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Old Urney Graveyard

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Old Urney Graveyard

Transcribed by Bernie Donaghey

CAUTION:  this is not a complete transcription of the cemetery as many of the headstones still readable are only partially so!


In Memory of

Robert ADAMS, Liggartown

Died 15th June 1907 aged 62 years

Also his wife Sarah

Died 11th Aug 1889

And their son

David Alexander

Died 5th Jan 1899 aged 17 years

Also their son John James

Died 20th Jan 1937

And their son Andrew Thomas

Died 1st Sept 1958

Also his wife Margaret

Died 16th Dec 1972



May 11 1825 – Sept 6 1904

Martha Adams

Mar 30 1811 – Oct 13 1892

Catherine Adams

Nov 9 1816 – Mar 19 1892



In Loving Memory of


Died 8th April 1914 aged 52 years

Also his wife Annie

Died 30th August 1946 aged 74 years

Much loved daughter Lily

Died 5th September 1988 aged 80 years

The Lord is my Shepherd


In Loving Memory of


Dearly loved wife of


Who died 9th August 1946 aged 85 years

Also the above David Anderson

Who died 23rd October 1952 aged 89 years



In Loving Memory of

Joseph Anderson, Glentown

Died 1st Sept 1939

And his wife Annie

Died 14th Feb 1972 aged 87 years


Here lieth the body of

Elizabeth BAIRD

Daughter of John Baird, Inchany

Who departed this life

3rd January 1838 aged 25 years

Also John Baird father to the above Elizabeth Baird

Who died 28th June 1859 aged 72 years

Also Jane wife to the above John Baird

Who died 17th June 1874 aged 87 years

Susan GARDNER Baird

Died 18th July 1905 aged 36 years

James Baird

Died 16th June 1914 aged 53 years

David CRAIG Baird

Died 15th June 1937 aged 32 years

Jennie J. Baird

Died 16th Feby 1955 aged 84 years


In Memory of

James BAIRD, J.P., of Inchany

Who died March 27th 1894

Esteemed by rich and poor

His many friends unite in erecting this monument

As well as a memorial window in the church

In testimony of their regret and of his worth

“The memory of the Just is Blessed”

