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Things Genealogists Need To Know

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Things Genealogists Need To Know

Transcribed by Teena


ABSTRACT- A summary of the important parts or points of a document  

AHNETAFEL-pedigree a table of contants )(german word)  

CONSANGUINITY- State of being related by blood or descended from a common ancestor    

PROJENITOR- Ancestor in the direct line forefather  

INDENTURE- Agreement in writing between 2 or more parties wgich was then cut or torn on a jagged line, each party receiving one section that could be matched frequently used in a colony or where loans of money were made.  

CONSORT Spouse (husband or wife)  

REDEMPTIONER Person who sold his service for a period of 2 years to pay for his ship's passage  

EMIGRANT- one who leaves one place or country to settle in another  

IMMIGRANT- One who enters a new Country and settles there.  

RELICT- Widow or widower  

FREEMEN- In tax and other records, unmarried men of age 21 and older, free of family obligations, so taxed as a single man.      

1752 A Date To Remember  

In the middle of the 18th Century 2 Changes were made to the English Calender.  

The 1st change - and the one most important to genealogists- moved the official state of the New Year from 25 March (Lady Day) to 1st January. This changed January, February & March from being the last 3 months of the old year to being the 1st 3 months of the New Year.  

The 2nd change - by losing 11 days in September, was from the Julian Calender to the Grwgoian. This brought England in line with the rest of Europe, where the Gregorian system had been in use since 1582.  

The correct procedure is to transcribe the dates in both Old Style & New 5Fee. O.S. should be written 5 Feb 1626/7  

Genealogical  EVIDENCE  

This is evidence obtained from original records- documents of statements made close tot he time of occurance by a trustworthy witness.  

This is evidence recorded much later than the event or by someone not present at the event.  

Anything that states certain facts with the specific purpose of proving those facts.  

Only implies a fact.  

This is established when there is no direct evidence of a fact but a number of primary sources of information make that conclusion more likely than any other.    

Acronyms & Initials For Genealogists  
admin. - administration; administrator  
Admon. - letters of administration    
Ag. Lab. - Agricultural Labourer (British censuses)  
AGLL- American Genealogical Lending Library  
A.K.A - also known as  
AOH- Ancient Order of Hibernians  
APG - Association of Professional Genealogists  

Beq-bequest, bequeathed  
bio- biography
BLW- Bounty Land Warrant  
BTY- By The Way  
Bap or Chr - baptised / christened  

C., Ca.-circa (about)
CC - County Clerk; county court, county commissioner; company commander  
CCP - Court of Common Pleas  
Comm. - commissioners  
CRA - Church Records Archives  

DAR - Daughters of the American Revolution  
D.B.- Deed Book  
D.C.E. .-Writ of diem clausit extremum (he has closed his last day)  
Dec'd, Decd.-deceased  
D.S.P - died without issue

En - engineer  
Exs. - executors  
Exuc. - executrix; a female executor  

FGS-Family Group Sheets  
FGS - Federation of Genealogical Societies   F
&AM-Free and Accepted Masons  
FHC - Family History Center  
FHL - Family History Library  

GEDCOM - GEnealogical Data COMmunication  
GOONS - Guild of One Name Studies  

HSA - Huguenot Society of America  

Ibid. - [Latin] ibidem; same (reference)  
IGS - Irish Genealogical Society  
IMHO - In My Humble Opinion ( electronic communication, in general)
IMNSHO - In My Not So Humble Opinion ( electronic communication, in general   
IOF-Independant Order of Foresters
IOOF- Order of Odd Fellows
ISBN- Internationa Standard Book Number  
IGI- International Genealogical Index  
I.P.M..-Inquisition post mortem  
IRC- International Reply Coupon  

JP - Justice of the Peace  
Jr., jun. junior (younger of two)  

K. of C.-Knights of Columbus  
K.G.-Knight of the Garter
K.of P- Knights of Pythias  
KT- Knights Templar  

LC - Library of Congress  
LDS- Church of Jesus Christ of Latter day Saints  
Lieut. - lieutenant  
LMA - London Metropolitan Archives  

Matric-matriculated (entered and recorded at college or university)  
MI - Monumental Inscription (on tombstones)  
MS., MSS.-manuscript, manuscripts  
NA - Naturalized  
NARA - National Archives and Records Administration  
NEHGS - New England Historic Genealogical Society
NGS - National Genealogical Society
NIGR - National Institute of Genealogical Research
NINA - No Irish need apply (Used in Newspaer ads.)  
nunc. -nuncupative (oral, as opposed to written)  

Obit. - obituary  
Ord. - ordained; ordinance; order; ordinary  

P.C.-Privy Council  
PLB - Poor Law Board  
Propr- proprietor (land owner)  

Rev. War - Revolutionary War  

SASE - Self addressed stamped envelope  
Sen.or Sr. - senior (elder of two)
SKS - Some Kind Soul  
SoG - Society of Genealogists (London)  
Src. - source
Suc. - succeeded (followed)  
Suo juris-in his (her) right
Surg. - surgeon
Surv. - survived  
TAG- The American Geneaologist  
Twp- township  
U.K. - United Kingdom  
UPS- United Parcel Service  
Ux.- uxor or uxoris, wife
WASP- White Anglo Saxon Protestant

AUS  Australia                AUT  Austria
BEL  Belgium                  BRA  Brazil
BRB  Barbados                 CAN  Canada
CHE  Switzerland              CHI  Channel Islands
COL  Columbia                 CZE  Czech Republic
DEU  Germany                  ENG  England
FRA  France                   HUN  Hungary
IRL  Ireland                  IOM  Isle of Man
ITA  Italy                    LBN  Lebanon
LKA  Sri Lanka                LTU  Lithunia
LUX  Luxemburg                MEX  Mexico
MOZ  Mozambique               NLD  Netherlands
NZL  New Zealand              NOR  Norway
PER  Peru                     POL  Poland
SCT  Scotland                 SWE  Sweden
SVK  Slovakia                 THA  Thailand
UKI  United Kingdom           UKR  Ukraine
USA  United States            WLS  Wales
ZAF  South Africa             ZMB  Zambia

AB  Alberta
BC  British Columbia
MB  Manitoba
NB  New Brunswick
NF  Newfoundland
NS  Nova Scotia
NT  Northwest Territories
ON  Ontario
PE  Prince Edward Island
QC  Quebec
SK  Saskatchewan
YT  Yukon        

AL  Alabama
AK  Alaska
AZ  Arizona
AR  Arkansas
CA  California
CZ  Canal Zone
CO  Colorado
CT  Connecticut
DE  Delaware
DC  Dist of Columbia
FL  Florida
GA  Georgia
GU  Guam
HI  Hawaii
ID  Idaho
IL  Illinois
IN  Indiana
IA  Iowa
KS  Kansas
KY  Kentucky
LA  Louisiana
ME  Maine
MD  Maryland
MA  Massachusetts
MI  Michigan
MN  Minnesota
MS  Mississippi
MO  Missouri
MT  Montana
NE  Nebraska
NV  Nevada
NH  New Hampshire
NJ  New Jersey
NM  New Mexico
NY  New York
NC  North Carolina
ND  North Dakota
OH  Ohio
OK  Oklahoma
OR  Oregon
PA  Pennsylvania
PR  Puerto Rico
RI  Rhode Island
SC  South Carolina
SD  South Dakota
TN  Tennessee
TX  Texas
UT  Utah
VT  Vermont
VA  Virginia
VI  Virgin Islands
WA  Washington
WV  West Virginia
WI  Wisconsin
WY  Wyoming

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