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Letter from JANE MOORE to sons John and William

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Letter from JANE MOORE to sons John and William

Transcribed by Kyle M. Condon

Drumlegah, April 11th., 1835

My Dear Children John and William:
I once more take my pen to try to make you break silence as I cannot let slip the present opportunity of testifying my love to you through you have neglected and I suppose quite forgotten your aged, ten-der mother, whose greatest comfort would be to know that you were well, and if so beg to be pardoned, trusting that on receipt of this you will send me a letter letting me know the entire particulars since I last had the pleasure of hearing from you. There is a little comfort can be derived from the pleasure this wrote gives to one who had so much of its trials as I have had and whose health is so much impaired that its sweets can yield little comfort. I have reason to bless God that my confidence is sure fixed on the all sufficient refuge which he in His mercy has vouched safe to sinners and as my time is now drawing near a close it would give me unexpressible pleasure to hear from you both frequently. Trusting through you are separated from me here that we shall all meet in that better land where sorrow never enters.

Your brother Samuel and family are well as also brother Andrew and family. They are both living in the neighborhood and join with the rest of your brothers and sisters in sending their love to you both. I hear that you Dear John have got married and hope that thereby your comfort is increased, if so please give my love to your bedfellow in the kindest manner and hope to hear her name and country in the first letter you write. Dear William your old neighbors are diligent in their inquiries after your welfare. None of whom but think strange you are so ungrateful as not to write. I will expect a long letter from you letting me know how Brother Robert Stephenson and sister Eliza is as also how sister Fanny and family are. Let me know how Margaret McFarland is doing and where each of them reside. I have reason to bless God your brother Robert and the rest of the family are very industrious and dutiful and that we now live as comfortable as people in our circumstances could expect Provisions rate something dearer this year than usual in consequence of potatoes missing and even failing in the Houses. They are now three pence per stone meal, thirteen pence per peck. Butter six pence per pound. Eggs 3 pence per dozen, Pork 3 pence per pound, Beef 4 pence per pound. This spring has been rather unfavorable to labor through the crops are reasonable forward. I have not much of importance to write as the bearer can give you the entire particulars of the country, You may let Joseph Rodgers know that his father died, November 17th, 1833, that his mother lives with John Patterson and that his brother John and family has moved. John Rodgers wishes me to forward his best wishes to you both and hopes you will let him know how Joseph and family is when you write. After wishing that this may find you to good health, hoping to hear from you by the earliest opportunity.

I remain dear children your most affectionate and loving Mother.


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