Also of his wife Catherine BAIRD

Who died December 17th 1906 aged 78 years


In Loving Memory of


Died 11th May 1935

Also his wife Matilda

Died 18th March 1933

Their daughter

Matilda Roulston

Died 15th June 1925

Their son William John

Died 13th May 1954

Their son Thomas DARRAGH

Died 29th May 1970

William John

Husband of Matilda ROULSTON

Died 27th February 1950


In Loving Memory of

John Alexander BLACK

Who died 25th January 1937

Also his sister Martha Sarah

Who died 7th June 1936

And his wife Hester Black

Who died 21st November 1947



Youngest daughter of

John Blair of Keelogs

Who died February 27th 1893


Sacred to the Memory of

Charles BLAIR

Who departed this life

9th June 18?? aged 20 years

Also his sister Anne JAMISON

Who departed this life

28th March 1847 aged 28 years

Also their Father Robert Blair

Who died 27th December 1851 aged 68 years

Also his wife Isabella Blair

Who died 1859 aged 82 years

Also their daughter Isabella DEVENNEY

Who died 23rd December 1861 aged 34 years



The beloved wife of

John Blair, Strabane

31st day of December 1840 aged 22 years

A faithful wife a mother dear

The same was she that now lies here

I hope her soul is gone to rest

In Jesus Christ we all are blest

Also her Husband John Blair

Died 20th January 1855 aged 43 years

Also their son Robert Blair

Who died on the 18th December 1839 aged 21 years

Rachel BANNERMAN died

20th March 1868 aged 24 years

John Blair died 5th February 1870 aged 24 years

Children of John and Mary Blair

Mary Blair

Wife of John Blair

Died Novr 28th 1875 aged 55 years


In Memory of

Aaron BOAK, Peacock Bank

Died 27th Feb 1857

Sarah wife of his son Aaron

Died 19th Mar 1858 aged 24 years

Anne Boak died 11th April 1863

Aaron Boak

Died Oct 1905 aged 76 years

William, eldest son of

Aaron Boak, Peacock Bank

Died 1st Dec 1912 aged 89 years

Margaret wife of Wm Boak

Died 20th Nov 1912 aged 82 years


Here Lieth the body of

Fardenand BOGGAN

Died January the 23rd 1772 aged 47


Elonor BOYL

Departed this life

On 13th of July 1831 aged 3 years

Doughter to John BOYL of Inchiney


This stone was erected by


In Memory of his wife


Who dep. this life

March the 18th 1804 aged 39 years


In Loving Memory of

Alexander BROWNE of Maghregar

Who died 1864 aged 72

And Isabella Jane McFARLAND his wife

Died 1894 aged 89

Also their daughter, Isabella

Died 1890 aged 50

And their son Alexander

Who died 1914 aged 74

Also their daughter Mary

Who died 1931 aged 87

And their son John

Who died 1912 aged 75

Also Margaret BUDD his wife

Who died 28th Sepr 1923 aged 82

Also James Budd Browne, B.A. L.L.B

Son of the above

John and Margaret Budd Browne

Died 6th Dec 1938

Also his brother

John George Browne, J.P.

died 28th February 1945

Margaret Florence MONTGOMERY

Wife of James Budd Browne

Died 13th September 1986 aged 91


Elizabeth CAIRNS

Who died January 10th 1834 aged 64 years

James Cairns

Died Nov 11th 1859 aged 59 years

John Cairns

Died April 15th 1859 aged 88 years

William Cairns

Died 8th January 1879 aged 66 years

John Cairns

Died January 17th 1879 aged 63 years

John James Cairns

Died April 5th 1904/1964 aged 79 years


Here Lieth the Body of


Who departed this life

10th June 1852 aged 18 years

Also her father James Clarke

Who departed this life

22nd March 1873 aged 75 years

Also his wife Rebecca Clarke

Who died Oct 11th 1892 aged 91 years

Also Joseph Clarke

Who died at Carricone

Oct 3rd 1900 aged 77 years


In Memory of

Rev. Mathew CLARKE

Died Dec 27th 1875 aged 84 years

Also his nephew Mathew Clarke

Who died June 5th 1902 aged 58 years

Also his neice Margaret Clarke

Who died 6th March 1914 aged 76 years

And her niece Sarah Mary Hall

Who died 14th Octr 1933 aged 72 years

John Henry HALL

Who died 7th Octr 1940 aged 83 years

His wife Martha Hall

Who died 31st March 1967 aged 82 years


In Loving Memory of

John COLHOUN, Rabstown

Died 24th June 1893

Also his wife Margaret

Died 17th March 1913

And their daughter Mary

Died 13th January 1956

Also their son William John

Died 9th January 1968

Thomas Colhoun, Sion

Died 7th May 1953

Also his wife Elizabeth Ann

Died 15th September 1964

John Colhoun, Glentown

Died 3rd November 1904

His wife Elizabeth

Died 8th December 1938

David COLQUHOUN, Belfast

Died 1st Dec 1933

His wife Sarah

Died 29th Nov 1933


In Loving Memory of

John COLQUHOUN of Castletown

Who entered into rest

8th February 1901

Not lost but gone before

And of Mary his wife

Who died 14th October 1919?

Lord I have loved the habitation of the house

Also of Olive Norah Colquhoun

Youngest daughter of the above

Who died 9th March 1944


(LHS of Stone)

In Loving Memory of


Died May 17th 1825 aged 70


Died October 4th 1853 aged 57

James Entrican

Died March 8th 1857 aged 63

James C. Entrican

Died May 1859 aged 2

Wilhelmina G. Entrican

Died July 5th 1879 aged 5


Margaret wife of

Cuthbertson Entrican

Died 20th May 1943 aged 68 years


Isabella Entrican

Died December 13th 1949 aged 86 years

(RHS of stone)

