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Householders Index - Leckpatrick Parish

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Householders Index - Leckpatrick Parish (Part 1)

Following information contributed by Jim Rouse

(Leckpatrick Parish - Part 2)


In the Surname Index - G is for the number of times a surname appears on the Griffith's Valuation in that parish and the T is if the surname is on the Tithe Applotment Book for the parish


Griffith's Valuation Year 1860 - Tithe Applotment Book Year 1827
Aaron T Cooke T Gallagher G11 T
Adams G2 T Cox G Gamble G6 T
Anderson G3 Coyle G2 Gault T
Andrews G T Craig G2 Gibson G3 T
Ardbuckle G3 T Cramsie G3 Gill G
Ash G Cullen G3 Glackan G4 T
Austin G Cullion G3 Golden G
Bailey G Cummins G2 T Gordon G4 T
Baird G Cunningham G5 Gormly G10 T
Bannagan G Curtis G2 T Gough G2
Barclay G Daly G Gourley G3 T
Barn G Davis G2 Graham G5 T
Barne G Dawley G Griffin G
Barnhill G2 T Deery G6 T Gwynne G T
Barr G Denison G T Hagarty G3 T
Bates G Devany G Hall T
Begley G T Devenny G Hamilton G6 T
Bickett T Devin G14 T Hampton G
Black G T Dick T Hanna G
Blackburne G Divin G T Hasty G
Blair G T Dixon G Hawthorne G2 T
Boake G2 T Dodwell G Henderson G2
Boggs G Doherty G19 T Herron T
Bogle G2 T Donaghy G9 T Hipburn G
Bogue G Donald T Hollywood G
Bonar G Donnell G15 T Holmes G T
Boyce T Donnelly G3 T Hooey T
Boyd G2 T Doragh T Howard G
Boyle G4 Douglas G3 T Howlett G
Bradley G3 T Doyle G Huey G
Bratton T Drew G Hughes T
Brennan G2 T Duddy G Hunter G T
Brealan G Dudye G Huston G3 T
Briggs G3 T Duggan G Jameson G
Britton G4 Dunne G2 T Jenkins G
Brodie T Durneen G Johnston G
Brown G3 T Durragh G5 Kane G3 T
Browne G4 T D'Yermott T Kavanagh G2 T
Buchanan G Earl G Kearney G3
Burgoy Early T Keasey T
Burns G T Edil T Kee G5 T
Caldwell G Edwards G2 Keenan G
Campbell G5 T Elliott G T Kelly G14 T
Carland T Ellis G Kerr G
Carney G Ellison G T Kilgore G3
Carnwath G6 T Ewing G2 T Kilpatrick G2 T
Carolan G4 T Falkinder T Kincaid G4 T
Carroll T Falls G2 King T
Cartan G Farrell G3 T Kirk G5 T
Casey G3 Fauguher T Kirkwood G2
Cassidy G Faulkner G Knox G5 T
Cathers T Ferguson G4   Lally G
Caulfield T Ferris G Larkin G2
Chambers G Flanagan G   Leaney T  
Christie G6 T Fleming T Lennon T
Clarke G Flynn G T Lennox G
Clendenning G T Forbes G   Lepper T
Cochrane G Ford G   Letter G
Cogwell G Foster T Lewis T
Colhoun G3 T Friel G   Lindsay G7 T
Collins G T Fyffe G   Liveney T
Conaghan G Gaff T Logan G
Connolly G Galbraith G T Logue G17 T

(Leckpatrick Parish - Part 2)

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