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Termonamongan Parish Hearth Money Rolls - 1666

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Termonamongan Parish Hearth Money Rolls - 1666

Transcribed, Compiled & Submitted by Bob Mitchell

Transcribed from handwritten pages with the heading - Termonamongan, Hearth Money Rolls, 1666. Tyrone. Omagh Barony 5 West (Page 253)

Believed to be from Historical Survey of a Parish 1600-1900 - John H. Gebbie (Strule Press, Omagh) (1968).




Arthur Newburgh esq 2

Edmund m’Gillmurry

Thomas Banks

Gortnagross [Gortnecross]

John Tilladam

Patrick Kyll

Magherakeel [Maghrikill]

James Kennedy

Aghalunny [Aghaleny]

George Torrence

William Gourley

Grigh in Grighdenis [Goygh]

Tool o’Dowill

James o’Dowill

Meenafergus [Minerergus]

Artt m’Hugh


Edmund o’Quine

Robert m’Gillan

Ardarver [

Charles Bastard

Richard o’Tunney

Robert Luyis

Aghyaran [Aghagaran]

David Bastard

Altamullan [Altemullan]

Knogher o’Tinegan

Brian o’Divany

Quiconnaght o’Birne

Dualtagh m’Brien

Neele o’Demsy

Clagernagh [Clegernagh]

Murghy o’Divin

Brian m’Golerick


Cormick m’Rory

Neele m’Rory

Carracoghan [Carigaroghan]

Phelomy m’Cosker

Brian m’Court

James m’Court

Thomas Denny

Shan o’Scheele

Morris o’Carrowlan

Mullanabreen [Mullanabrin]

Rory m’Hugh

Torlogh m’Kenny

William m’Menamy

Owen m’Leak

Torlogh m’Mongan

Magheranageeragh [Maghrynegerah]

William Calwell

George Mitchell

Lislaird [Lishlahard]

Alexander Rabb

Andrew Broune

William Speer

Lisnacloon [Lislaclune]

Rodger Grindstone

Gawen Watt

Jarvis Folliott

Dreenan [Derinan]

Laughlan m’Hugh

Carndreen [Caradreen]

Pattrick m’Gruddy


Robert Wilson

Andrew Irvine

Leitrim [Letrim]

Michael Cooper

Torlogh m’Manamam

Creeduff [Ceeryduff]

Ouen o’Donaghy

Shan o’Dermond

Aghamore [Aughimor]

Tool o’Neill

Scraghy [Straghey]

Donachy m’Fragey


William o’Dogherty

Laughlan m’Barran


Patrick o’Ferrenan

Richard o’Donill

Donold m’Glin

60 Householders 61 Hearths 6lbs 2s

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