Memorial Inscriptions, Parish of Ardstraw
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Memorial Inscriptions, Parish of Ardstraw

Transcribed & Compiled by Bernie Donaghey

Headstone Inscriptions from St. Mary's, Dregish

Headstone Inscriptions from St. Mary's, Carncorn

Headstone Inscriptions from St. Mary's, Dregish
(Sign on the road says Cloonty Road, Envagh, sort of near Drumquin and Castlederg)

Sacred heart of Jesus have mercy
On the soul of
John McCROSSAN died 12th January 1939
Also wife Catherine died 23rd October 1970

(Flat stone surrounded by railings)
Blessed are the dead who die in the Lord
James O'KANE of Omagh
Died July 16th 1837 aged 73 years
Jane O'KANE his wife
Died 25th August 1852 aged 67 years
William O'KANE his brother
Died June 23rd 1827 aged 71 years
John MAGUIRE his son-in-law
Died September 3rd 1845 aged 42 years

Sacred heart of Jesus have mercy
On the soul of
Alexander CARLIN who died 21st September 1922 aged 77 years
And also his beloved wife
Rose Ann who died 15th October 1924 aged 79 years
And their son James who died 3rd December 1949
Also their daughter
Rose Anna who died 10th April 1957
And Mary who died 25th December 1972

In Loving Memory of
who died 27th March 1911 aged 91 years
And also his beloved wife Catherine
Who died 1st July 1912 aged 94 years Also their grandsons
Charles died 24th August 1968 aged 86 years
Michael died 15th November 1968 aged 74 years

In Loving Memory of
Henry DOHERTY who died 5th September 1897 aged 23 years
Mary who died 5th November 1919 aged 43 years
Their father Bernard
Who died 31st October 1930 aged 84 years
Also his wife Catherine
Who died 21st June 1936 aged 93 years

This stone was erected by
In memory of his mother
Who departed this life
November, the 12th 1817 aged 84 years

(this stone beside previous one)
Im Memory of
Who departed this life
25th April 1867 aged 80 years

In Loving Memory of
Brigid RUSSELL died 14th January 1992 aged 102 years

In Memory of
Peter RUSSELL who died July 26th 1880 age 93 years
Alice RUSSELL who died September 6th 1859 aged 65 years
Peter RUSSELL who died February 5th 1901 aged 61 years
Mary RUSSELL who died July 2nd 1924 aged 84 years

(left hand side of above)
In memory of the
Very Rev. James J. RUSSELL, V.F
Who died April 14th 1893 aged 61 years
Sr. Genevieve RUSSELL
Who died September 27th 1899 aged 29 years
James J. RUSSELL who died October 4th 1942 aged 75 years

(rhs of above)
In Memory of
John RUSSELL who died October 10th 1944 aged 68 years
The Very Rev. Peter RUSSELL P.P.V.F
St. Mary's, Halifax, Yorkshire
Who died November 3rd 1945 aged 72 years
Agnes RUSSELL died 10th August 1964

(small stone LHS of above)
September 6th 1859

(small stone RHS)
July 26th 1880

Here lieth the body of
Who departed this life
Dec the 11th 1817 aged 22 years

Here lieth the body of
Who departed this life
Septr the 26th 1813 aged 5 years
Also the body of
Who departed this life
March 30th 1815 aged 72 years

In Loving Memory of
Mullinatomagh, Omagh
Died 15 Aug 1963 aged 67 years
His wife Mary
Died 24 Aug 1988 aged 83 years
Also his parents
Joseph and Ellen
Rest in Peace
Always remembered by
Daughter Bernadette and son Hugh.

Headstone Inscriptions from St. Mary's, Carncorn -Sort of near Castlederg.

Here lieth the body of
Francis McGRATH who departed this life
April the 17th 1829 aged 21 years

Pray for the soul of
Mary CRAWFORD who died
19th May 1895 aged 80 years

Sacred to the Memory of
Rodger LOUGHERY who departed this life
3rd October 1821 aged 18 years

Pray for the soul of
Thomas DOLAN, Listymore died
9th March 1873
his wife Sarah died
20th March 1878
their son Thomas, Castlederg
died 5th December 1902

Pray for the souls of
Mark DONAGHEY who died 11th March 1850
Aged 40 years
Also his daughter Jane died
26th September 1862 aged 14 years

Of your charity pray for the soul of
Henry CURRAN who died 31st May 1891
Aged 84 years
And of Fanny his wife
Who died 31st July 1893 aged 82 years
And their daughter Ellen
Who died 21st March 1902 aged 54 years

In Loving Memory of my dear brother
Philip MEEHAN, Edenreagh
Who departed this life on
29th March 1973
and his sister Ellen died
22nd April 1974

Pray for the soul of
who departed this life
January 10th 1878 aged 63 years

Erected by Wm KERIGAN in memory of his sons
Michael who died Jany 24th 1817 aged 25 years
And Edwd who died Aprl 5th 1816 aged 10 years

In Loving Memory of
Thomas COLLINS died 24th February 1952 aged 59 years
Also his grandson Robert Francis
Who died in infancy 10th November 1954

In Loving Memory of our son
Francis LAIRD who died 13th May 1846 aged 22 years
His parents Mary Anne who died 9th March 1965 aged 76 years
John who died 13th April 1971 aged 91 years

In Memory of the O'NEILL family
Office Brae, Kilmore
(new stone replacing an old one)

In Loving Memory of
Patrick JUDGE and his wife Jane
Also their son John died 15th June 1971
Also William JUDGE and his wife Annie
Also Packie JUDGE son of
Patrick and Jane died 7th September 1994

