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Householders Index - Kildress Parish

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Householders Index - Kildress Parish (Part 2)

Following information contributed by  James Huey 

In the Surname Index - G is for the number of times a surname appears on the Griffith's Valuation in that parish and the T is if the surname is on the Tithe Applotment Book for the parish


Kildress Parish - Part 1


Griffith's Valuation Year 1860 - Tithe Applotment Book Year 1827
Johnston G6 T M'Gee G Perry G
Kane G4 T M'Geraghty G5 T Plunkett G
Keane G T M'Gervon G Potter G
Kearney G M'Gloan G3 T Purvis G T
Keenan G4 T M'Govern G2 Quinn G39 T
Keilty G20 T M'Gowan G T Rafferty G2 T
Kelly G4 M'Gra T Ramsay T
Kennedy G3 M'Grady G Rankin G T
Kenny G T M'Gucklan G Reddick G
Kent G3 T M'Guiggan G2 T Reid G4 T
Kerr G M'Guone G Reynolds G T
Kinkade T M'Gurke G60 T Rue T
Knight G M'Hood G Richardson G2 T
Knox G M'Hugh G3 Robinson G
Lagan G18 T M'Ilree G T Rogers G
Lannan G3 M'Ilwee G T Ross G
Lapsley T M'Ivor G Sandes G
Lennan T M'Kean G Scott T
Lennox G M'Kenna G30 Scullion G
Leydon G M'Kenny G T Senechal ? T
Little T M'Keon G3 Simonton T
Loheran G6 M'Kew T Simpson T
Loughran G63 M'Kernan G12 T Shephard T
Loy G6 T M'Kittrick G2 T Shuter T
Lyons G M'Mahon G Slane G T
Lyttle G5 M'Manus G T Slayne G2 T
M'Aleer G11 T M'Menamy G2 Smith G2 T
M'Alister G4 T M'Mullen G2 Sonagher G
M'Allister G3 T M'Quislon T Souter G
M'Anally G22 T M'Namee G10 T Steele G2 T
M'Anulla T M'Neese T Steene G
M'Anuller G3 M'Rory T Steenson T
M'Ardle G3 T M'Shane T Stewart G5 T
M'Atee G M'Tague T Summerland G
M'Avoy T M'Vey G3 T Supple G
M'Bride G2 M'Waters G T Sweeny T
M'Caffrey G4 M'Williams G Taggart G
M'Call T MacKell G2 T Tague T
M'Cann G3 T Malaghan T Taylor G3 T
M'Canna T Mallon G18 T Thom G
M'Carter G T Marshall G2 Thornton G
M'Clean G3 T Martin G2 T Thussel T
M'Clelland T Mason T Tierney T
M'Cluskey G7 T Miller G3 Toner G5 T
M'Coard T Moffett G3 T Toombe G4 T
M'Connell G T Molloy G2 T Tracy G
M'Conway G7 Monaghan G24 T Traner T
M'Cormack G3 T Montgomery G Trimbell G T
M'Court G Moody G T Trimmer G
M'Creggan G2 Mooney G T Turk G
M'Creighton G8 T Moore G2 Turkenton G
M'Crory G2 T Moorhead G3 T Valelly G T
M'Crystal G5 T Moran G Verner G
M'Cullagh G5 T Morris G4 T Vincent G
M'Dermott G Muldoon T Walker G5 T
M'Donald G10 Mulholland G5 Wallace G
M'Donnell G14 T Mullin G T Walsh T
M'Elderry G T Mullins G18 T Ward G
M'Elhatton G14 T Murdagh G Warden T
M'Elhone G10 T Murphy G3 T Waters G T
M'Elkearney G Murray G2 Watson G3 T
M'Elvoge G2 T Neill G4 T Weir G4 T
M'Elwain T Neville G White G3 T
M'Elwee G3 T Newbury G2 Wiley T
M'Erlane T Nobbs G3 Wilkinson G2
M'Farland G2 T Nogher T Wilson G T
M'Farlane G T Norris G T Woods G2 T
M'Felin T Nugent G16 T Wright G2
M'Flynn G2 O'Brien G3 Yarrow G2 T
M'Gaghy G2 T O'Neill G2 T Young T
M'Gartland G Parke G2 T


Kildress Parish - Part 1

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