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Tamlaght Parish Griffith's Valuation Index of Names

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Tamlaght Parish Griffith's Valuation Index of Names

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Ahern Daniel Coagh
Aiken John Coagh
Aiken John Urbal
Aikin John Coagh
Allen Archibald Coagh
Allen Elizabeth Urbal
Arbuthnot Robert Aghaveagh
Arnold John Aghaveagh
Beatty James Coagh
Beatty William Mullaghtironey
Bell Isabella Drumconway
Bell James Drumad
Bell Robert Coagh
Bell Robert Drumconway
Bell Robert Sr Drumconway
Bell Thomas Coagh
Bell Thomas Drumconway
Bell Thomas Mullaghtironey
Bell Walter Drumad
Blackwood Robert Coagh
Boothe William Drumad
Boyce Thomas W Coagh
Bradley Thomas Coagh
Breen Patrick Coagh
Bridget Andrew Drumconway
Browne Rep. James Urbal
Bryson Robert Coagh
Bryson Robert Coagh
Campbell Alexander Mullaghtironey
Campbell John Aghaveagh
Campbell Mary Coagh
Campbell Robert Aghaveagh
Campbell Wm. G P Coagh
Cargan Margaret Urbal
Charleton Rachel Coagh
Charleton Robert Coagh
Charleton Wallace Mullaghtironey
Clarke George Coagh
Clendining Martha Coagh
Collins Rowley Coagh
Collins Thomas Mullaghtironey
Conlan Matthew Urbal
Conlan Patrick Aghaveagh
Connolly Patrick Urbal
Conyngham William L Coagh
Conyngham Wm. L Drumconway
Cooke Archibald Coagh
Cooke William Aghaveagh
Coulter Mary Urbal
Coulter Thomas Urbal
Cowan John Coagh
Cowan Robert Urbal
Craig John Coagh
Crooks Samuel Coagh
Cullan Charles Coagh
Curran James Drumad
Davidson Sarah Aghaveagh
Devlin Mary Drumad
Devlin Mary Drumad
Devlin Sarah Coagh
Devlin Sarah Drumad
Dixon Francis Coagh
Dixon James Coagh
Doole Samuel Aghaveagh
Downey William Coagh
Downing William Coagh
Duff Robert Drumconway
Duff Thomas Drumconway
Duff Thomas Mullaghtironey
Duff Thomas Urbal
Duff Walter Coagh
Duff Walter Urbal
Dunbar John Drumad
Duncan David Drumconway
Dunlop William Aghaveagh
Eakin Eliza Drumconway
Eakin James Drumconway
Elsinder Andrew Urbal
Elsinder Robert Urbal
Faulkner James Coagh
Ferguson John Mullaghtironey
Ferguson Robert Aghaveagh
Ferguson Robert Drumad
Ferguson Robert Urbal
Ferguson Thomas Aghaveagh
Ferguson Thomas Drumconway
Ferguson Thomas Urbal
Flack Hugh Coagh
Flack Matthew Urbal
Flynn Margaret Drumad
Ford William Coagh
George Jane Mullaghtironey
Geraghty Elizabeth Coagh
Gibson David H. Coagh
Gibson John Coagh
Gibson Joseph Aghaveagh
Gibson Margaret Drumad
Gibson Samuel Coagh
Gibson William Aghaveagh
Gilmore James Aghaveagh
Gilmore James Mullaghtironey
Gilmore Thomas Urbal
Graham David Coagh
Gray Eliza Aghaveagh
Griffin William Coagh
Hagan Henry Coagh
Hagan James Coagh
Hagan Michael Coagh
Hamilton Alexander Aghaveagh
Hamilton David Mullaghtironey
Hamilton Henry Aghaveagh
Hamilton Henry Coagh
Hamilton Henry Drumad
Hamilton John Coagh
Hamilton John Drumad
Hamilton Sarah Drumad
Hamilton Thomas Coagh
Hamilton Thomas Urbal
Hawthorne Thomas Coagh
Henderson Mrs Mullaghtironey
Henry Rev. Ryand Drumad
Heron John Coagh
Holmes David Coagh
Holmes James Aghaveagh
Holmes Rev. Robert Coagh
Horan James Coagh