In Loving Memory of


Died August 28th 1747 aged 61

Hames Cuthbertson

Died February 19th 1765 aged 45

Mary Entrican

Died January 4th 1823 aged 33

Isabella Entrican

Died August 12th 1839 aged 82

John Entrican

Died June 17th 1872 aged 82

Rebecca Entrican

Died February 17the 1878 aged 55/35

Samuel W. Entrican

Died December 10th 1885 aged 20

Isabella Entrican

Died May 17th 1891 aged 74

John C. Entrican

Died October 13th 1912 aged 85 years

James Entrican

Died October 22 1927 aged 72 years

Cuthbertson Entrican

Died December 23rd 1940 aged 79 years


In Loving Memory of

Elizabeth DARRAGH

Died Sept 1893 aged 57 years


Died Decr 1899 aged 24 years

Isabella Darragh died March 1908 aged 42 years

Alexander Darragh

Died Feby 1915 aged 80 years

Robert Darragh

Died Novr 1924 aged 68 years

And James A. Darragh

Died 26th Dec 1940 aged 42 years



Died December the 19th ? aged 66

(Stone partially buried)


Here Lieth the body of


Died June ye 20th 1785/3 aged 79


Erected to the memory of


Who departed this life

8th June 1895 aged 90 years

Also his wife Jane

Who died 12th June 1881 aged 80years

And of Joseph HARRIS

Who died 23rd Jan 1961 aged 76

And his wife Elizabeth Harris

Who died 17th Oct 1967 aged 85


In Loving Remembrance of


Died 29th December 1927

Matthew SULLIVAN Elliott

Died 13th December 1909

James Kernaghan Elliott

Died 15th December 1910

William Elliott

Died 15th November 1933


In Loving Memory of


Died 30th June 1929


In Loving Memory of


Died 15th July 1939 aged 10 years

Her father James Finlay

Died 6th March 1979 aged 80 years

And his wife Letitia

Died 5th March 1988 aged 85 years

Their son-in-law

Robert Kenneth HENDERSON

Died 10th July 2007 aged 67 years

Also their daughter

Margaret Elizabeth Henderson

Died 18th October 2009 aged 68 years

Jesus is a friend of mine


In Loving Memory of


Died 30th Janry 1935

Also Benjiman Freeborn

Died 20th Sept 1936

Also their father

Robert Freeborn

Died 18th April 1959

Margaret Ann Freeborn

Died 13th May 1963 aged 83 years


In Loving Memory of


Died 13th Octr 1944 aged 18 years

Also his father

James Galbraith

Died 20th March 1947 aged 58 years

Also his mother

Esther Galbraith

Died 21st Nov 1974 aged 81 years


Here Lyeth


(no dates)


Erected by

Elizabeth GAMBLE

In loving Memory of her husband

James BROWN Gamble, Foyfin

Died 2nd April 1938 aged 82 years

Also the above

Elizabeth Gamble

Died 28th Jany 1945 aged 78 years


In Memory of


Who departed this life

At Keelogs

On the 24th Nov 1864

Also his wife

Susan Gardiner

And his daughters,

Ann Jane and Susan Gardiner

(stone broken)


Here Lieth ye body of


Died Febry 7th 1790 aged 70



In Loving Memory of


Died 16th June 1916

His wife Martha (nee THOMPSON)

Died 8th February 1958

Their daughters

Rebecca died 3rd December 1936

Martha died 24th February 1989

Their Grand-son Norman

Died 3rd November 1986


Sarah Mary HALL

Who died 14th Octr 1933 aged 72 years

John Henry Hall

Who died 7th Octr 1940 aged 83 years

His wife Martha Hall

Who died 31st March 1967 aged 82 years


In Memory of

Robert HARRIS, Bellspark

Died 7th March 1919

His wife Rebecca

Died 22nd Decr 1911

their daughter Jane

Died 8th April 1920

Also their sons

John died 5th Feb 1921

James died 25th Jan 1936

Samuel died 18th Jan 1939

Andrew L. died 4th June 1944

Thomas died in Scotland


In Loving Memory of

George Alexander HAMILTON of Ballyfatton House

Who fell asleep

30th Sep 1894 aged 48 years

Also George Cecil Hamilton

Youngest son of above

Who was called home

18th May 1899 aged 15 years

Also Mary Hamilton

His eldest daughter

Who was called away

May 29th 1904 aged 28 years

Also his elder son

James Hazlett

Who entered into rest

8th August 1925 in his 46th year

And Florence Beatrice

Wife of James HAZLETT Hamilton

Died 13th October 1960 aged 80 years

(base of stone)

