. Personal Announcements, Camus Parish 1823-1848

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Edymore & Cavanalee Townlands Misc. Personal Announcements, Camus Parish 1823-1848
Personal announcements extracted from the STRABANE MORNING POST, LONDONDERRY JOURNAL, LONDONDERRY SENTINEL and LONDONDERRY STANDARD relevant to families residing within these two adjacent townlands

Transcribed, compiled and submitted by Len Swindley, Melbourne, Australia


June 10 1823

On Monday last, MRS. McCREA, relict of the late MR. WM. McCREA of Cavanalee

March 1 1825

On Saturday last, the body of MR. R. HAMILTON, of Cavanalee, who has been missing for 14 weeks, was found in the river at Sion. It is supposed that he had fallen into the river, on his way home. An inquest was held on the body, who returned a verdict of “Accidental Death.”

June 24 1828

On Wednesday last, MISS ELIZABETH KNOX, daughter of MR. JOHN KNOX, of Cavanalee

July 15 1828

We are sorry to state, that a young man of the name of JAMES SIMMISON, from Edymore, near this town, went into the river at Derry to bathe, on Wednesday last, and not being a swimmer, he was carried away by the tide and drowned. The parents of the young man were in Derry waiting for the sailing of a vessel for America, in which he was to accompany them; what must have been their feelings, when the vessel sailed next day with them, leaving their son still in the river. His body was found on Saturday, a short distance from where he was drowned, and was yesterday interred in the grave-yard of this town. He was a young man of good character, and much respected by those who knew him

August 5 1828

On Saturday last, a field of Oats at Cavanalee, belonging to MR. GALBRAITH LOWTHER, was cut down, and we understand a better crop was seldom or ever cut in the neighbourhood

November 30 1830

On Friday last, MR. JOSEPH THOMPSON, of Edymore, aged 66 years

October 29 1833

SINGULAR ROBBERIES. About three weeks ago, two Bee Hives were stolen from the garden of MRS. HOOD, of Carrygullon, and a few days ago two were also taken from the garden of MR. WILLIAM HUNTER, of Cavanalee. We would recommend all persons to whom honey may be offered for sale, to be particular in their enquiries after the persons who may offer it as such plunder, if not closely watched, may discourage the practice of rearing Bees altogether. We understand, a Reward, respectably signed, will be offered for the apprehension of the thieves.

December 31 1833

On Friday last, at Edymore, MRS. FULTON, wife of MR. JOHN FULTON, of that place

March 25 1834

At Cavanalee, near this town, at the advanced age of 92, MR. ALEXANDER KERR

June 17 1834

At Cavanalee, near this town, on Monday last, after a lingering illness, MR. THOMAS HOUSTON, aged 74

December 16 1834

At Cavanalee, near this town, on Tuesday morning last, after a lingering illness, JANE, youngest daughter of the late MR. THOMAS HOUSTON, of same place

May 19 1835

At Edymore, near this town, on Friday last, MR. JAMES HAMILTON

October 20 1835

On Tuesday morning, ISABELLA DONAGHY, daughter of MR. JOHN DONAGHY, of Edymore

October 27 1835

On Friday last, by the Rev. Mr Goudy, JOHN HOUSTON, of Cavanalee, to MARY third daughter of MR. ROBERT WILSON of Edymore


January 7 1834

Died on Friday week at Edymore, MRS. FULTON, wife of MR. JOHN FULTON of that place

November 17 1835

Died on Sunday se’nnight at Edymore near Strabane, MRS. AIKEN

January 8 1839

Married on Thursday last by Rev. A. P. Goudy, MR. ROBERT DAVIS of Edymore to ELIZA, third daughter of MR. JOHN FULTON of Edymore

December 31 1839

Died on Saturday se’nnight, MR. JOSEPH DAVIS of Edymore aged 85


December 20 1834

Died at Cavanalee near Strabane on Tuesday morning week after a lingering illness, JANE, youngest daughter of the late MR. THOMAS HOUSTON of the same place

January 9 1836

Married on the 31st ult by Rev. Mr Rentoul of Manorcunningham [Co Donegal], MR. JOHN THOMPSON of Edymore, county of Tyrone, to MISS ELIZA, eldest daughter of the late ROBERT ARMSTRONG, ESQ., of Galdanagh, county of Donegal


January 31 1838

Died at Strabane on Saturday last, MR. JAMES BROWN of Edymore near Strabane

February 21 1838

Married on Monday 10th inst by Rev. James Houston, MR. JAMES ROULSTON of Ardnaglas [Co. Donegal] to MARY, daughter of JOHN FULTON, ESQ., Edymore, near Strabane

March 14 1838

Married at Edymore near Strabane by Rev. A. P. Goudy, MR. JOSEPH MARTIN of Carrygullen, to ELIZABETH, daughter of ROBERT WILSON, ESQ. of Edymore

October 10 1838

Married on Friday last, MR. JAMES COWDEN of Strabane, to MISS NANCY BROWN of Cavanalee

January 9 1839

Married on Thursday evening last by Rev. A. P. Goudy, MR. ROBERT DAVIS of Edymore, to ELIZA, 3rd daughter of MR. JOHN FULTON, Edymore

December 25 1839

Died at Tennessee, North America in October last WILLIAM GRAHAM of Cavanalee near Strabane. He was a young man very much respected by all who had the pleasure of his acquaintance. He has left a mother and sister to deplore his loss

May 20 1840

Married on Tuesday 12th inst by Rev. Moses Chambers, MR. WILLIAM HATRICK of Tamnaclare, Donagheady to MATILDA, daughter of the late MR. JOSEPH THOMPSON of Edymore, parish of Camus

January 3 1844

Married in Strabane Church by Rev. E. Atkinson on Monday last, MR. SAMUEL SAWYERS of Bearney to ELIZABETH, daughter of MR. WILLIAM SAWYERS, Edymore

May 1 1844

Died on Saturday last at Cavanalee, at the house of MR. JAMES HUNTER, her grandfather, HELEN, eldest daughter of MR. JOHN GRAY, printer and stationer, Strabane, aged 17 years

April 9 1845

Died at Edymore near Strabane on Saturday last, MR. ROBERT WILSON aged 86

September 26 1845

Married in Thursday 11th inst at the Presbyterian Church, Glenelly by Rev. John Moore, THOMAS, 5th son of MR. THOMAS PORTER of Edymore near Strabane to MATILDA, 4th daughter of MR. JOHN YOUNG, Aghalane, Glenelly

January 20 1846

Died at Cavanalee near Strabane on Saturday week, MRS. McASHEE, wife of MR. JOHN McASHEE of said place

July 2 1847

Married in the Presbyterian Church of Dunnemana on Thursday se’nnight, MR. ANDREW McASHEE of Cavanalee, parish of Camus, to MARY ANN, daughter of MR. JOHN JACK of Tirkernaghan

September 22 1848

Married on Tuesday last in Strabane Church by Rev. Edward Atkinson, MR. JOHN McASHEE of Cavanalee, to MISS McCREA of same place

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