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Hearth Money Roll, Clonoe Parish

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Hearth Money Roll, Clonoe Parish

Transcribed & Submitted by Rose Cranston

*County Tyrone Hearth Money Roll 1670, Poll Book 1660."LDS film #1279356
*Public Records Office of Northern Ireland (PRONI)
1664 Hearth Money Roll T.283/D/2
1666 Hearth Money Roll T.307

350. Thos. MORRIS 2, James O CARRELL, Dermont O DOWLAN, Shan ODUOHIN, John O DONALLY, Mountjoy Mountjoy
351.John MORRIS 2 Gortnogle Gortnaglogh
352.Alixander HAMILTON Clunlevahin Clintycracken(?)
353.Donald O CORR Aghdremerg Aughrimderg
354.Murtagh McSTRAVOGE, Neill Mc GUGHIAN Bell?y?beg Ballybeg
355,Rory Mc STRAVOGE, James McGILL, Phelemy McRORY-- Cole Coole
356.Owen McRORY, Nice O TOUNER Lissaclare Lisaclare
357.John McGILL, James DAVISON Killin Killeen
358.Shan O QUINE Aghagalla Aughagalla
359.Cristor MORRIS, Donnell Mc RORY Killarie Killary
360.Donachy McCAWELL, Patrick CAWELL Shanlus Shanliss
361.John COWAN, WM. McTOWELL, Andrew NEALL Listrean Lisnastrane
362.Andrew DONALDSON Timher Tumpher
363. Teege O MULLDOUNE, Rory McCARWELL Mulinitnog -----------------
364.Hugh O NEILL, James McCARWELL Mineagh Meenagh
365.Cormick SHEAN, Cormick O NEILL Dromurar Drummurrer
366. Owen O DALLY, Hugh O NEILL Anaghmor Annaghmore
367.James O MELLAN Anagher Annagher
368.Neill O NEILL, Nicholus O LIVAUGHAN Dernagh Dernagh
369.Conner O CONRY Maughancany Magheramulkenny(?)
370.Ferragh McCAWELL Claoge Cloghog
371.Owen O NEELE Derrylaghin Derryloughan
372.Phelemy O NEELL, Phelemy McSHAN Aughmullan Aughamullan
373.Patrick CORR Bollagitle Ballygittle

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