Also their son

Philip Cecil HAZLETT

Died 15th March 1962 aged 55 years

Also their son

John Harris Hazlett

Died 28th April 1986 aged 75 years


In Loving Memory of

James HAMILTON, Tullymone

Who died 21st Feb 1942 aged 80 years

Also his son Christopher

Who died 22nd Dec 1946

And his son George G.

Who died 9th April 1949

Also his wife Sarah Ann

Who died 19th Jan 1952

And their son Robert S

Who died 8th May 1969

Also their daughter Margaret Matilda

Who died 20th Jan 1981

Roberta died 21st Nov 1984


HERDMAN Family (large upright slabs)

Sacred to the Memory of


Fanny Alice HERDMAN

Born 5th July 1844 died 6th March 1916

The souls of the Righteous are in the Hand of God


Died 26th October 1918 aged 76 years

Adelia Maud Herdman

Eldest daughter of above

Died 13th October 1952 aged 86 years


In Memory of

Adelia Margery WEST

Widow of the late

Francis John WEST M.D., Omagh

Born December 9th 1816 died March 15th 1901

I am the way and the truth and the life

Adelia Jane West

Died 15th December 1918 aged 69 years


The Burial Plot of John HERDMAN


Sacred to the Memory of

Selina Frances GOSSELIN

Wife of Major Nicholas Gosselin 46th Regiment

Who died at Carricklee

On the 27th June 1882


Born 2nd January 1869 died 10th February 1949

And his wife

Olive Mary Herdman

Born 16th December 1871 died 10th September 1969

And their son

John Patrick Herdman

Born 28th May 1906 died 16th January 1987

Also Dorothy Mary

Wife of the above

Died 25th October 1996

Much Loved


In Most Loving Memory of

John HERDMAN who died at Carricklee

On the 26th July 1903 aged 61 years

They rest from their labours and their works do follow them.

Also Selina Violet

Only daughter of the above

Who died at Carricklee

On the 4th May 1878 aged 6 years

He shall gather the lambs with his arm,

And carry them in his bosom

Also Mary his wife

Died 27th August 1906 aged 65 years

And God shall wipe away all tears from their eyes


In Memory of

Charles HOLMES

Who died at Drumconnell

July 27th 1886 aged 72

Also his daughter Fannie

Who died 1st December 1897 aged 24

Also Annie, Relic of

Charles Holmes

Who died 12th Jan 1920 aged 85

Also their daughter Annie

Who died 2nd March 1934 aged 68

Also their son James

Who died 12th Sept 1934 aged 71

Also their daughter

Rebecca McCAY

Who died 10th Oct 1939 aged 72


Erected by

William HOLMES, Ballybogan

In Memory of his beloved Wife


Who died June 7th 1911 aged 42 years

Also his beloved wife

Margaret M Holmes

Died June 18th 1931 aged 51 years

Also the above

William Holmes

Who died 28th Oct 1941 aged 82 years


In Loving Memory of


Born 10th Jan 1892 died 15th Jan 1969 OK

And his beloved wife

Martha Jane McCREA Holmes

Born 8th Jan 1892 died 15th Sept 1988

(plaque in front)

In Loving Memory of

Brigadier Charles HOLMES, M.C.

