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Leckpatrick Parish Tithe Applotments & Griffiths Valuation 1827-1858

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Leckpatrick Parish Tithe Applotments & Griffiths Valuation 1827-1858

Transcribed by Various Co Tyrone Researchers

Hollyhill Valuations

Hollyhill (the original name was Balliburny) is a 629-acre townland within Leckpatrick parish in north Co. Tyrone and was the property of the Sinclair family from the late seventeenth century through to the mid twentieth century. For a definitive study of this townland, researchers should refer to Hollyhill – John Dooher contained in Townlands in Ulster: Local History Studies – W.H. Crawford & R.H. Foy (eds.) (Ulster Historical Foundation & Federation of Ulster Local Studies, 1998)

James Sinclair Esq
John McCrea
James Dyermott

A List of Occupiers and Immediate Lessors:
William Sigerson (James Sinclair)
James Sinclair (In fee)
George Kilpatrick (James Sinclair)
Thomas Kincaid (same)
Bernard Quin (same)
Hugh Glackan (same)
Daniel Divin (same)
John Quin (same)
Laurence Kane (same)
Catherine Kane (same)
James O’Neill sen. (same)
James O’Neill jun. (same)
John McNogher (same)
Montgomery Sinclair (same)
Unoccupied (Montgomery Sinclair)
John Gallagher (same)
Sinclair McFarland (same)
Gustavus Kee (same)
John Bradley (James Sinclair)
William Tolan (same)
Denis Tolan (same)
Hugh McGettigan (same)
Robert McGettigan (same)
Unoccupied (Robert McGettigan)
George McFarland (James Sinclair)
John McAteer (same)

Keenaghan Townland
A List of Occupiers and Immediate Lessors
Edward Farrell               (James Sinclair)
Bryan Farrell                (Edward Farrell)
David McCrea                 (James Sinclair)
James Gourley                (same)
James Sinclair               (In fee)
Hugh Glackan                 (James Sinclair)
Daniel Devin                 (same)
Patrick Devin                (same)
Sinclair Hawthorne           (same)
James Hawthorne              (same)
Gustavus McIntyre            (same)
James McCrossan              (same)
John McCrossan (Wee)         (same)
Denis McCrossan              (same)
William McCrossan            (same)
John McCrossan (Big)         (same)
Montgomery Sinclair          (same)
William McGonigle            (same)
Edward McGonigle             (same)
Letitia Huey                 (same)
Francis Carolan              (same)
Bryan McIlcar                (same)
James McLoughlin             (Bryan McIlcar)
Catherine McIlcar            (James Sinclair)
Patrick Casey                (same)
James Casey                  (same)
Samuel Thompson              (same)
William Thompson             (same)
Roger Doherty                (same)
Hugh Doherty                 (same)
Neal McDaid                  (same)
William Buchanan             (same)
Thomas Patterson             (same)
James Sinclair               (In fee)

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