In Loving Memory of
Gerald RODGERS died 1st January 1989
His wife Kathleen Died 16th March 1990

In Loving Memory of Alice Jane CONNOLLY (Lisleen)
Died 11th June 1978 aged 76 years
Her husband Edward died 16th January 1988 aged 81 years

Cherished Memories of
Damian Andrew died 22nd March 1966 aged 5 years
Etha Patricia died 22nd May 1978 aged 7 years
Also their darling mother
Margaret (Rita) died 8th March 1981 aged 47 years
These little flowers in bloom
Will be our angels forever

Book plaque in same grave
Tom HARVEY died 21st February 1964

Annabella CASSIDY died 30thh March 1968

In Loving Memory
Of a dear husband and father
Arthur George died 4th September 1969, aged 63
His wife Mary Isabella died 13th October 1991 aged 83

In Loving Memory of
Sarah MATTHEWSON died 14th September 1970
Her husband Dan died 16th March 1973

Pray for the Soul of
Michael GORMLEY who died May 1st 1901 aged 80 years
Also his wife
Ellen GORMLEY who died May 17th 1905
Also their son
Michael GORMLEY who died May 13th 1944 aged 85 years

(left hand side of above stone)
Pray for the Soul of
Catherine GORMLEY who died March 28 1955
Son John died 12th January 1972
Son Willie died 25th January 1972
Daughter Ellen died 4th? August 1990
Son Michael died 3rd February 1991

(right hand side of above stone)
son Eddie GORMLEY died 8th September 1996

In Loving Memory of
Who died 1st September 1896
(more writing on this stone but unreadable)

Pray for the Soul of
Francis O'NEILL, Lisleen
And his beloved wife Catherine
His daughters Catherine and Mary,
His son Daniel who died in Springfield, USA
And Neil who died May 2nd 1911
Rev. Francis O'NEILL P.P.
Aurora, USA
Died February 1st 1928
Erected by P.COREY

Here lieth the body of
Henry M'Devit who died April 9 1885? Aged 86 years
Also Mary M'DEVIT who died February 6th aged 50 years

In Loving Memory of
Gerry QUINN who died 15th August 1963 aged 19 years
Also his father John QUINN
Died 16th March 1980 aged 66 years

In Loving Memory of his faithfull friend
James McBRINE died at Dunwish
4th November 1890 aged 56 years
this stone is erected by
John Samuel GALBRAITH, Clanabogan
here also lies his father
Andrew McBRINE died in the year 1847 aged 47 years
And his mother Mary McBRINE died in the year 1881 aged 75 years
His brother Andrew McBRINE died 4th June 1881 aged 39 years

In Loving Memory of our dear parents
Charles CASSIDY died 16th June 1920
Catherine Cassidy died 12th April 1959
and sisters
Katie died 17th October 1939
Susan died 5th November 1970

Pray for the Soul of
Rose CORRY who died September 13th 1888 aged 74 years
Also Margaret CORRY who died November 5th 1863 aged 10 years

Pray for the Soul of
Sarah LOGUE who died 17th May 1852 aged 57 years
And of James LOGUE who died 7th September 1860 aged 75 years
Charles LOGUE died 1912
Hugh LOGUE died 22nd December 1919
Sarah LOGUE died 25th Feburary 1927

In Loving Memory of
John LOGUE who died 29th March 1973 aged 76 years

Here lieth the body of
who died 26th January 1861 aged 60 years

Sacred to the Memory of
Patrick McCANNEY who died 23rd January 1860 aged 47 years
Hannah McCANNY (Nee Bonner) died 19th February 1952
Sons Denis died 22nd February 1957
Joe died 15th October 1990

In Loving Memory of
Kathleen MURRAY
Who died 25th October 1988
Also her mother
Catherine DUNPHY
Died 30th March 1951 her brother
Died 24th May 1983

Pray for The Souls of
Patrick McHUGH
Died 14th January 1958 aged 41 years
And his wife Kathleen
Died 14th April 1977 aged 62 years

Erected by
Patrick McCRORY
To the memory
Of his father and
Mother also his
Brother and two sisters

Sacred heart of Jesus
Have mercy on the souls of
Patrick James McCALLION
Died 2nd March 1986
His parents James and Ann died 1953-1937
Sister Brigid and uncle James McELHOLUM
Died 11th October 1971 aged 38 years

Pray for the Souls of
Died 8th September 1871 aged 69 years
His wife Ellen
Died 3rd March 1890 aged 74 years
Their children William
Died 22nd July 1857 aged 20 years
Died 3rd August 1910 aged 78 years
Died 16th June 1916 aged 72 years
Felix MONAGHAN died 1919
William LOUGHREY died 8th Jan 1927
Bridget LOUGHREY died 16th Feb 1936
Sarah Ann LOUGHREY died 29th March 1967
Her son Edward A LOUGHREY
Died 19th June 1991 aged 67 years

In Loving Memory of
Sean Martin CONWELL
Died 7th March 1972 aged 7 years
Also loving mother
Eliabeth CONWELL
Died 20th January 1982 aged 66 years
And dear father
Died 2oth August 1996 aged 77 years

In Loving Memory of
Charles KERRIGAN, Garvetagh
Died 17th March 1966 aged 83 years
His wife Catherine
Died 3rd October 1980
Their daughters
Molly died 5th July 1973
Sadie died 11th March 1998

Pray for the Soul of
Alice the beloved wife of
Charles KERRIGAN, Castlederg
Who died 5th November 1877 aged 87 years
The above
Who died 12th September 1900 aged 108 years
(need to check this one)

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