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Irwin Marriages, Clogher & Armagh Dioceses

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Irwin Marriages, Clogher & Armagh Dioceses

Transcribed & Compiled by Chris Irwin

Armagh Diocese
Clogher Diocese

Clogher Diocese
Information taken from the LDS film #0100862 Clogher Diocese 1709 - 1866
Marriage Indexes of Marriage License Bonds, Public Record Office of Ireland

Date order per Diocese
Ervine Elizabeth and John Woods 1712 Irwine James and Peawell Colquhoune 1713
Irwine Elizabeth and David Coultard 1715 Irwin James and Susanna Armstrong 1714
Irwine Frances and James Crozier 1715 Irwin Francis and Ane Gardiner 1715
Irwin Magdalen and Gerard McGrigar 1718 Irvine Christopher and Dorcas Montgomery 1718
Irwine Margaret and Robert McAdow 1719 Irwin Gerrard and Mary Foster 1718
Irwin Mary and Joseph Williamson 1723 Irwin John and Margaret Whitley 1718
Irwine Mary and Daniel Jackson 1726 Irvin Walter and Jane Moor 1720
Irwin [als Betty] Elizabeth and John Crozier 1726 Erwin Robert and Margaret Young 1721
Irwin Jane and James McCullogh 1726 Irvin John and Mary Finlay 1722
Irvine Jane and James Irvine 1727 Irwin William and Jane Bell 1725
Irvine Grace and William Armstrong 1730 Irwin William and Elizabeth Maxwell 1725
Irwin Margaret and Thomas Armstrong 1730 Irwine Archibald and Jane Barrettt 1726
Irvine Margaret and James Crawford 1732 Irvine James and Jane Irvine 1727
Irvine Ann and Joseph Wilson 1732/3 Irwin Archibald and Sarah Henderson 1727
Irvine Margaret and Thomas Armstrong 1734 Erwin Samuel and Frances Homes 1728
Irwin Jane and Allen Delap 1734/5 Irvin John and Anne Armstrong 1728
Erwine Elizabeth and John Dunlap 1736 Irvine John and Jane Forster 1728
Irvine Anne and Charles Irvine 1737 Irvine Andrew and Isabell Armstrong 1729
Irvine Jane and Charles Johnston 1738 Irvine James and Mary Morison 1732
Irwin Elizabeth and Thomas Wallace 1739 Irwine James and Anne How 1732
Irvine Margaret and Samuel Boyd 1739 Irwin Alexander and Mary Beatty 1732/3
Erwin Mary and Matthew Watson 1740 Irvin John and Margaret Wright 1733
Irvine Sidney and Christopher Crow 1740 Irvine James and Jane Graham 1734
Irvine Margaret and Lancelot Johnston 1743 Irwin Gerard and Barbery Bleahley 1735
Irvine Susanna and Thomas Wilhen 1744 Irwine James and Jane Thompson 1736
Irwin Ann and Isaiah Armstrong 1744 Irvine Charles and Anne Irvine 1737
Irvine Mary and William Dunlap 1744 Irwine James and Catherine Barny 1737
Irwin Frances and William Swanston 1746 Erwin James and Rebecca Henderson 1738
Erwine Jane and Adam Lovitt 1747 Irwin John and Mary Carrothers 1738
Irvin Margaret and Thomas Armstrong 1748 Irwine James and Anne Armstrong 1738
Irvine Rose and Michael Cooper 1748 Erwin Joseph and Margaret Maxwell 1739
Irvin Jane and Terence McGinis 1749 Irwin Lawrence and Ann Peebles 1739
Irvine Ann and Arthur Johnston 1749 Irvine Gerrard and Mary Archdall 1739
Erwin Mary and William Stewart 1750 Irwin [Rev.] Andrew and Mary Forster 1740
Irwin Jane and John Johnston 1750 Irvine Charles and Elizabeth Nichol 1742
Irwine Margaret and John Presly 1750 Irvine John and Elizabeth Mecartney 1742
Irwin Margaret and Richard Story 1751 Irvin George and Faith Elliott 1742/3
