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Letter from Tyrone August 16, 1885

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Letter from Tyrone, August 16, 1885

August 16, 1885

Dear Uncle

I now take up my pen to let you know that we have got a great deal of trouble this year but we canot help what has ordains must come too pass we have lost our kind mother one this world but we hope to meet in heaven where it will be fare better in yore us all to meet theire where we will meet to part no more O but that will be joeful to meet to part no more. But she lasted but a short time it was the canser in her breast the docter said. She had no pain atoll but weake in body is was working alonge time before she spoke about it but it wase too leat then. She laye about a mounth till god tooker home to him self in heaven. Father is well and all the rest of us but William tooke a very sore foot about 9 mounts ago and is was verry bad and the docter sid it would be fare better fur us too send him to Omagh Infirmary and it would mend sooner there but the docters all sais it will have too come off at the ancle.

It is a very bad case for us too, me and he brome him home again and did not let them cut it of and he is some better we think that it will mend yet he believes that god can seave his life it on as with it of. We weare all fearet that he will not live too but he is mendin some little better. John Bates is well and the family and Joseph is well too there is not goods times in Ireland their has been a great dail of morders hear. I was gone to America the time that William tooke bad, he is older than me but if he mends as I hope he will I will go yet and soone but father says its time nigh be there too but I will go yet no matter what any won says I must close now my screable I mist good by I am your affection frend

I was exception answer from you long ago

Death James Lowry note (something) Glencose

I gots no letter from you since I sent to you rite soon

Letter sent to Lowry family of Aroostook, County Maine, USA

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