Hunter Thomas Drumconway
Hunter Thomas Urbal
Jameson Samuel Aghaveagh
Johnston Margaret Drumad
Johnston Thomas Coagh
Johnston Thomas Drumad
Kane Henry Mullaghtironey
Kearns Francis Urbal
Kernaghan Samuel Coagh
Kerns Joseph Urbal
Kielt Hugh Coagh
Lamon David Drumad
Lamon James Drumconway
Lamon Robert Drumad
Latimer James Coagh
Leech Edward Drumconway
Leech William Drumad
Little Alexander Coagh
Little Henry Coagh
Long John Aghaveagh
Lynn William Coagh
Macauley Anne Coagh
Macdaid Margaret Coagh
Macerlane John Coagh
Mackerell Alex Drumconway
Maclean Thomas Coagh
Magee Daniel Coagh
Magee John Coagh
Malavery Robert Coagh
Martin Grace Drumad
Mc Guckian James Coagh
Mcallister James Coagh
Mcclean Robert Urbal
Mccollum Jane Coagh
Mccord James Drumad
Mccord James Drumconway
Mccord Thomas Drumconway
Mccormick John Urbal
Mccullagh James Mullaghtironey
Mccullagh Maria Coagh
Mccullough John Coagh
Mccurrack Ellen Urbal
Mcdonnell Elizabeth Urbal
Mceldoon Hugh Urbal
Mcelhone Francis Urbal
Mcelhone John Aghaveagh
Mcelhone Michael Drumconway
Mcerlane Hugh Coagh
Mcguckian George Drumconway
Mcguckian Hugh Drumconway
Mcguckian James Drumconway
Mcguckian John Coagh
Mcintire William Drumconway
Mcintyre John Coagh
Mcintyre Margaret Coagh
Mcintyre Samuel Coagh
Mckay Wm Rynd Drumad
Mckee Jane Coagh
Mckeever Bridget Coagh
Mckeever John Coagh
Mclean James Coagh
Mcloughlin James Coagh
Mcloughlin Peter Coagh
Mellon Patrick Coagh
Montgomery Hannah Coagh
Montgomery Joseph Aghaveagh
Morgan Charles Urbal
Morris John Urbal
Mulavery Peter Urbal
Muldoon John Coagh
Muldoon Thomas Drumad
Murdock Robert Drumconway
Murray Mary Anne Urbal
Newton Robert Coagh
Newton Robert Coagh
Newton Robert Urbal
O'Neill Bernard Coagh
Owens James Aghaveagh
Owens James Coagh
Owens Robert Aghaveagh
Paul Joshua Urbal
Quin Daniel Urbal
Quinn Michael Drumconway
Quinn Patrick Drumconway
Rankin William Coagh
Rawlins John Coagh
Rawlins John Drumad
Ray George Urbal
Rea Andrew Coagh
Read Eliza Coagh
Reid Thomas Drumconway
Robinson John Urbal
Rogers John Coagh
Rynd N. Drumad
Rynd Rev. Henry Drumad
Sampson Jonathan Coagh
Sands Thomas Aghaveagh
Scullion John Coagh
Shaw John Mullaghtironey
Simpson Alexander Coagh
Simpson Robert Coagh
Skeffington George Coagh
Skeffington George Drumconway
Skeffington James Drumconway
Slemans Alexander Coagh
Sloss James Coagh
Sloss James Urbal
Smith Anne Urbal
Smith Susan Coagh
Smyth James Drumconway
Spear Robert Drumad
Stewart Hugh Drumconway
Storey Duncan Coagh
Storey Duncan Urbal
Talbot James Drumad
Taylor James Coagh
Thompson James P Coagh
Thomson Peebles Coagh
Toss George Urbal
Trimble Mary Aghaveagh
True Elizabeth Coagh
Vance James Coagh
Vance Mary Coagh
Ward John Urbal
Weir Arthur C Coagh
Whiteside Nathaniel Coagh
Wilkinson Hannah Drumconway
Wilkinson John Coagh
Wilson Andrew Mullaghtironey
Wilson James Aghaveagh
Wilson James Coagh
Wilson John Coagh
Wilson Thomas Mullaghtironey
Workman Benjamin Coagh
Wright James Aghaveagh
Young James Urbal
Young Walter Mullaghtironey
Young Walter Urbal

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