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Householders Index - Killeeshil Parish

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Householders Index - Killeeshil Parish

Following information contributed by Harry Doyle 

In the Surname Index - G is for the number of times a surname appears on the Griffith's Valuation in that parish and the T is if the surname is on the Tithe Applotment Book for the parish



Griffith's Valuation Year 1860 - Tithe Applotment Book Year 1829
Agnew G T Goff T McMackin T
Alexander T Goodwin G McMahon G T
Anderson G Gormly G2 T McManus T
Ardry G Griffin G2 McEnneny T
Armstrong G Griffith T McMinn G
Arneil G2 T Grimacoy T McMullen G3 T
Arthur G Hackett G T McNamee T
Ballantine T Haddin G T McNeary T
Barclay G3 T Haddock G2 T McNeill G3 T
Beadmead G Hagan G4 T McNeilus T
Beatty G5 T Hall G McQuaid G6 T
Beggs T Hamill G14 T MacRory G2 T
Bell G4 T Hannah T McTeague G2
Best G2 T Happer T McVeagh G T
Blumer G3 T Hardy G T McVeigh G2 T
Boyd G T Harvey G McWilliams G2 T
Boyle G8 T Hayes G T MacKen G2 T
Browne G5 T Heatherington T MacKin G2 T
Brush G Henderson G2 Mailey G
Bryans T Hill G Marshall T
Caghy G Hodge G Martin G2 T
Caldwell G Holland T Mason G2 T
Callen G Holmes G Mathews G
Campbell G3 T Hughes G6 T May G
Canovan T Hullin G2 Melvin G2 T
Carbery G Hurst G3 T Miles T
Carlin G Irwin G4 T Miller G
Carlton G Jameson G T Mines G
Carr G9 Johnston G5 T Moffett G T
Carson G6 T Judge G Montgomery G4 T
Carter T Kearns G Moone G6
Caruth T Keenan G T Moore T
Cash G2 Kelly G28 T Monaghan G
Cauldwell T Kilpatrick T Morris G2 T
Chapman G Kerr T Mulgrew G13 T
Clarke G2 T King G T Mullen G2 T
Charleton T Kirk G Murphy G11 T
Cochrane G Knox G Nealis G
Colbert G3 T Kyle G2 T Neill G T
Cole T Lafferty G8 Newton G
Collins G2 Lammy G3 T Nimo T
Condy G10 T Lanly T Noblow G T
Conigan G4 Lappin G3 Oak G T
Conlon G5 T Laverty T O'Brien G
Conn G Leggett G T O'Neill G6 T
Conolly T Leister G Orr G2 T
Conroy T Lemont G Osborne T
Corrigan G T Levingston T Paisley G T
Cousins T Lewis G2 T Patterson G T
Cregan G Linn G Paul G
Crossle G T Little G Potter G T
Crothers G Lockhart G4 T Quinn G10 T
Cuddy G Loon G Rafferty G2
Cunningham G3 T Loughran G16 T Raverty T
Cumberland G Loughrane G T Ramsay G T
Curley G Lowry T Rea T
Curson T Lucas G Reid G6 T
Cush T Lynas T Regan G
Daly G14 T Lynch G Robinson G T
Davidson G McAleer G5 T Ryan G
Dawley G5 McAtaggart T Sadlier T
Dawson G McAteer G T Sally T
Dennis T McBride G3 T Scott G T
Devine G7 T McCaffray T Shannon G T
Devlin G4 T McCammon G T Sharkey G2 T
Disney G McCann G T Sheill G
Dixon G T McCanna G Simpson G4 T
Donaghy G18 T McCaul G10 T Skiffington G
Donaldson T McCausland T Sloan G T
Donnelly G17 T McClean G T Soaley G T
Donnelson G McClusky G T Somerville G T
Doogan G McCollum G2 Speer T
Doran G2 T McConnell T Stenson G4 T
Doyle G8 T McCool G3 T Story T
Drummond G McCormack T Taggart T
Duff G5 T McCoy G Talbot G2
Duggan G T McCourt G T Tannistan G
Dunbane G3 McCue T Teague G3 T
Dunbar T McCullagh T Tennison T
Dunn T McCusker G4 T Thompson G T
Dunlop G T McDonald T Tierney G3 T
Durin T McDonnell G2 Todd G
Early G McElhinney G T Traynor G T
Eccles G T McFarland G2 Treeman G
Ellison G4 T McFarley G Trustle G
Fahan G McGee G2 T Turner G
Farley G4 T McGeoghagan G Verner G T
Farrell T McGeough G2 Walker G2 T
Faruhar T McGilly G4 T Watson G
Ferguson T McGirr G T Watt G
Finlay G2 McGorria T Wetherington G
Flanagan G McGrand T White T
Fleming T McGuiggan G2 T Whitfield T
Fox G3 T McGuinness G T Whittington G2 T
Gamble G McGuire T Williams G
Gault G McKenna G6 T Williamson G T
Gilkinson G T McKeon G Wilson G4 T
Gillespie G T McKinley G2 T Woods G2 T
Gilmour G3 T McLean G T Young G2 T
Givans G8 T      

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