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Ardstraw Parish Hearth Money Rolls - 1666

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Ardstraw Parish Hearth Money Rolls - 1666

Transcribed, Compiled & Submitted by Bob Mitchell

Transcribed from handwritten pages with the heading - Ardstraw Parish, Hearth Money Rolls, 1666. Tyrone Omagh Barony 6 West (Page 254)

Believed to be from Historical Survey of a Parish 1600-1900 - John H. Gebbie (Strule Press, Omagh) (1968) but the information conflict with that of the other transcription on our site.




James Broune


James Harper

?Claremore [More]

James Hemphill

Lisleen [Lissaleen]

Robert Spruell

James Woods

Robert Irvine

Ardbarren [Ardbarran]

Torlogh m’Sorley

Hugh m’Sorley

Brian m’Manus

Brian m’Gemery

William m’Gemery

James m’Golerick


John Jonston

Archbald Jonston

William Betty

Francis Litle

John Moore

Robert Watt

Andrew Smith

Coolnacrunaght [Coulenecrunagh]

Alexander Crawford

John Cavert

Kilreal [Killreall]

James Law

Mathew Broune

John Law

Drumnabey [Drumnaleigh]

Tooll oge m’Cawell

Owen o’Barran

Donachy m’Award

Edmond m’Hugh

Rory o’Neill

Cayher m’Hugh

Donachy o’Melan

Urney and Ardstraw Parish 55 Hearths 5lbs 10s

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