Ballybogan Lifford

Born 28th Oct 1894 died 21st March 1981

Also his beloved wife

Catherine Mary

Born 25th May 1911 died 14th June 1994


In Loving Memory of

Flourence May

The beloved daughter of

John and Kate HOUSTON

Died January 10th 1894 aged 7 months

Also Kate

The beloved wife of

John Houston

Died March 17th 1895 aged 34 years



In Loving Memory of

Albert died 29th January 1979 aged 65 years

Also his son John

Died 2nd January 1942

Aged 15 days

And his wife Mary

Died 15th October 1994 aged 80 years


In Loving Memory of

Fanny HUNTER of Seein

Died 28th May 1937

Also her brother James

Died 5th June 1939

Thy Will be done



(no further info)


Sacred to the Memory of

Edward JOYCE

Who died July 1834


Who died July 1836

Catherine O’FLINN

Who died August 1839

Amelia Joyce

Who died 26th October 1848

John Joyce

Who died 13th February 1852

And his wife

Eliza Anne Joyce

Who died 31st April 1852


Here Lieth the Body of


Died January 7th 1789 aged 26 years



In Memory of

John Frederick KENNEDY

Only son of

Martha and S.W. Kennedy

And grandson of James MOORE

Died at Salisbury Plain

While in training with

1st Canadian Contingent

10th Jan 1916? Aged 27? Years

(letters missing)


In Loving Memory of


Beloved wife of Robert KING

Killed in a road accident

1st November 1959

Also infant daughter Margaret Anna

Died 10th July 1929

And the above Robert King

Died 27th October 1967


Erected by


In Loving Memory of her husband

John Kinkead

Who died 3rd March 1940

Also his granddaughter

(letters missing)


Here lieth the body of

Margaret KNOX otherwise McCRL?

Who departed this life

The 5th Of Decr 1782 aged 66 years


LEEPER (Clady)

In Loving Memory of


Died 28th November 1952

And his wife Annie

Died 21st August 1947


Here Lieth the Body of

Charles LOGUE

Died August the 12th 1778 aged 27



In Memory of


Who deptd this life

Oct the 25th 1819

In the 3rd year of her age



In Loving Memory of

Letitia A. Loughlin

1898 to 1965


John Loughlin

1895 to 1966


Here lieth the body of


Who died June the 6th 1701? Aged 75 years


Erected by


In Loving Memory of her father and mother

William McCARTER

Died 8th September 1889

Margaret McCARTER

Died 15th ? 1892


James McCLAY

In Memory of

John McClay

Died January 25th 1869 aged 4 months

Catherine McClay

Died March 1st 1873 aged 69 years

Jane McClay

Died November 21st 1876 aged 8 months

(RHS of above)


Beloved wife of James H. McClay

Died January 9th 1886 aged 45 years

James HUNTER McClay

died June 6th 1924 aged 90 years

John McClay

Died March 31st 1895/3 aged 91 years

Faith Hepburn

Died June 5th 1922 Aged 68 years

(LHS of above)

Oliver McClay

Died September 14th 1914 aged 37 years

William H. McClay

Died December 23rd 1939 aged 56 years

And their sister

Katherine Helena

1884 – 1943

Wife of Thos POLLOCK


The Family Burying Ground

Of William McCOLGAN

Sion Mills 1911

Suffer the little children to come unto me.


In Loving Memory of


Who died Jan 25th 1892 aged 64 years

And of his son

Wm Isaac McCormick L.L.B.

Who died November 4th 1893 aged 26 years

Also Annie

Wife of David McCormik

Sho died Jan 20th 1904 aged 69 years

And of their son Joseph

Who died April 6th 1906 aged 40 years

His wife Annie

Died 13th Sept 1936 aged 78 years


Died Mar 27th 1942 aged 66 years

His wife Sarah

Died Jan 2nd 1928 aged 56 years

Elizabeth McCormack

Died Nov 28th 1933 aged 64 years

Bottom of stone

Also Elizabeth L.McCormick

Died 25th October 1974

Also David Crawford McCormick

Died 25th January 1982


Erected by his wife

In Loving Memory of

James M’FARLANE of Melmount

Who died 21st March 1904 aged 78 years

Also his wife

Elizabeth Stewart

Died 8th January 1914 aged 74 years

“Parted Only till he Come”