Irwin Margaret and John Beacom 1751 Irvine Alexander and Mary Henderson 1743
Irwin Mary and James Armstrong 1751 Irvine William and Jane Nichols 1746
Irwin Margaret and Richard McGhee 1751 Irwin James and Catherine Martin 1746
Irwine Jane and John Maccartney 1751 Irwin James and Ann Wrighton 1747
Irwin Isabella and William Adams 1752 Irvine Francis and Sarah Leonard 1748
Irwin [als Nichols] Jane and Charles Irwin 1752 Irwin William and Mary Pringle 1748
Irwine Elinor and John Dixon 1752 Irwin Gerrard and Jane Law 1750
Irwin Mary and James Irwin 1753 Irwin Patrick and Jane Armstrong 1750
Irwin Magdalen and Alexander Johnston 1755 Irwin John and Jane Charters 1751
Irvin Margaret and Philip Armstrong 1756 Erwin John and Kathe Sampson [als Maurice] 1752
Irvine Margaret and John Irvine 1756 Irwin Charles and Jane Irwin [als Nichols] 1752
Irwin Margaret and James McClelland 1771 Irwin James and Mary Irwin 1753
Irvine Margaret and Thomas Armstrong 1774 Irwine John and Mary Cooper 1753
Irwin Mary and William Glinn 1801 Irwin Hugh and Elizabeth Crozier 1753
Irwin Catherine and William Clark 1802 Irwine Bell and Andrew alivell 1754
Irwin Elizabeth and John Brimstone 1802 Irvine Gerard and Jane Armstrong 1755
Irvine Barbara and James Neville 1804 Irvine Richard and Jane Acheson 1755
Irvine Margaret and John Burgess 1805 Irwin Charles and Magdalene Forster 1755
Irvine Catherine and James Palmer 1805 Irwine Thomas and Jane Sproul 1755
Irwin Sophia and Mark Chartres 1806 Irwin Robert and Elizabeth Betty 1755
Irwine Rebecca and Edward Treanor 1807 Irwin Andrew and Jane Stuart 1755
Irvine Mary and Thomas Sheperd 1807 Irwin John and Margaret Hilliard 1756
Irvine Mary and Alexander Betty 1808 Irwin John and Katherine Keys 1756
Irwin Elinor and John Patterson 1816 Irvine John and Margaret Irvine 1756
Irwin Mary and George Kyles 1817 Irwin Alexander and Jane Graham 1764
Irvine Isabella and William Gorrell 1817 Irwin Samuel and Sarah Curren 1766
Irvine Catherine and Michael H Tuthill 1817 Irwin William and Barbara Bacon 1766
Irwin Elinor and William McLoughlin 1818 Irvine Alexander and Dorthy Wilson abt 1767
Irvine Jane and John Doak 1818 Irwin James and Alice Welsh 1769
Irvine Margaret and William A Armstrong 1818 Irwin Arthur and Jane Jackson 1770
Irvine Barbara and William McManaiay 1819 Irvine Robert and Letice McKinly 1773
Irvine Susanna and George Bleakley 1820 Irvine Joseph and Mary Marshall 1774
Irwin Sarah and Robert Lowry Dickson 1821 Irvin George and Bridget Brackearig 1775
Irvine Mary and Kearns Taylor 1821 Irwine William and Alice Ranken 1775
Irvine Mary and John Davis 1821 Irvine Samuel and Elinor Maunsell 1776
Irvine Elinor and William Macutchen 1823 Irwin Thomas and Jane Liddle 1801
Irvine Barbara and C William Betty 1823 Irwin John and Isabella Bowles 1802
Irwin Jane and James Porter 1825 Irvine George and Mary Thompson 1802
Irwin Jane and John Little 1825 Irwin Lowther and Ann Woods 1803
Irvine Esther and William Elliot 1825 Irwin John and Margaret Woods 1803
Irvine Elizabeth and Irvine Staffford 1827 Irwin Thomas and Anne McLean 1806
Irwin Ellen and Hugh McDonald 1832 Irwin [Rev.] Blayney and Anne Cairnes 1807
Irvine Dorcas and Anthony Smyth 1834 Irwine William and Jane Longmoore 1811
