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Hearth Money Roll, Deserleragh? (Desevtereagh?) Parish

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Hearth Money Roll, Deserleragh?
(Desevtereagh?) Parish

Transcribed & Submitted by Rose Cranston

*County Tyrone Hearth Money Roll 1670, Poll Book 1660."LDS film #1279356
*Public Records Office of Northern Ireland (PRONI)
1664 Hearth Money Roll T.283/D/2
1666 Hearth Money Roll T.307

154.Patrick O Car, Edmond orge O CARN, Redmond O CANN -----Gortskin Gortindarragh
155.Torlogh McDONNELL Gortindaragh Gortindarragh
156.Teege O Kinan, Brian McGERREY Corneire Carnenny (?)
157.Shan O HEGNY Gortnedaragh Gortindarragh
158.Shan McBENNETT Meamore Moymore
159.Neill Mod McIHROAN Trosldaw ---------------
160.James O LAPPAN Edendoile Edendoit
161. Edmond Mc IMURRE Bardaghessiagh Bardahessuagh
162.Patrick McNALLY Aghnegregh ---------------------
163.Edmond Mc IHIRAILE Aghnegregh ----------------------
164.Cormick O LAPPAN Skenahergna Skenahergny
165.Owen Mc NEILL Tollieravy Tullyreavy
166.Hugh rooe o MULKINAN Tulliodovey Tullyodonnell
167.Brian Mc NALLY Aghnegreeke ---------------------
168.Patrick Mc GLAINE Gallcossagh Galcussagh
169.Shan O LAPAN Knockvady Knockavaddy
170.Redmond O MANAGHAN Meanegarry Moneygaragh
171.Tool McIHan (?) McIIIan Meanegarry Moneygaragh
172.Shan O NEILL, Conner O CORRIGAN Sessiagh Sessia
173.Cullow McGLOAN Meighrey Moree
174.James BRIAN Dirregortnea Derrygortanea
175.Torlogh O TONNER, Neil Mc COURT Gortveale Gortavale
176.Peris Mc GLOAN Meighrey Moree
177.owen O MELLAN Allen Allen
178. Shan boy McKEEVER Waterard Oughterard
179.Owen Mc IHMURRY (?) IIIMURRY Mullynur Mullynure
180.Cormick O QUINE Drumballyhough Drumballyhough

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