In Loving Memory of

Alexander McFETTERS

Died 5th May 1929 aged 65 years

And his sons


Died 14th May 1893 aged 11 months


Died 8th Sept 1906 aged 6 years


Died 29th May 1949 aged 52 years

His grandson John

Died 1st Dec 1936 aged 8 years

His wife C. Jane

Died 6th Oct 1949 aged 83 years

Also Rebecca

Wife of the above David

Died 25th Jan 1968 aged 72 years

And their daughter Letitia

Died 11th Dec 1989




Departed this life

8th of April 1817 aged 86 years


Sacred to the Memory of

??es McGRATH

Frank McGrath


Ellen Boyce

Frank Boyce

John Boyce

May they Rest in Peace



Here Lyeth the Body of


Who died May the 15th 1820 aged 34 years


In Loving Memory of


Beloved wife of Hugh McKELVEY

Died 11th June 1948 aged 84 years

Also her husband

Hugh McKelvey

Died 10th Janry 1952 aged 87 years

“It is Sweet to Know we will meet again”


In Loving Memory of

My dear husband

James McKNIGHT, Sion Mills

Died 5th Jan 1928 aged 63 years

Also his wife Essie

Died 11th October 1945


Here lieth the body of

Patrick MADIEN

Who departed this life

February the 2nd 1773 aged 96 years



In Loving Memory of

William Magee

Died 19th Dec 1911 aged 77 years

Eliza Jane MONTEITH, his wife

Died 11th May 1904 aged 69 years

Also their children

Joseph, William, Catherine, William, Rebecca, Jane

Also Martha died 14th April 1951

Erected by Robert V. Magee

Who died at Watertown Conn, U.S.A.

15th Jan 1921


In Memory of


Died 1903 aged 40 years

Andrew Maxwell

Died 1903 aged 80 years

Sarah Ann Maxwell

Died 1903 aged 38 years

Isabella Maxwell

Died 1919 aged 90 years

Margaret Maxwell

Died 1926 aged 58 years

Samuel Maxwell

Died 1932 aged 58 years

William Maxwell

Died 1932 aged 72 years

Robert Maxwell

Died Febry 1951

Margaret Maxwell

Died Janry 1952


In Loving Memory of


Died 12th Novr 1939 aged 87 years

His wife Margaret

Died 28th Sept 1940 aged 68 years

Also their daughter

Eliza Jane

Died serving with the

Q.A.R.N.N.S.P. 18th July 1943

Also their daughter


Born 24th Aug 1909 died 19th April 1982

In Florida U.S.A.


Sacred to the memory of


Who changed a temporal

For an eternal life

On the 20th of June 1830 aged 70 years



Here lies the

Rev. Jas MONGAN, Pastor of Strabane and Lifford

Who departed this life

On the 28th of June 1808 aged 47 years


Erected by

In Memory of


Died 15th Augt 1888

Also his wife Catherine

Died 20th April 1881

Their son James

Died 28th Feb 1886 aged 35 years

Their daughter


Died 18th Feb 1921 aged 83 years


James MOORE of Sion

In Memory of his father

John Moore

Who died 14th August 1872 aged 87 years

Also his beloved wife Catherine

Who died 14th November 1883 aged 60 years

Also the above named

James Moore

Who died 4th March 1902 Aged 82 years

William John Moore

Eldest son of James Moore

Who died 13th September 1917 aged 68 years

Also James Moore son of above James Moore

Who died 15th Dec 1923 aged 65 years


In Loving Memory of


Fourth daughter of

The late James MOORE, Montilly

Died 3rd Oct 1924


In Loving Memory of


Second daughter of

James MOORE and beloved

Wife of Nicholas FRENCH, Strabane

Died 11th Sept 1910 aged 60 years


In Loving Memory of


Died 1st March 1889

Also his father

James Moorehead

Died 8th May 1910


Underneath are interred the remains of

Samuel MORTON, Strabane Merchant

Who died 5th December 1815 aged 71 years OK

Also Mary his wife

Who died 26th September 1835 aged 74 years

Also Samuel M. MORTON, Strabane Merchant

Died on the 5th of Feb 1840 aged 47 years



In Loving Memory of

James Neely

And his son and daughter

Stephen and Frances

His father and Mother

James and Susan Neely


Here Lyeth the Body of


Died February 7th 1790 aged ?



