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How to obtain Birth, Marriage and Death Certificates

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How to obtain Birth, Marriage and Death Certificates

Following information contributed by Faye Logue, Rachel Dysart and Alma Willis

To obtain a copy of a death certifcate from NI


Certificates can be obtained from:-

The General Register Office,
Oxford House,
49 - 55 Chicester Street,
Northern Ireland.

Full certified copy of an entry of Birth, Death or Marriage is £7 stirling as of this writing.

You can now order BMD certificates on-line. Check out the website of the Northern Ireland Statistices & Research Agency http://www.nisra.gov.uk

If you click on Online Services you can then order all types of certificates, paying with a credit card.

The information on Irish certificates -

Birth (from 1864) - Name, Date, Place of Birth, Parents names including
Mother's maiden name.
Marriage (Protestant from 1845,
others from 1864)
- Names, Ages, Marriage Place & Date, Place of Residence, Occupation, Father's name and occupation.
Death (from 1864) - Date, Place of Death, Age, Name of Deceased, Cause of death, name and address
of informant (quite often a relative) and some times relationship to deceased.


You can also get a photocopy of the birth, marriage or death entries from Dublin for £1.50 (irish punts). (I don't know how much in Euro's) Also, marriages and deaths entries up until 1870 have been filmed by the LDS and the films are available through their libraries for hire.

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