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Letter from Charles McLaughlin, Donneydade to Seaton McLaughlin, Australia 1881

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Letter from Charles McLaughlin, Donneydade to Seaton McLaughlin, New Zealand 1881

Transcribed, compiled and submitted by Nancy McLaughlin

The writer of this letter, dated September 12th 1881 was Charles McLAUGHLIN, a farmer, who died at Donneydade, parish of Clonfeacle, co. Tyrone ten years later on 31st December 1891. It is not yet known who he married, but his family were Sally Elizabeth born c 1838, Alexander born c 1840 (the missing son Alexander referred to in the letter), Andy John, and Mary Ann (known as Annie, and actually Charles' grand-daughter, tho' raised as his daughter).


The recipient of the letter was Charles McLaughlin's nephew Seaton McLAUGHLIN, born c 1839, who had emigrated from co Tyrone to Australia and eventually to New Zealand. He was a son of William and Margaret McLaughlin of the townland of Lurgy, parish of Donaghenry. Seaton married in NZ in 1869 to Elizabeth Paterson ROBINSON from Oughterard, parish of Desertcreat.


Reference in the letter is made to another nephew, John Alexander McLAUGHLIN, born c 1833 and a son of John McLaughlin of Oughterard, parish of Desertcreat. John Alexander had married in 1854 in Stewartstown to Mary Jane SPENCER, and had emigrated to Australia.


Son Alexander never returned to Ireland. Unmarried, and a miner, he died in Dunedin, NZ in 1910.

N.B. - this letter is transcribed line-for-line as it was written with the spelling and punctuation as it exists in the original

Copy of original letter - page 1 & 4 ; page 2 & 3

Donneydade September 12th /81


Dear Seiton I write to say that

I wrote to you five months past

but am sure you did not get

it otherwise you would have

Answered it My Daughter Sally

was at your Father's for the

Directions and your mother said

when you would get the letter

you would surely write for that

you wrote to them generally evry

two months I wish you to find

out my Son Alexander iff possible

you can and tell him to come home

As soon as possible that I have no

one to look after the farm

we have heard that my Son

is in Bannock Burn but we dont

know where to find him iff you

cannot My Son Andy John married

and left me I have no person but

my two daughters and my self There

is nothing could give us so much

Please [sic] us to see Alexander home

I am getting to old to attend to any

thing but I hope it will please

God you will find him out

And tell him to surely come home

and if he does not come that I

hope he will write as soon as

Possible to me that I may consult

myself what I am to do as

I dont know at present

If you cannot find out my son

Alexander and could find out John

Alexander McLaughlin he might find

where he is and you can say to him

that I would be glad he would write

to me and I know he will I hope that

Mrs McLaughlin and family with your

self are enjoying good health I need

say no more but the children join me

in sending their love to James Robinson

and his wife the[re] are a small enclosure

in this letter for my son when you

see him and I hope you will write

me by return of post or as soon as

Possible as we are very uneasy I conclude

by give my love to your Family with

your self I remain yours truly

Charles McLaughlin

PS Dear Seiton I have confidence

that you will do all you can for

me and I hope you will write

without delay

My address is

Charles McLaughlin



Co Tyrone


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