Here Lies the Body of

Melly O MAEN

Died April 1788 aged 56 yrs


In Loving Memory of

The Very Revnd


Dean of Derry

Rector of Urney 1872 - 1890

Born 10th Dec 1818 died 5th Oct 1901

And of Julia his wife

Died 7th January 1918 in her 90th year

Also of John Olphert

Rector of Urney 1899 – 1921

Who died ?th Oct 1923 in his 68?th year


PATTERSON, (The Glebe)

In Loving Memory of


Died 3rd July 1948 aged 75 years

Also his wife Elizabeth

Died 7th Sept 1958 aged 75 years

Also their daughter


Died 24th July 1933 aged 13 years


Erected to the Memory of

Letitia PATTON

Wife of Patrick Patton

Died on 27th June 1928

Also her father

Moses Chambers

Her mother

Margaret Chambers

And her sister

Matilda Chambers


In Loving Memory of

James PERRY, Urney Park

Died 26th February 1937

Also his wife Katherine F

Died 2nd November 1950

And their family

J. FERGUSON died 9th December 1918

Katherine died 20th July 1919

R. LATHAM died 20th January 1936

Frances died 18th December 1956


In Loving Memory of

Thomas PORTER of Galloney

Who died 12th March 1919 aged 53 years

Also his wife Ann Jane

Who died 22nd January ? aged 97 years

And their daughter


Who died 18th September 1974 aged 76 years

Also her husband

Thomas Young

Who died 29th June 1983 aged 84 years


Sacred to the memory of


The beloved wife of


Died the 21st June 1884 aged 53 years

And 7 children who died young

Also James Purdon her son

Who died at Aden

3rd of June 1885

On board H.M.S. Turquoise

They are not dead but sleepeth


The family burying place of


Who departed this life 28th July 1864 aged 68 years

And his wife

Elizabeth HARVEY Purdon

Their son John Purdon and his two wives

Anna Maria RODGERS Purdon

And Susanna HOUSTON Purdon

And their families

James Purdon

Eliza Jane Purdon

William John Purdon

Anna Maria Purdon McADAMS

Catherine Houston Purdon

Susan Harvey Purdon


In Loving Memory of


Who died 22nd Dec 1891

Also his wife Elizabeth

Who died 25th March 1934

And their daughter


Who died 9th July 1934


In Loving Memory of

Isabella QUINN

Died 6th June 1963

And her husband

William James

Died 27th February 1973


Margaret RANKIN

Died 24th Feby 1936 aged

William Rankin

Died 9th April 1939

(overwritten metal stone)



In Loving Memory of


Wife of John Roulston

Died 31st Dec 1933

Also the above

John Roulston

Died 25th Feb 1936



In Loving Memory of


Died Feby 7th 1904 aged 88 years

Also his wife Nancy

Died July 17th 1886 aged 63 years

And their daughter Rebecca

Ded Feby 25th 1945 aged 87 years

Also their son Joseph

Died Jany 28th 1960 in his 99th year


In Memory of


Wife of the Rev. Charles Seymore

Rector of thes Parish

Who died 27th June 1864 aged 54


Here Lieth the body of


(rest of stone buried)


In Loving Memory of Rose

Dearly beloved wife of

William TURNER, Sion Mills

Died 7th Dec 1921

She is not dead but sleepth


In Memory of


Who died 10th Feby 1888 aged 67 years

Also in Memory of the said

James Wallace of Carricklee

Who was buried here on

1st May 1893 aged 78 years

He bequeathed the bulk of his property

Amounting to upwards of 6000 pounds for the

Benefit of the deserving Protestant poor of the

Parish of Urney, the dividends on which he

Directed to be paid to the Episcopalian Clergyman

For the time being of Urney Church to be distributed

By him as he shall think right among the deserving

Protestant poor of Urney Parish.


In Loving Memory of


Died 12th May 1940 aged 66 years

Also his wife Matilda

Died 26th May 1962


In Loving Memory of


Died 2nd Dec 1958 aged 89 years

His wife Annie Helena

Died 1st Dec 1946 aged 75 years

His brother David Alfred

Died 18th March 1931 aged 53 years

And his wife Mary

Died 16th March 1961 aged 82 years

Erected by their daughters


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