Irwin Catherine and Edward Renneck 1835 Irwin Robert and Jane Benson 1812
Irvine Jane and Richard Irvine 1836 Irvine John and Jane Mayne 1814
Irwin Mary and William Rutledge 1839 Irwin Robert and Anne Cook 1815
Irwin Dolly and George Hillard 1839 Irvine William and Jane Johnston 1817
Irvine Mary and John Fair 1840 Irvine Gerard and Eliza Magrigor 1817
Irwin Mary and William Elliot 1841 Irvin William and Susan Parks 1818
Irwin Ellen and William Lunny 1843 Irwin Charles and Isabella Brien 1822
Irwin Ellen and Edward Reed 1844 Irvine Francis and Mary Graham 1825
Irwin Jane and Thomas Wallace 1848 Irvine Robert and Prudence Graham 1826
Irwin Anne and William Magee 1856 Irvine John and Anne Ellis 1832
Irwin Jane and Thomas Irwin 1860 Irvine Thomas and Margaret Clarke 1833
- Irwin John and Jane Henderson 1834
- Irwin James and Eliza Summerville 1834
- Irvine Richard and Jane Irvine 1836
- Irwin Christopher and Ellen Brittain 1839
- Irwin William and Elizabeth Campbell 1842
- Irwin William and Elizabeth Magee 1844
- Irwin Thomas and Jane Irwin 1860
- Irwin James and Ellen Hassard 1860
- Irvin David and [unreadable from copy]
Armagh Diocese - 1727 - 1845 Marriage Indexes
The following information was obtained from the Latter Day Saints [Mormons], 
microfilm # 100859 Armagh Diocese 1727 - 1845 Marriage Indexes. The spelling of 
the name varies, all have been sought, and the complete pages photocopied are 
listed here Public Records Office of Ireland, Marriage License Bonds, 
Diocese of Armagh
Date order per Diocese
Irvine Frances and James Wilson 1739 Irwin Robert and Rose Carroll 1750
Irwin Jean and James Blair 1742 Irwin Garrett and Sarah Richardson 1753
Irwin Ann and William Murrow 1743 Erwin John and Mary Boyle 1754
Irwin Rebecca and George Hodgin 1749 Irwin Arthur and Alice Kelly 1755
Irwin Elizabeth and John Dunlop 1762 Irwin Theophilus and Elizabeth Carson 1758
Irwin [orse Wilson] Anne & Joseph Stephenson 1763 Irwin John and Mary Henry 1764
Irwin Angelica and Samuel Medlicott 1765 Irwin George and Isabella Jones 1759
Ervin Mary and Joseph Oliver 1768 Irwin John and Elinor Lappan 1765
Irwin Margetry and Andrew Himmons 1770 Irwin Robert and Elizabeth Nevin 1767
Irwin Elizabeth and Walter Hall 1771 Irwin Mountross and Grace Hamilton 1768
Irwin Margaret and Thomas Kearns 1774 Irwin Thomas and Elizabeth Hempfield 1769
Irwin Anne and Samuel Kearns 1775 Irwin Robert and Mary Scroggy 1769
Irwin Jane and Patrick McElroy 1776 Irwin Alexander and Mary Holmes 1773
Irwin Jane and William Scroggy 1776 Irvine William and Alice Smyth 1777
Irwin Mary and John Burrell 1777 Irwin Alexander and Mary Thompson 1779
Irwin Margaret and Robert Johnston 1777 Irwin William and Catherine Johnston 1781
Irwin Jane and Alexander Porter 1778 Irwin Henry and Mary Ashton 1782
Irwin Elizabeth and John Kieth 1781 Irwin Samuel and Elizabeth Irwin 1783
Irvine Ann and John Kennedy 1782 Irwin John and Sarah White 1784
Irwin Elizabeth and Samuel Irwin 1783 Irwin John and Mary Pattison 1784
Irwin Mary and John Baron 1785 Irwin Robert and Mary Fulton 1785
Irwin Ann and Thomas Barton 1788 Irwin Isiah and Dorthy Grimes 1785
Irwin Jane and Edward Irwin 1789 Irwin Edward and Jane Irwin 1789
