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St. John's Church of Ireland, Fivemiletown Tombstone Photos

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St. John's Church of Ireland, Fivemiletown Tombstone Photos
June 2016

Submitted by Bridgid Wilson

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Notes –


St. John's Church of Ireland, Fifemiletown
St. John's Church of Ireland, Fifemiletown
St. John's Church of Ireland, Fifemiletown
St. John's Church of Ireland, Fifemiletown
Anderson, Catherine & Robert Samuel
Armstrong, Henry Tottenham, Elizabeth, Mildred Elizabeth, Myrtle Annabella Jane, John Andrew
Armstrong, Henry Tottenham, Elizabeth Caldwell
Armstrong, Sarah Jane & Arthur Birney; Noble, Catherine Emeline
Armstrong, Thomas & ??
Beacom, Const. William John Andrew
Beattie, Joseph & Margaret
Betty, Mrs. Mary; Carrothers, Charles & Matthew
Betty Family
Betty Family Closeup #1 - Edward
Betty Family Closeup #2 - Margaret, Anne, Martin
Betty Family Closeup #3 - Margaret & Edward
Betty Family Closeup #4 - Anne, Martin, Margaret, Edward & Richard
Betty, James
Betty, Martin
Betty, Martin - 2nd view
Bloomfield - Hugh Gordon
Bloomfield - Joseph, Sarah, 2 children, John James, Mary Elizabeth, Maureen Elizabeth
Bloomfield - May, Emma
Bloomfield - Emily & James Edmund
Brittin - James, __bara, 5 children
Brown, Thomas Richardson
Buchanan, Thomas
Burney - Arthur, Mary
Burnside - James, Frances, Anne, Martha, Lucy; Fiddes, Eliza
Burnside - Elizabeth, Abraham, James, Ellen; Reid, Anne
Burnside, Anne (nee Henderson)
Burnside, Rev. Wm. Smyth
Burnside, Matthew James & Annamaria (nee Smyth)
Burnside, Thomas Carson & Frances Henrietta Jane Stuart
Burnside, W.A.H.B.
Burnside, Wilhelmena & James
Burnside, Rev. William Smyth
Burnside, William Snow
Caldwel, Margret; Tomson, Robert & Margret
Coulter - John, Sarah, James, Margeret
Cunnigam [Cunningham?], Alexander; Johnstone, Mary Jane
Dixon - Henry Rowland, Vivienne
English, Agnes
Ferris - James, Thomas
Goode, John
Gordon - Alexander (Annett), Deirdre Elizabeth
Gracey, Canon R.
Hall, Alfred
Hall, Jane
Hall - Thomas, Sarah
Hall, Anne
Hamilton - Henry, John, Eliza, Annie Letitia
Hanna - John, James (closeup)
Hanna - John, James, Elizabeth, Charlis
Hyde - John, Robert, 3rd son?
Johnston - John, William Brown, Mary
Johnston, John
Kelso - John, Eliza, William James, Joseph, Rebecca (closeup)
Kelso - John, Eliza, William James, Joseph, Rebecca; McDonald - Sarah, Thomas; Small, William
Kenwell, Robert
Kenwell, Thomas
Kenwell, Jack
Kenwell, Mary Jane
Kenwell, Ernie
Knox, Mervyn W C N; Knox-Browne, May
Knox, Mervyn W C N; Knox-Browne, May (closeup)
Lee, Isobel
Lendrum - John, Mary Jane, James, Catherine
Linn - Thomas, Elisabeth
Linn, James?
Linn - William, Sarah, Hugh
Little - Martha Ann, Robert
Longfield, John Kennidy; Kennidy, Ann
Macormick, Joseph
Mitchell - William, Jane; Kennedy - Sarah, Robert J (Jeff)
Moffet - William, Mary
Montgomery - Hugh Maude de Fellenberg, Mary, Captain Peter Stephen
Montgomery, Constable Stephen
Montgomery - William James, Robert, Mary Jane, Elizabeth
Morrow, Sgt. Thomas Robert (Roy)
Morrow, Elizabeth
Murphy - Hugh, Ann, Mary
Nevin - Maggie (nee Martin); Morton - Francis John, Sara Rebecca
Priestly, Stephen B.
Rutledge, Mary
Somerville - John, Elizabeth
Spence - George, Eliza, Eliza Glenn, George G.
Taylor, Sammy
Thompson, James
Thompson, James
Thompson, James
Thompson, William
Thompson, William (closeup)
Weir, Edmund W. Burnside - plaque on Burnside stone
Weir, Edmund W. Burnside (closeup)
Wilson - Margaret, John, Ane
WWI Memorial - George Harpur, Thomas Irvine, William Hamilton, Ernest Clingling, James Howe, William Barrett, Thomas Irwin, Ralph Montgomery

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