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Householders Index - Donacavey Parish

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Householders Index - Donacavey Parish (Part 2)

Following information contributed by Vynette Sage 

In the Surname Index - G is for the number of times a surname appears on the Griffith's Valuation in that parish and the T is if the surname is on the Tithe Applotment Book for the parish

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Donacavey Parish - Part 2 (Hackett - M'Vay)

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~Remainder of Parish in East Omagh Barony~
Griffith's Valuation Year 1860 - Tithe Applotment Book Year 1827
Hackett G T Love G M'Gartland G
Hagan G Lucas T M'Gaughey G
Hall G T Lyn T M'Geraghty G5
Hamill G Lynch G T M'Ghee T
Hamilton G13 T M'Afee T M'Ginn G T
Hampton G M'Aleer G5 M'Girr G5 T
Hanlon G M'Alunny G2 M'Glacken G
Hanly G M'Aneely G M'Clinchy G5 T
Hanna G T M'Aree G T M'Gonigle G
Hanning G M'Atee G2 T M'Gough G2 T
Hardy T M'Bride G2 M'Gowan G2 T
Heagney G2 T M'Brien G2 T M'Grannhan G7 T
Healy G M'Caffrey G4 T M'Grath G8 T
Henderson G5 T M'Caherry G M'Guggian G T
Higginbotham G M'Cahy G2 M'Guiggan G12 T
Hilly G M'Caigney T M'Hugh G
Hollis G M'Callan G7 T M'Intire T
Houston G9 T M'Cann G6 T M'Iroy T
Howe G T M'Canny G M'Kearney G4 T
Hudson G M'Carlton G M'Kee G
Hughes G4 T M'Carn G T M'Kelvey G
Hurst G M'Carney G20 T M'Kendry G
Irvine G M'Carroll G T M'Kenna G6 T
Irwin G3 T M'Cart G2 T M'Kenny T
Isaac G2 T M'Cartin G T M'Keown G7 T
Jameson G4 M'Causlin T M'Kerney T
Job G T M'Carvill T M'Kiernan G
Jobb G5 T M'Cavill T M'Kinley G T
Johnson T M'Cawley G T M'Kimm G
Johnston T M'Chesney G T M'Lean G
Jones G T M'Clarin T M'Leer T
Jordan G M'Clintock G M'Loughlin G3
Kane G T M'Clung G4 T M'Lunny T
Kays G4 M'Connell G3 M'Lynch G T
Keenan G4 M'Cormack G7 T M'Mackin G4 T
Kelly G43 T M'Cosker G38 M'Mahon G T
Kennedy G M'Court G M'Malaghan G
Kennsey T M'Cowan G M'Manus G3
Kenny G M'Coy G5 T M'Means G2
Kerr G2 T M'Cracken G3 M'Menamin G
Kerry G M'Creanor G9 T M'Menamy T
Keys T M'Creery G T M'Morin G
King G12 T M'Croarken G T M'Mulkin T
Kyle T M'Crory G T M'Mullen G T
Lammy G4 T M'Crystal G6 T M'Nally G
Lapslie T M'Culgan T M'Namee G2
Laughlin G3 T M'Cullen T M'Nespie G T
Law G M'Culcheon T M'Nestry G2 T
Leiter T M'Dermott G4 T M'Nogher T
Lendrum G M'Donald T M'Nulty G4 T
Levinson G T M'Donnell G2 M'Phelimy G
Lindsay G4 T M'Elbride T M'Phillips G
Little G T M'Elhill G2 M'Prey T
Lloyd G M'Elroy G12 T M'Quaid G4 T
Loan G2 T M'Enhill T M'Quoan T
Logue G M'Evers G M'Seer T
Lone G5 M'Farlane G T M'Sorley G2 T
Long G M'Feeters G2 T M'Spirret G
Loughery G2 M'Fetridge T M'Swiggan G
Loughlin G M'Gahy G M'Teague G
Loughran G T M'Garity T M'Vay G2

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