Irwin Elizabeth and Ephrain Hill 1794 Irwin James Moore and Hellen Houston 1792
Irwin Jane and William Irwin 1794 Irwin Robert and Agnes Miller [orse Bartley] 1792
Irwin Ann and Mathew Palmer 1802 Irwin James and Ann Faulkner 1792
Irwin Anne and Hugh Keenan 1807 Irwin William and Jane Mason 1792
Irwin Ann and John Woods 1810 Irwin William and Jane Irwin 1794
Irwin Ann and James Smith 1819 Irwin Robert and Mary McCullough 1794
Irwin Abby and Robert Hamill 1820 Irwin Robert and Elizabeth Geough 1804
Irwin Jane and Charles S Monck 1821 Irwin William and Margaret Foster 1809
Irwin Mary and Woolsey Mathers 1822 Irwin Archibald and Margaret Harvey 1815
Irvine [orse Tennison] Jane &Patrick Leggatt 1825 Irwin Gawin and Jane Scrogie 1816
Irwin Jane and David White 1826 Irwin Joseph and Anne Barkley 1817
Irwin Sarah and Thomas Buntin 1826 Irvine Gorges and Mary Crosslie 1817
Irvin Jane and Henry Hughes 1827 Irwin William and Sarah Morrison 1818
Irwin [orse Gough] Elizabeth & Thomas Hays 1827 Irwin Joseph and Margaret Dobson 1818
Irwin Margaret and John Blevins 1827 Irwin Arthur and Elizabeth Scrogey 1818
Irvin Anne and Henry Barber 1828 Irwin Henry and Margaret Little 1819
Irwin Catherine and Irwin M Hamilton 1828 Irwin John and Jane Dane Staples 1819
Irwin Anne and Thomas Patterson 1828 Irwin William and Elizabeth Craigen 1819
Irwin Elizabeth and David Gaddis 1828 Irwin William and Margaret Stewart 1819
Irwin Mary and William Cuddoo 1828 Irwin John and Sarah Lavery 1821
Irwin Isabella and James Darragh 1828 Irwin William and Mary Mann 1822
Irwin Elizabeth and William Neill 1829 Irwin Robinson and Margaret Murray 1822
Irwin Margaret and Patrick Owens 1829 Irwin William and Jane Campbell 1825
Irwin Pricilla and James Morrow 1829 Irwin Thomas and Margaret Martin [orse Blevins] 1825
Irvine[Catherine /Elizabeth S]& Charles Bailey 1829 Irwin Samuel and Elizabeth A Carey 1825
Irwin Hannah and Robert Bredin 1830 Irwin Edward and Mary Simons 1826
Irwin Eleanor and John Gilpin 1830 Irwin William and Isabella Henderson 1826
Irwin Anne and Alexander Culbert 1830 Irwin Robert and Anne Buller 1826
Irwin [orse McDole} Mary & James Hurstwait 1830 Irwin James and Hanna Pettigrew 1826
Irwin Anne and James Cole 1830 Irwin William and Mary Trainer 1827
Irwin Elizabeth and Robert Thompson 1831 Irwin John and Mary Jane Richardson 1827
Irwin Letitia and John McConnell 1831 Irwin William and Allice Harman 1828 [double LL is correct]
Irwin Alicia and Jeremiah Irwin 1831 Irwin William and Elizabeth Cowan 1828
Irvine Anne and Alexander Taylor 1831 Irwin William and Margaret McMinn 1828
Irwin Jane and John Wilkinson 1832 Erwin John and Anne Grandt 1828
Irwin Rebecca and William Wratherhead 1832 Irwin James and Frances Locke 1828
Irwin Jane and William McKeown 1832 Irwin John and Margaret Gillespie 1828
Irwin Eleanor and William Clarke 1833 Irwin Joseph and Mary Trailfoot 1828
Irwin Jane and Edward Wright 1833 Irwin John and Jane Dobson 1829
Irwin Jane and James Reid 1833 Irwin Robert and Mary Oliver 1829
Irwin Mary and Andrew Reid 1833 Irwin William John and Jane Waters 1829
Irwin Maria and John Carson 1833 Irwin Joseph and Margaret Davidson 1829
Irwin Susanna and Thomas Black 1833 Irwin James and Eleanor McGeown 183(?)
Irwin [orse Ferguson] Sarah & Robert Nevill 1834 Irwin James and Frances Richardson 1830
Irwin Margaret and George Christy 1834 Irwin Alexander and Jane Carroll 1830
Irwin Phoebe and Hugh Watt 1834 Irwin John and Elizabeth Blevins 1830
Irwin Mary and Henry Robinson 1834 Irwin Charles King and Elizabeth Ensor 1831
Irwin Jane and Archibald Finlay 1834 Irwin Jeremiah and Alicia Irwin 1831
Irwin Catherine and Thomas Whittels 1834 Irwin James and Margaret Dawson 1831
Irwin Dinagh and John Turner 1834 Irvine David and Jane Neal 1831
Irwin Anne J and Andrew Irwin 1834 Irwin William and Sarah Gardner 1830
Irwin Anne and William Henderson 1834 Irwin Thomas and Jane McCann 1831
Irwin Joanna and James Williamson 1835 Irwin William and Susan J McClure 1831
Irwin Jane and Brown Mills 1835 Irwin William and Jane Montgomery 1831
Irwin Eliza and Andrew Nethercoat 1835 Irwin George and Mary Bennett 1832
Irwin Rachael and Robert Neville 1835 Irwin David and Elizabeth McKittrick 1833
Irwin Sarah and James Compston 1835 Irwin Francis and Sarah J Mathews 1833
Irwin Mary and Adam Martin 1835 Irvine Thomas and Mary Magennis 1833
Irwin Margaret and Samuel Coleman 1836 Irwin John and Anne Denny 1833
Irwin Margaret A and James McElroy 1836 Irwin William and Mary Boyle 1833
Irwin Susanna and James Sterrett 1836 Irwin Thomas and Margaret Smith 1834
Irwin Sarah and James Lucas 1837 Irwin James and Martha Cord 1834 (?) ink splotch
Irwin Eleanor and James Finn 1837 Irwin Andrew and Anne J Irwin 1834
Irwin [orse McNeill] Ana M and Joseph McDonnell 1837 -
Irwin Jane and George Johnston 1838 Irwin James and Mary Hyde 1835
Irwin Elizabeth and William Loney 1838 Irwin Thomas and Sarah Farson 1835
Irwin [orse Burton] Eleanor and Richard Stockdale 1838 -
Irwin Anne and Jerimiah Sloan 1838 Irwin John and Jane Richardson 1836
Irwin Anne and William Hopkins 1839 Irwin John and Mary J Hindman 1836
Irwin Hannah and John Patterson 1839 Irwin Thomas and Rachael Maguire 1836
Irwin [als Staples] Jane D and Joseph Johnston 1840 Irwin John and Sarah Curran 1838
Irwin Anne and George Moon 1841 Irwin Henry and Elizabeth Melord 1837
Irwin Anne and William Wilson 1842 Irwin Samuel and Anne Cowan 1838
Irwin Jane and William Borthwell 1842 Irwin Seth and Elizabeth Brown 1839
Irwin Mary and William Marshall 1842 Irwin Joseph and Sarah A Blacker 1839
Irwin Elizabeth and John Hillock 1842 Irwin William and Catherine Hall 1841
Irwin Mary and Henry Kingsborough 1842 Irwin James and Ellen McMeminey 1842
Irwin Margaret [orse McCormick] and Mark Hewitt 1842 -
Irwin Anne and Robert Beatty 1843 Irwin Thomas and Mary A McHight 1842
Irwin Mary and Henry McCann 1844 Irwin James and Bathia Douglas 1842
Irwin Sarah and William Duke 1844 Irwin William and Martha McBride 1842
Irwin Jane and George Woods 1844 Irwin Alexander and Martha Winter 1843
Irwin Mary and Robert Milsop 1844 Irwin John and Rose Homer 1843
Irwin Jane and John Chambers 1844 Irwin William and Mary Anne White 1843
Irwin Elizabeth and James Nugent 1845 Irwin John and Sarah McMullan 1844
Irwin Robert and Elizabeth Cason 1844 -
Irwin David and Sarah A Kittle 1844 -
Irwin Hugh and Sarah Reynolds 1845 -
Irwin John and Mary McGrady 1845 -
Irwin John and Rachael Lavery 1845 -

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